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November 22 [Thu], 2012, 17:56

The breeze was blowing, clear water and long snow the Sier bring everyone feel like a dough spring breeze in his face, Qin Ru Sisi's cool. Large furniture the woman graceful figure, scared Mu to. Snow Sier like petite, her head is not low, the height of one meter on June, women are high. Hath woman lovely scene gentile, was cute, Zhang Qingxiu to the ultimate smile, lovely colorful, consciously or unconsciously, to attract the attention of the crowd. Plus the girls look sincere smile, somewhat humble expression too touching to know, the snow Sier the identity, but the hospital Markshing largest shareholder ah! The presence of the people which are not Min Sheng Hospital employees, bosses bowed to their request and talk a lot of attention, some people almost throbbing tears. When seen employees so kindly boss, or a the top stunning beauty? Huoer are all touched by, I am afraid the snow the Sier people rushed to plug loophole has feather boy moved to stand up to the performance of some. a. So polite words, scared evil Ouyang the Haitian this guy's eye just how much snow Sier ah! The other a Is so brilliant smile, snow Sier emerge in the face, women really will be installed ah, you Gengzhu Ren it? When the last time my mother to accompany me to the hospital, seen your time listen to my mom and said, you super high medicine, Xuanhujishi power future ...... I really admire your sterling integrity on Bale, was suitable for use in the superb skills of doctors who power future generations are different, that are generally used in the head of a great man dazzling aura. The Geng Zhuren the potbellied's like, Ouyang Haitian how it all do not see the possibility of immortal. Snow the Sier so words, clearly there is suspected statement barrier, I am afraid that even elementary school can be pointed out that the language of her statement disease. Chosen opposite who Geng, director of the surname, pleased the ear to ear. Praise of a beautiful girl, especially snow Sier or the gentle Yan daughter, Yan gentle to say superb skills indirect proof of the people's attention than he heard a wage pleased. the one finger index finger toward the direction of Ouyang Haitian man's heart slammed enlivened --- a stomach of grievances the snow the Sier not find people gang fights yourself? A sinister heart of a gentleman's belly, Ouyang Haitian apparently misjudged the snow Sier Where is kind of Xiaodujichang woman. People just prettily complained of people around, and said: enlighten me, the Min Sheng Hospital the equity shareholders suitor refused man, looks how a cow fork like. What's more, nor snow Sier can not just brought everybody in front of? You say they do not promise to marry you, is a very lost parts of things, you conceal it bad enough, would dare tell a large crowd and talk, gossip is not flying? He did not want to know the snow Sier this effect, snow Sier not wait for the hospital all people know and Ouyang Haitian relations, to the time ripe, sweet melon since the fall of the opportunity to come. Concentrated Ouyang Haitian body when all the eyes of everyone around,Jimmy Choo Kaia UGG, the man's mental state more nervous, he was the first time so many people, so close attention, this feels a bit like the overpass on the morning of tease snow Sier that, it seems that people still determined to revenge themselves ah! Until we all see Ouyang Haitian looks, temperament and body show someone your heart secretly help snow Sier worth it. The man not only looks handsome, the temperament also not to mention outstanding, clean lines of the jacket worn on the body, the colors are still very single, the people seem mature and old-fashioned, the body is no sense of atmosphere. Most people despise the the Ouyang Haitian height, five short rough looks very garish three, Ouyang Haitian Height is not too low, there are about a meter on June, in most people's minds, they are better than Ouyang Haitian image. Of course, we still have self-knowledge, with the Ouyang Haitian shot send Korean baby a white BMW car style, the presence of the people and no one can se Haokuo shot. Not reluctant,, nobody do have so much money. In the eyes of the crowd, Ouyang Haitian became wealthy rich second generation, just parents phase shabby little more common than most people who dress a lot. Is it the snow the Sier like the Ouyang Haitian or know how frugal man? Many ideas, converging to a gushing torrent of eyes, Ouyang Haitian almost overwhelmed, even Han stood beside Ouyang Haitian baby feel a sense of heavy pressure. In the eyes of many people, Ouyang Haitian reason why not promised to marry marrying snow Sier requirements, is faithless, like on a Korean baby, which leads to consequences. Sometimes, the process is secondary, people end up in the hearts of the idea of ​​forming fatal, I am afraid that Han baby want to explain one hundred fair hearing. Secretly pulled Ouyang Haitian skirts, Ouyang Haitian screenwriters, some words are bad in front of everyone face the public opening, only if it does not make things swing clear later, Han baby difficult man. Not to mention her scruples, who would dare to casually speak Korean baby take the crop, it is not trouble for ourselves what is? Ouyang Haitian head great, really great, Khan intended to secretly flooded out. Suddenly, I do not have a little mental preparation, Ouyang Haitian spoke side closer to the snow Sier that the initiative was to pull up the hand of the girl. Girls hint of blushing not help their own appear in a delicate face, Tianmei lovely appearance children more than a little shy of spirit. you know, only the seductive woman in your mind, never my heart. Korean baby when demeanor seductive? Like to speak to see snow Sier, plausibly, the Ouyang Haitian face with a look of