Letter of happiness 

May 10 [Wed], 2006, 3:56
Today, my husband got into the room with a letter to MY SON.

He is only 9months old and it was his first mail in his life.

BUT it was not only a mail. It brought us a great luck.

That was to inform us that my son won a prize of the gift token@ 10,000yen!!

A new big department store was opened last month and they had a big prize promotion of gift token which we can use only at that department store.

The first prize was 100,000yen. although it was just a dream for us.

Anyway, this, 10,000yen is very better for us than to get nothing.
Also, 10,000yen it the biggest price that we have not got at any prize promotions nor lottery.

I got around 10 of applications and only one of them was for my son.

I think my son has a great luck and I believe he will spend very happy life from now on.

Secret Call 

May 10 [Wed], 2006, 3:41
I made a very important phone call to my boss today to tell that I would like to quit.

It was not a short conversation. I talked a lot with him. But the answer was still 'quit'.

He let me know that the company needs me to work as an international buyer. This will be a new experience for me and that would be better for my good career because there is not so many international buyers at this moment.

He also says that the top management members also want me to come back.

I did not why but I could not stop crying. Maybe I was disembrassed to know that I am needed from the society.

I was fully embarassed after the phone call and drove to my mother's home very fast. I just did not want to be alone...but my son is always with me.

Thinking about my feeling at that time, I must have lost confidence for my decision.

But now, I feel a little more relaxed and can think very positively.

This must be the beginning of my new life. This should be a way for my happiness.

Now I lost my job but I can do anything from now. I have every option of my new life and new job on my hands now.

This is my first step of the next period of my life.


May 09 [Tue], 2006, 2:20
Today, I went to a mother's meeting with my son to see my friends who also have babies.

We talked a lot about babies and lifes for about 1 hour.

I could not be relaxed in the afternoon because I could not stop thinking about my job. Now a days, I am thinking about quiting my current job to take care of my son by myself. On the other hand, I still have regrets about my career.

I was working at small parts manufacturer who have international sales network and I worked at oversea sales section as a sales person. Around 90% of sales people at the company were men and a lot of sales women had been trasfered to assistant sales person of sales MEN. But I could win to be a sales person and had 2 assistants. So I had a professional pride as sales person and I wanted to work there for a long time.

But soon after I reliaze my pregnancy, I became to think how happy I was that I could be a mother. And soon after the delivery, I became to think strongly to be with my son for a long time and to take care of my son by myself rather than to work as a career woman.

When I decided to marry to my husband, I also had an oppoturnity to get higher career and I had to choose one, marriage or career. And I took marriage. I took happiness to be as a wife.

Now I am about to take a happiness to be a mother.

But, I think it is the best way for my life.

first step 

May 08 [Mon], 2006, 2:48
This is my FIRST STEP of my English Diary.

Today, I got up at around 7 o'clock and gave a bottle to my son first because he was crying.

He is 9-months old. He can crawl so fast and is very interested in everything around him, especially ropes, but I do not know why.

Today is the last day of my husbands long holiday- Golden week. It is so nice to be with my family all together. But now I am so embarassed because I have no idea what to do tomorrow.

Today, we, my husband and I, decided to take my son to a beauty salon to have my son's hair cut. This is the first time for my son to have his hair cut. I was a little afraid if my baby boy would cry scared of scissors. But there was no problem. He was exciting for his first experience and was just fine.

My son is always great. He never make me disappointed. In fact, he always gives my a great pleasure. He is my wonderful treasure and so as my husband.
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