industry although the amount is large

October 09 [Tue], 2012, 9:25
> eight !Together with Tanaka Nobuo !These six steps are steady ,the appearance be trained with regularity ,should be a bodyguard ,the other two footsteps is frivolous ,should be Tanaka Nobuo and Zhang Nianqing .
WwW ,qUanbEN ,cOm and in monitoring to see .Underneath the bodyguards did not come .The key to the office on the sixteen floor .Could hear footsteps ,meant that Tanaka Nobuo had walked out of the elevator ,the eighteen layer .
While the sound is coming from .Can not use the old way .For ordinary people ,floating on it may temporarily not to be found ,but to be trained with regularity of bodyguards ,this is the fundamental of pediatrics .
So ,where can eavesdrop on their conversations ?Lynch four is the next to look, and then came to a place -- ventilation pipe !For any a high-rise building ,ventilation pipe is essential .
Almost every room will have and ventilation pipe connecting places .The ventilation pipe in the building form a complete ventilation system ,connected to each other .Can say even ,ventilation pipe is a city to the building of which leads to the room between the fastest shortcut .
But the vast majority of people are not willing to walk this way .But now Lynch is willing to go, so Lynch entered the ventilation pipe .Into the ventilation conduit Lynch has time to dirty ,follow the voice ,quickly find Tanaka Nobuo ,like the fish slipped up .
While the ventilation pipe also is really worthy of shortcut ,when he came to office at the top of the ventilation pipe in Tanaka Nobuo ,Tanaka Nobuo and Zhang Nianqing had just entered the room .
Six bodyguards and did not follow the came in ,there was only Tanaka Nobuo and Zhang Nianqing two people .Two person face with a smile ,as if you just did a great .Tanaka Nobuo poured two glasses of Louis thirteen ,hands one to Zhang Nianqing , king of the pool ,the success of the plan, you should keep in mind the first work ! Lynch heard the heart beat :how Tanaka Nobuo called this piece pool Nyenchen monarch ?Is this boy is not Chinese ?Zhang Nianqing took the glass ,modest : my pleasure ,it all depends on the Tian Zhongjun map out a strategy ,we plan to be performed so well ! Ha ha ha ha ,Ikegami Kimita ! Tanaka Nobuo laughed ,raised his glass , come, for the plan to succeed, let us drink this cup full of ! Zhang Nianqing also raised their glasses ,and Tanaka Nobuo touched, stem ! Two people drank !Tanaka Nobuo and his and Zhang Nianqing each poured a cup of ,very deep feeling says: China foundry industry is thought as the first in the world, but big and not strong ,otherwise ,Timberland Euro Sprint Boots,we how can so smoothly completed plans ?If the evening again a few years ,ten years ,we want to achieve the goal ,even more difficult ! Lin Qiyue listen to the heart :does Tanaka Nobuo faucet has been completed ?But listen to Zhang Nianqing said : it is not difficult, but not impossible ! Well ,it is impossible to ! Tanaka Nobuo nodded : Chinese is really good at learning ,Northface Denali Jackets!They developed from scratch ,from small to large ,to become the first in the world, only a few short years, which also experienced some major setbacks .
Such success ,even our Japanese ,I am afraid it is difficult to do !But now they have realized their problems ,evening again a few years ,once they are in the management and technology to the last step ,but not how we eat them ,but how do they eat our problems ! Zhang said: well ,the Southeast Tanaka Jun eyes such as moment .
Since the first casting power ,until now almost every year is the first .The output of this year is likely to reach a record forty million tons .So the scale ,if coupled with the advanced management and technology .
.. ... It is a terrible thing ! Tanaka Nobu hung : Yeah ,now China foundry industry although the amount is large ,quality is time .No management or technology ,and we compared to still have bigger difference .
Don China now the annual output is forty million tons, but nearly thirty thousand casting enterprises ,UGG Suburb Short Sale,average every year of crop of the enterprise only one thousand tons .The three also have quite one part or even a family workshop-style mode ,also cannot become climate .
This scale, though, what is the use? Yeah !And now the vast majority of Chinese foundry enterprises production ,still depends on the tactics of sea of faces ,or China and how to place a large number of migrant workers ? Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .
.. ... Two people broke into laughter ,quite scornful attitude !Tanaka Nobuo continued : but ,even reach forty million tons crop ,relative to a big country like China ,there is still
great potential can be dug ,I dare assure, in the next ten years,UGG Elsey Clearance, China total output may reach one hundred million tons scale ! Zhang Nianqing smiled and said : this huge cake ,no wonder
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