China Water Pollution Survey of International cheap nikes

June 09 [Sun], 2013, 9:45
Lining, Nike, and Adidas jointly made pollutions. Three magnates, Lining, Nike, Adidas, have invariably competed with each cheap lebron james shoes other intensely, but lately, they were in the same trousers, being criticized jointly polluting the river. Recently, a international environmental organization issued a report and claimed that Lining, Nike, Adidas etc., these global top fashion suppliers all exist pollution behaviors.

 These Adidas F50 Adizero poisonous substance with industrial waste water was discharged straight into China's cheap lebrons  rivers, which caused serious threat both to ecological system and human health. For this matter, Lining Co Ltd didn't have direct comment, while Nike Co Ltd denied it.

 This environmental group lately released "Poisonous Fashion, China Water Pollution Survey of International  cheap nikes  Clothing Brands" and declared that their investigators found alky phenol from the waste water samples of a company in Pear River Delta under secretly investigation, and this company is a supplier of Lining sports brand. In the waste water samples of Younger Textile Industrial City, they also checked out PFOA and phenol alkyl, and this industrial city is the location for suppliers of famous brands Nike and Adidas. These chemicals have bad influences for human health.