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> Thanks to bright midday greatly hesitate to play tour Thank you, has been the support of the doctor, thank you afternoon going to work when, Ma empty into finally received phone of Xu, Xu always speak on the phone is very simple and this one is no The exception, perhaps his particularity asked him to do so. The Www, quanBEn, cOM Telephone content only short, simple words on the time and place, others perhaps will not meet, and empty into a very appreciate this style of his previous stay in the army when the emphasis is straightforward , by no means clear-cut if the red implicit are such people, it really is quite frightening organization ah, the minds of this horse empty into the heart could not help but give birth to dash expectations implicitly say give him time to think clearly now all in the past for so long, but there is no audio, Could this Xu to order this thing? Took out his cell phone in a call to the family to inform not go home for dinner, and put in a call to the charming Li said loudly, Li charming and no complaints, just told him not to drink more attention to the body of the class. Look at about the same time, empty into Ma got up and walked out of the office, under the General Office Building transferred to the office after the parking,UGGs Rosabella Sale, driving a car slowly open to the courtyard outside the door to the provincial party committee, he could feel the left side of the third floor of the third from the bottom windows someone looked at him he knew it was the office of the Provincial Party Secretary-General Hu Cheng, horse empty into gently turn the steering wheel, heart and sighed at the informed in informed you always honest and real when you how good deputy director, have to jump to do Hu into the hands of the gun, why, then, do not you know a soldier born of danger there is a rejection, always thinking about the danger in the bud HU Cheng silent window stood, looked at the horse empty car out slowly drove, the forehead between tightly twisted together into a group, horse empty into the New Year to work first thing is to get in Mingda surgery, Could this kid to come to their own demonstrations not once this idea to breed just as tarsal maggots wound in his heart he slowly come back to, looking at the standing desk hung his head before the informed heart sighed, does not help really mud on the wall even if you do nausea nausea and horse empty into things, so nothing is sweeping the face, even when a return to establish the credibility of the chicken to help the horse empty into you Yeah, how do I say to you, ah, , now gained nothing but a loss of one meter, in informed how diving in the superintendent's office? Can not think of horse empty into this little guy would go so badly, buy off the hands of people who will set,North Face Women's 3 In 1 Jackets, no one who has done him such a high-sounding, with money or the superintendent's office small treasuries Not only that, this guy, the attack is the best means of using the right place at the right time and each was calculated that if the change of their own and in informed shoes and will do better than in informed, HU Cheng thought of a pumping here old head slightly, slightly startled heart, a sense of fear sense to my heart Shoudexia ambush longer than calculating such a deep background but also more likely to become a future opponent, how he does not fear the moment he was not even reprimanded for informed mind are not , brow wrinkled tightly together, impatient wave of his hand: years ago horse empty into of his civil, but Inspector three chief candidates recommended to him., and all from the Secretary-General's behest, but the horse empty into revenge but slowly late, yet so firepower in informed figure disappears, Hu into gently sigh, the powerless Diezuo boss' chair, grabbed his left hand Xixisuosuo cigarette case on the table, but off a careless on the ground, looked blankly at the floor of the cigarette case, suddenly discovered that he actually is so fragile he was over fifty five to, are catching up with the general to stay for another term almost to the point, he has not expect much progress, peace mingled deducing any meet, who wanted to come into the end, have to fall into such a difficult situation thought Chu old general is not concerned about the son of Li Shanchuan Assembly, and Chu home in South Lake strength is not too strong, and the general secretary soon taken over by the Chairman of the big bit, Huang Wei Yang With so tough patron should not have any sense of fear of the Chu family, surprise, the horse empty into the wedding day, he saw the Huang Wei Yang Chu the old generals handshake when flattering miscalculated, even general secretary smoothly took over large bit of the Chairman, he also needs the support of all forces, the Chu family has had a partnership with him, must fight for the first object, a critical moment not to mention he is Huang Wei Yang also may be used as pawns just so he does not choose but also how not to cross the river, do not work against Huang Wei Yang Station to Lishan Chuan aside, the provincial party secretary Huang Wei Yang to do first one thing for a Provincial Secretary-General, when he Provincial Standing Committee should step aside, at most, to when the job right and vice governor to mention the Celtic, said Huang Wei Yang will not forgive him, is Lishan Chuan would be willing to receive it is not obvious who would not accept a ready to betray their own people and they do not mixed up in official circles, officialdom most taboo on such bad behavior can not get this thing report to the Secretary Huang, HU Cheng summon up the resolve immediate situation forced, he could only stand firmly on the side of the Huang Wei Yang, even though he is not willing to confrontation with the Chu family, hearts only look forward to the day that the two sides had a falling late arrival of tables on the phone suddenly popping sound scared Hu into a Jiling, immediately sober own dignified Province Secretary-General, but how is a kid that just faded hair to scared to reach out and grab the phone, and my heart he is still thinking about ordinary kid you not, he is a big backer, and man also work in the scheming old fox horse Millennium empty into natural he would not know so scared a Provincial