Casual & Elegant lolita 

November 18 [Sat], 2006, 7:56
There is many different ways to dress up to lolita, and I'm not going to list them "all" in that post, but this will be the start for this blog updateing. In Gothic & Lolita style, as it's normally called, is that darker gothic side and the soft and cute lolita side, of what have inspired many substyles.

I took some scans from Gothic Lolita Bible Extra 2 to help me with this article.

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Elegant Gothic
This is elegantic lolita, with dark gothic way. As in the picture, the model is useing clothes by brand, ATELIER BOZ, what haves much elegant gothic style inspired clothes. This style clothes are normally full black and look formal with little lace. Simple details, like crosses or personal looking layers in the clothes.
Make up can be actually bright and not that dark as in the picture, but it's mostly all up to you, because it can be radical and dark too.

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Casual Gothic Lolita
As the name says, casual, is the main thing in this substyle. Casual GL is very usefull in everyday dressing because it can be very simple. Lacefull dress and simple & cute t-shirt, is okey and very casual. In the picture you see warm fall time outfit by MAM.
When you are wearing Casual Gothic Lolita, you can be inspired allmost anything and made it up lolitaish and simple way. The make up is also easy and natural.

These were just small reviews.

~ ~ Next time more ~ ~


October 11 [Wed], 2006, 4:25
Welcome to read this blog what will
soon have articles, pictures, tips etc about
Gothic Lolita fashion.
Keep on looking this place ^^.
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