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October 16 [Tue], 2012, 18:16

> This is three hundred and sixteenth chapter wretched people? This is (on) three hundred and sixteenth chapter wretched people? (On) directly in the technical department of the source code for this software is encapsulated and encrypted his core source code the decryption password publicity not set to a fixed value, but set a then changing the password program, and the immediately changing hundreds password, all publicity software inside a cryptex inside. If this cryptex match, impossible to decrypt. Give this software a name, since it is written, you have the right. not that add a class do you want. Chen Xiaowei looked unassuming quipped: good mood, it is estimated that this software let Chen Xiaowei feel more confident, just do not know, Xiaowei Chen, her contract will not have any resentment. What talent? So hear publicity gave her to find talent, the Chen Xiaowei naturally more views. Technical talent, I do not know the other people, so the only people in this area, is not enough to say, how? Also satisfaction? a cloud behind Wei the efforts of Nuzui. Chen Xiaowei turned a supercilious, some depressed, said: said: Knowing cloud Wei in the end they know what However, Zhao Fei they are special forces commando in the middle, and special forces are not the same, they also need to learn the science of camouflage, as well as interaction with others, and so on publicity also did not get a chance to ask. Poof ...... The watching Chen Xiaowei. they talk about things, cloud-wei, they will automatically followed afar Wei cloud they do not know what they say publicity with Chen Xiaowei. This is simply typical capitalists, let off employees who each drop of blood sweat and make the best use ah. . Xiaowei Chen nodded: Article handed cloud Wei said: road. sent to the publicity eaten. Else Chen Xiaowei how sudden such a sentence out. Because of the publicity they have come to Dr. Xiaowei Chen, office door, and no one around, so there will not be other people hear. Far behind even Yingjie related. Accident? What happened? Zhao Fei,Air Max Classic BW Shoes? If Luo Tianshu an accident, Zhao Fei is probably no better place to go. puzzling. This Shenma situation ah? Is the world crazy? Me, ah, although publicity was arranged Zhao Fei they indeed there is fire. But you should not be so fast? This is not the degree of the twenty-first century, this rocket degrees. Zhao Fei is not the kind of strong, Luo Tianshu certainly not a casual person, otherwise, Luo Tianshu not have such a long time, and are still single, and also offended so many people. Chen Xiaowei depressing turn his eyes, and sometimes do not know what to say, just very quickly waved his hand and said: ... Well, but you can not hit my mind, I was very confirmed bachelor who To be honest, unassuming true to killed publicity never thought, though he is so little brokered mean, just this degree too fast you know? Publicity go arrangements they come, and then the day of publicity go back home for a night and the next day at home to stay for a day, the third day of publicity has been sitting aircraft back on the two nights, two * * it? Publicity determined to want to ask, but he did not get a chance to eat at noon, it touches far seen Luotian Shu and Zhao Fei, from the expressions on the two people do not see anything unusual, just expression of Zhao Fei from Luotian Shu see The unassuming look out the transmission of the disease between the two men is not normal ah. The Personnel Department has notified the small fat afternoon to interview, noon meal back to the company, the publicity in the seating area to see live the wretched people, if not publicity personally seen the wretched and know how wretched would probably killed publicity would not trade just this fat man with wretched people linked. Tm Shenma? Does this world crazy? Everyone Mars? Technical talent, interview, Chen Xiaowei they did not appear, only the publicity also a deputy manager of the Ministry of Personnel mm sitting there. the publicity. Not assertive do not want to bring a smile, only his face almost chou twitch, did not laugh. Wretched name aside aside, in front of the little boys, just like a fresh out of school, and no experience in the community, tender white fat. Exception of Sven small fat man wearing a leisure suit, which is a white shirt, with a tie, nose above with a rim glasses, comb quite neat. The total ...... Director ...... Hello. suddenly thought of a joke ... you name ... Oh,UGG Payton Clearance Sale, you called Andy Chen,UGGs Kids Bailey Button Triplet Boots Sale, right? come to apply the technology sector jobs, may I ask what you do best? small fat look like he had seen from the surveillance video, publicity have thought he was not mistaken phone number, or simply wretched people to a someone else's phone to play his play. This is a reality with the network gap is too big, right? On the front of this nervous to see strangers, next to the Ministry of Personnel mm punch even see his little fat smile blush, that av, looked inside the control room with the the puppet doll m1 wretched people? altercation fluently. The reality is simply too introverted, resulting in extremely wretched of the wretched people in the network above? Is the highest state of nausea sao. Wang Xin asked over there, publicity bow looked a little fat resume, to be honest, if not unassuming know the little fat after the show, on the red this resume, it is estimated that even interview will not give him . Resume too simple, I am afraid that some third-rate universities, graduate than little fat is more competitive, that inside the building when the work of the technicians, the publicity did not know how he is found. Where to work? I look at your work experience is almost always zero, and the family is not here. Wang Xin over almost asked, after listening to a little fat, publicity immediately smiled and said: side stand up and punch the little fat man stretched out his hand,UGG Kona Boots, laughing. <

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