embarrassment,Canada Goose Calgary Jacket Cheap, is not like the appearance of lying. Is Korean baby even while the snow the Sier not pay attention when seduce Ouyang Haitian? This wipe the more darker, Korean baby embarrassing like to fall into a bottomless pit in general, can not wait to rush to and storm hit Ouyang Haitian meal. This is also not informed of continue to explain and snow Sier. , Women equally, not in Ouyang Haitian side than have a woman? Equally, to put it nicely, you when I'm better than that woman? At least Ouyang Haitian such a calm demeanor and speak for themselves, so the girls very satisfied. In fact, for snow Ay, marry Ouyang Haitian is a very extravagant idea, after all, the layer of snow Sier heart feelings of inferiority, make a woman feel not as gorgeous sister, at this moment, Ouyang 海天 say a fairly woman equally depressed feelings, let snow Sier heart, much less. Ouyang the Haitian not promised engagement rude attitude, so it is not so important. Not good in front of so many people, the snow Sier again forcing Ouyang Haitian promised to Eyes swept Ouyang Haitian body, Seeing Han baby's body, Weiran smile, so the Korean baby throbbing 无可无不可 the --- now the only snow Sier can restore their own way and. it shows that there is no gap between the two women, any misunderstanding, the moment deglaciation melt Korean baby's side finally again cozy warmth. People look to the Korean baby's eyes, not just the kind of suspicion attitude, natural no people Sier then snow made a seductive woman linked to a Korean baby's body. Korean baby's mood, really easy, a lot of loneliness snow Sier gratitude. In this case, the snow Sier scruples to their own situation, Korean baby feel really commendable. Snow Sier initiative went to the BMW in front of the car, wiping away a smooth body shell, the Korean baby said: Can you take me to the hospital revolution? expect at look at. The previous woman on snow Sier has a fear-fear of emotional, because snow Sier sake of the Min Sheng Hospital's background boss. Later, we have been living together, get along fairly harmonious, kind of emotional Korean baby snow Sier slowly indifferent. However, the emotional fear today is back, and the face of snow Ay questioning, Han baby did not even dare to speak out loud in front of the little woman, after all, the girl holds the reins, even if the girl is not malicious, Korean baby layer of knot heart, restless commotion. The attention of everyone, the snow Sier opened the door, sat down in the back seat of the BMW, the is everyone surprised eyes, girl smiling Ouyang Haitian waved, greeted Ouyang Haitian car, see Korean baby honestly to sit on the position of the driver's seat, I heard did not dare say anything, Ouyang the Haitian also afraid the two women fall own, that time, I am afraid that when the monkeys as the crowd. Simply went to the front of the car, opened the door, like keep silent to sit in the passenger seat. The sitting method, so many people raspberry endless, and are thought to Daoda Mei Ouyang Haitian, I did not expect snow Sier does not get angry, shoving the door shut, but rather Korean baby sitting in the driver's seat , forced to cut out a Ouyang Haitian, my heart can not wait Ouyang Haitian devouring. As the car started slowly, Dream Car slowly disappear in the people's vision. All the buzz, is Xuanza sky. King. said with a smile, a time to forget to go to the cafeteria Dafan. Anyone else think the the Ouyang Haitian is not a simple character, but in the end is not common to go, and who also do not know? Anyway, talk to the people more and more, quickly took advantage of the lunch break, Ouyang Haitian name, the Markshing hospital spread,UGG Bailey Button Fancy. Originally snow Sier sitting in the back of the baby's Korea Ouyang Haitian sitting in the passenger seat, the girls take the initiative moved their place, sat down behind Ouyang Haitian, let this guy after spine, total a chilly feeling. forgot last name, said well, this time you treat me not doing anything and being taken advantage of, Managing the faint aroma of children linger Ouyang Haitian nose tip, and let this guy suck two greedy kiss, the mood is relaxed a bit. Could not help but open asked: The children look proud smiles. Body fragrance of your body so well smell than gorgeous sister smelled similar, Similar, and that is not as good as that woman! The snow Sier the face subconsciously changed. fragrance children, the man who has a special physiological smell the smell of the man who is a variant of testosterone - testosterone, the woman body fragrance estrogen - hormone ....... Chong Ouyang Haitian mouth forever speaking Korean baby, sitting in the driver's seat, shocked, especially this guy, what a man's testosterone - pills brought in front of the snow Sier, a woman's estrogen - hormone, stimulate the Han baby hand a shiver, almost hit the guardrail of a vapor trail. Ouyang Haitian speak terror predicament, the HAN baby be thoroughly tasted the bitterness. Beginning snow Sier not listen, Ouyang the Haitian right Yunshanwuzhao, forgot to get angry, and later slowly listen, even take the initiative and take the crop Ouyang Haitian, two people, as you ask, I answer with the understanding. By the same token, adds to the growing plum porridge girls body exudes the aroma of plum, elegant and pleasant fragrance. . Ouyang Haitian a mood of longing in the hearts of tumbling, appeared in front of a the like raging sea green waves, run faster than the wind faster too peach red horse, covered with pride Mongolian warrior sat by the fire, chunks of meat, a large bowl of drinking is so pride and wanton scenes, stirring Ouyang Haitian a cardiothoracic vast. When can I go prairie on a trip, its also a dream come true. Ouyang the Haitian in mind looking forward.

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