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October 31 [Mon], 2011, 9:49
Xiaoyu Tao is also the Department of Foreign Languages, Business English only. Barron and I are applied English. Barron into the class I and the time, it is quite late, the University of class, not the same as with the high school class, but added with our high school conference room similar to the decoration of the OK, there are more than 90 hole in one, also named. Overall, then apply the English three shifts, there is a good news and bad news. The good news is the 90 hole people, less than 10 boys. The bad news is more than 80 children's mouth, the eye can see inside, but five. If nice, also two.   More bad news is that these two people, one person is Joe Hyun. Another What I do not know, but I think, go back and ask if the East Cape, will soon longchamp eiffel tower bag know. A long boring class, there is the self- introduction, the old a routine, because too sleepy, self-introduction, I fell asleep, and Barron, so self-introduction when air over the two of us, there is no hear, in addition to outside Hyun Jo, the girl, in the end is called.   

Morning after class, we returned to the dormitory, not five minutes waiting for the East Cape Hengji the ditty to kick open the door came in, "Brothers, how does that feel? " "    not very good, " said Barron followed "is really not very good " Some doubts East Brother watching us, "is to learn much, or something else?" Barron blinked his eyes, directed at the East Brother laughed, longchamp embroidered "you say?" East Brother nodded, "Oh, oh, oh "a look suddenly realized," I understand, you are the longchamp le pliage Department of Foreign Languages, Applied English, three shifts, love and "touched his brother and then head east, a cool, think of facial expressions," if your class the two beautiful women, a man named Joe-hyun, who apart from thin legs, no other advantages, and the other, is like asking what Qiong Yang, she looks like the biggest difference is that Jo Jo Hyun Hyun hair shorter than her, but, Joe show off a little bandy legs, two legs but look good Qiong Yang, chest really is too small, hey. "followed by Eastern Cape began shaking his head" or a bit short of time, give me a few days time, I will investigate the circumstances of all clear. " Barron and I, looked at each other, both from each other's eyes, surprised to read, read shocked. Some scenes suddenly quiet. His mother had it too professional.
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