but listening test of four he said

October 17 [Wed], 2012, 11:06

> Stone Man glanced everyone look and see that they are exposed to an expected appearance, this little sigh of relief, said: I do not know, that time only allow giant filed out before knowing, but Men are now just four people, four a test just to send a person to talk to Giants than this, the Men's chances of winning would lot! hear Stone Man Kwan eyes suddenly bright, mouth slightly curled upward, some were surprised, said: ! I have been very clever right,North Face Denali Hoodie Sale? hey! The Www,UGG Knightsbridge Clearance, quanBEn, cOM ! Although this is a giant, but I believe he must have shortcomings and now the most important thing is to be learned that four test of what is to our benefit or no benefit? ~ ~ ~ Else?! He really did not want to take that risk of a competition with the wild giant, if there are other methods do not need to go to a competition, it is still choose other forget! , to hell with the practitioners of those who go astray! Some small proud Alice Alice mouth, said. After witnessing what happened, could not help a wry smile helplessly followed up immediately. After a damp and dark tunnel off before a group of peace into the heart of the forest. Watching those magnificent huge buildings around a group of people have not yet had time to marvel, as soon befall the danger. I saw one actually suddenly appear out of thin air in front of them, holding a giant fist smashed down toward them. But · · · · · it is by no small shock, the place looked before standing plot smashed into a giant pit, the crowd lingering fear of want: if late, then a few seconds, then, I'm afraid to be Zhe Yiquan to give Zachengrouni. The thought of these crowd's anger will . looked at the giant, loudly. rushed to the a pretty stone's around, sword rungs in a Man's head stone. I saw a giant face slightly changed, quickly recovered his fists, looking at some surprising unscathed Kwan, sharp sword, it seems your backing will certainly not small? their stature, reluctantly facing this giant flashing a smile slightly Xu Zunjing replied. Passing? Your courage is truly, passing dare to come take a look? Wild giant the forest you alien invaders can casually observe?! expression said. Guan was trying to hold back wroth, try to make their tone became dull some, become your guests, right? the most ridiculous joke,UGGs Tularosa Lace-up, If this the very undesirable Valley's special barrier to limit his strength, I'm afraid it was a long-freak. But off to be able to hold back, but it does not mean that Stone Man will be able to hold back. I saw he had heard the words of the Giants, they immediately furious grabbed an ax and rushed past. foot kick toward him in the past. Can only watch as stone pretty kick is kick fly, then fell to the ground in a very exaggerated arc, followed by emitting a blood, and then nothing happened then! ! Stone!! Suddenly they feel myself full of strength, click on the breakthrough of a detention, the body to restore the freedom, instantly rushed to the a pretty stone's around with blazing speed. Check it out a little a pretty stone's breath, found that he was just injured coma, this slightly relieved. Just breathed a sigh of relief, they angry shift our attention to the giant's body, you hateful guy! Dare undermine the rules of the wild giant family,North Face Women's Down Jackets Sale?! know?, or you see your friends were injured, and want to avenge him? Come and I will fight! Because he knows now state talk that the Giants do right, absolutely can not discuss what good fruit to eat, after all, is in other people's sites, people rogue, really nothing rut. disdain glanced off only one, shouted. a cross, fighting back the hearts of anger, very unhappy cold voice shouted. Kwan brow slightly wrinkled up, he was helpless giant rogue simply can not think of a way to cope, had bitter with a face tugged at the corners of the mouth, agreed and said: experience the look, to see just how good you guys! Human beings can have such momentum in his impression will not appear in the body of a small child, and therefore has not yet begun a test, the vigilance of the heart will be put down. Off was only the other suddenly turned around to be shocked, but listening test of four he said, a trace of anger just came out will instantly be puzzled to replace Fortunately, I understand, but hold your breath What? Does a person thrown into the lake to see if he was able to hold back long fragmentation? then this is a 'gray often' dangerous a test. Listening to this, watching this expression off before angry bite bite, can not wait for this giant brought soup to drink to dismemberment. Giants nodded blankly. Shut before seeing this, immediately conspire Meng Tao and 'wood' side, watching them look tense, whispered: items of the 'hold your breath' and the last one 'mysterious gas' to participate in a test by me! both of you is responsible for the 'luck' and 'strength' of a test, how? surprised a moment, then consider a half points multiple two successively nodded. At the same time, the giant speaker. If the stone is quite syncope now, will certainly be excited to beg Baba Lu him to 'throw out'. For a second because he do not want to stay in this very undesirable hazardous million non-Valley, would rather never been here before. Say you are the first to die too? Oh! Off was a look of horror involved in hurricane found, even the little things are not? Has not yet had time to polish this hurricane, hurricane instantly disappeared, while he fell on a beach? ! ! Clothes suddenly disappear, either waist hung a the extremely ugly Xieku off before I am afraid will think you're dreaming! But also a nightmare! But this turned around, he suddenly stunned. · · · · · Giant is no longer a giant, but · · · · but becomes a height less than a meter five bald little boy! ! ! · · · This is how is it?! Kwan did not laugh, because he has sensed a surge of foreboding! In his eyes, that piece of the blue ocean, even slowly turned black! Then become red?! Finally it turned white! Silver-white? ! ! Silver-white ocean? · · · · Which in the end is how the matter? Incredible!! Off before staring in front of the silver-white marine hearts off the layers of waves waves, it is puzzled talking about. Off to hear each other slightly contemptuous words immediately awakened from the absence of the state, bald little boy looked off before the site surprised expression, ridicule asked. Off the coast outside? He had heard of the open sea outside, did not realize that was the scene! Seems · · · · rumors really does not leave off the coast outside is amazing! If that Baba Lu, is the bald little boy know Commissioner learned that this is off the coast outside, there are only emotion and surprise, but did not fear, do not know how he will make the thought? Will direct hematemesis killed it? So off before it touches can use this method to defeat him. Unfortunately, Kwan did not know, do not know that bald little boy. , said. pull the old Presbyterian long, feeling Road. However, he was unexpectedly happened. Bald little boy froze for a moment, immediately closed his mouth, and then shake the head takes a rattle-like, shouted: <

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