A Wonder, St.Paul Should Has A Bride Street 

July 14 [Wed], 2010, 12:54

Sao Paulo is Brazil's largest city, and also a modern metropolis. If you go to St. Paul for sightseeing, after appreciating tropical scenery and places of interest, you must go to a place, which is the "Bride Street", much famous in St. Paul. "Bride street" is a business section specializing in wedding dresses and articles for bridal chamber.Hilary Swank’s links of london charms , Take a Look and Make a Comment

The shops, full of various bridal dresses, stand one by one along the street and "the brides" in the show windows are especially charming and moving. Most Eye-Catching cheap bridesmaid dresses Modern Some stores also sell different kinds of wedding accessories and house supplies, the whole street is full of festive wedding atmosphere, then it comes out with a nickname"the bride Street" "The bride Street" locates near Sao Paulo railway station.

It is said it is a rather unimportant street over 40 years ago. Although there were some stores, the goods sold were mainly sowing machines and shoes. At that time, a businessman of Lebanon nationality opened a shop dealing with cloth, he found that the white cloth in the shop was usually bought in batches, but he didn`t know the reason. He knew that that cloth was used to make bride wedding dress when he talked to a customer at chance.

Inspired by this, the shop owner started to make and sell bride dress himself. And he displayed some bride models wearing the wedding dresses in the showcase. And then, the business of the shop began to prosper with constant flow of purchase orders. Later, there bursted out many shops selling bride dresses and other wedding decorations and thus the Bride Street became well known. Today, there are more than 100 shops that specializes in selling bride dresses. Every year, the bride dresses for both wholesale and retail are more that 100 thousand.

There also exits fierce competition among the shop owners, each one showing its advantage. Some are good at innovative styles, some are famous for its exquisite craftsmanship and some provide customers with favorable price.

Accordign to Brazilian tradition, it is good to hold weddings in May every year, so May has been called the month of the bride. During this season, the "bride street" is even more crowded, the number of bride and groom who come to purchase wedding suits is much more than usual. Many local people, foreign people and tourists also like watching around at this season to enjoy the bride's beauty.