Standing Committee, Of course,UGG Classic Argyle Knit Boots Sale, the majority of which is because the Chu family's sake, but the cause the HU into this old fox his vigilance, he is also proud enough to slightly turn the steering wheel right hand smart car rolling traffic into a turn into toward Foothills District direction away, Xu this kid seems to Baisha City mixed very familiar with, actually about him in the university city where the famous fallen street to meet Fortunately, when he participated in the Graduate Record Examination to listen spoken of this name , an Alice seems a side street in the middle of the two universities, seems in Baisha City, also a minor celebrity horse empty into the mouth slightly upward, right-handed touch the nose, and my heart still relatively Xu professional quality satisfied, University City degenerated street this place the flow of people, across the country, like college students everywhere fled exchange visits almost every day of unfamiliar faces, appear stranger and no one will care about. He can not figure out is Xu this will be about to meet in a place like this Could this guy have the task? If red implicit people are so busy, that is usually how work? We can not talk to the provincial leadership, I go red implicit task to perform it? The car slowly docked at the Stadium of Nanhu Normal horse walk backward into the air about five hundred meters, hand stopped a schoolgirl sister inquire fallen street direction. Female students sister looked surprised a horse empty into a successful person look like designer suits, ** a chest two small basketball flash, the real estate broker looking one finger to the right: the street in front of another name for it, just over there, oh, is not to find people, ah? Ma understood that empty into the original so-called degenerate street is not really called degenerate street, presumably students specializing stoop fun place to go about four or five meters like the left is a campus highway, driving a double-decker bus slowly over a narrow street on the right, and perhaps because the school time is yet to come, not many people. Walk in the small streets, horse empty into this understand why is it called degenerate street the original both sides of the street all the games room, Internet cafe, billiards room, a hair salon, small hotels, small restaurants, etc., as long as money can do not have to move out of this street took out his cell phone, looked at the time, distance, Xu better time there one minute, around but did not see the shadow of Xu. Phone suddenly called horse empty into quickly turned on the phone, the microphone came Xu's voice: money deposit, so you open the 21st machine voice suddenly gone, The horse away empty into the phone looked and Tuberose signboard hanging in front of his word next to signs that Hong broken big hole, a spider is struggling being in the cold. Two patties. The girl very deft opened the 21st loom network: of Xu, Zhesi seemed otherwise general, self-care playing a very popular CS Game of. The empty horse into a moment, obviously not with their own Xu recognize each must have his reasons, the moment does not speak, just come and sit down, fleet Xu suddenly turn around and opened his mouth but no sound. Horse empty into but read his lips, meaning play the game and then leave after half an hour waiting, nodded, sit down and turn on the computer, call up the the CS battle game, a translation from the name of the game called Hunter, ears but hear Xu Ming said the name of the game is very rapid, very small voice. Easily refresh the server, empty into easily enter inside the game, started playing the game, he chose the culprits would have lost consecutive culprits twenty-one, but one did not win. Empty into Ma joined soon help culprits hold its ground, score slowly closer to half an hour after the horse empty into the killing of 52 persons, the undead once proud record led the culprits turn the tables on bandits clamor coming of empty horse into off the computer, without looking back went Webmaster: on the bar, horse empty into smiled and grabbed the money: walking past the restaurant, directly on to the second floor, gently pushed open the door of the box, a shadow slips over the cold, he could feel the foot of fixed as a mountain, horse empty into the body the room suddenly to the left a fist attacks toward the eye Ramped wind from the ear zips right hand lightning since up to run for empty into felt fingers caught a cold thing, idea of ​​a move in mind, the lower abdomen at a heat lightning toward the right hand palm at pinch of that cool stuff suddenly shot to force a pull back two fingers,UGGs Mens Coat Sale, thumb, while the other three fingers slips shrink to the palm at the other apparently somewhat quenched off guard, and the gently Yiliaoyisheng, a moment later, the horse feels empty into to cold things are slowly pull back two deadlocked for a while, the horse empty into seems Inadequate the retracted fingers pinching something cool slowly to room to go, Ma empty into sudden two-finger release soon lightning pinch again to force a pull back at the same time, the right foot lightning kick out a shadow slips flutter out food middle finger two-finger DIP horse empty into the right eye, but unfortunately his fingers not plugged up, horse empty into the right foot has a good kick in the shadows of the middle of the accident, the shadows and did not drop to the ground, the volley but turn around and dropped to the ground, suddenly but like a horse empty into the tarsal maggots like sliding into punched directly at the moment, but heard Xu screams: on the forehead, but the distance of one centimeter, a strong breeze stirring up the shadows of the hair, the shadows is a 24-year-old young man, his face pale, his forehead slightly oozing sweat. of Qin Guan site awkward appearance, approached slowly to help him up, and then looked up horse empty into: smiled and slowly opened his fist and held out his hand to the Qin Guan Qin Guan grimace in pain, reach out gently with him a grip, his face immediately exposed trace solemn expression: PS: brothers na today a monthly pass are wood ah to mid-consumption hit a monthly pass Rewards monthly ticket, wood monthly passes recommended ticket line doctor Bese V! ~! . . <

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