which game player hands have so few

October 29 [Mon], 2012, 15:48
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultMu-sen Lin natural PK .Previously Mu-sen Lin has played a lot of games in the arena ,the drift ,who can not endure a knife ?Took a knife how to do ?It is not to go home in her bed crying ,call back !In the course of contacts ,which game player hands have so few lives .
.. ... Aggressive little life ,count .Although Lin Musen is not aggressive ,but still kill is always there .In the sword in carefree ,Mu-sen Lin is very restless for a while, the biggest battle is just in the activities of Rob drop BOSS killed several people Qiankun temple .
Rather like today that his front ,it is not even once .But this does not mean Mu-sen Lin will be afraid ... ... Their adventures and a variety of their skills a hand-held weapon body yellow orange equipment products with three abnormal organs soldier ,such strength would be afraid of several common game player ?Then a renju arrow Mu-sen Lin with the last meteor trails plus the last scattering arrows ,will immediately that the lead person seconds .
The leading man is the six or seven person ,think oneself also cannot cope with two people? Momentum ,it would scare them away .The game player despite his no fear ,but it is not necessary to kill .
Who is crazy, the killer also has a specific goal !But he also didn ,without demur Mu-sen Lin begins .This an ink disciples attack is very high ,in a kind of life will go on a small arrow !The ensuing strange skill shot himself after got out ,then their skin scrape into blood .
Just act with confusion to open energy barrier ,is also a crossbow shot himself .Then. There is no then UGG Kids Infants Erin,he !Not to mention how this guy lost ,the guys see their friends die ,suddenly fly ,a royal sword weapon made toward Mu-sen Lin and sugar plum two personal attack .
Not afraid of Mu-sen Lin nature ,but he is also afraid of the glycocalyx .Then he will authority Yuen turtle put out, stopping in front of two people .Organ size black turtle ,it immediately stand ,with their back shell in Mu-sen Lin and Sugar Plum Body before .
Organ Black Turtle level about two meters ,width is also two meters ,the whole as a queen-sized bed similar .Such a big thing ,two people are more than sufficient to block .But the problem is .
.. ... This is a big turtle ah !The gang gaze attack Mu-sen Lin Lin : Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ? Standing tortoise Air Max 24-7, I that these eating pizza guy .Mu-sen Lin natural whatever they think ,the turtle above head Canada Goose D'Alpago Cheap,bolt bursts, and in a moment .
The gang attacks all fell into the mysterious turtle body organs ,organs in the mysterious turtle who played a bit of mars .But the agency Black Turtle defense that a prohibitively high ,life just just slip a !A few guys are not fools ,a thought way ,go behind him to !Sword attack is remote ,but the eyes see is not .
The tortoise is so big ,put the sword go around back, will be out of control .They turn ,Mu-sen Lin caught the sugar plum ,followed by turn .Outside the gang curve around them ,around the small circle who labored Mu-sen Lin ,who labor stick out a mile .
Mu-sen Lin to shot another meteor trails the past ,suddenly blown Gang wail like ghosts and howl like wolves .Sugar Plum actually had been the only big organ Black Turtle shocked .An ink is there such a thing ?In fact, the beginning of the game into an ink in worship ,mostly go to these organs services .
Authorities should and mecha soldier ,almost ?Maybe there are Optimus Prime Megatron ,it is not what is up to EVA ,will do .The result is not so at all .Although an ink mecha is also beautiful, but those cartoons and large robot gap is still quite large ,completely is not a style .
As a result, many game player immediately disappointed ,fled from an ink ... ... Of course ,the main reason is the ink door too misery ,weapons agency wants him to do, the operation is complex, make up another strong .
.. ... To make a long story short ,now most of game player on an ink poorly understood .Most of the students take an ink a tiger leopard ah what, imposing ah ,who can see someone wearing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles go out ?Although ,the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is really awesome ,looks like a big wall blocking the few attacks ,let help people are not that bad .
The gang attack is ineffective ,his light will not be beaten ,with Mu-sen Lin they entwine .You arrogant is ?We have many people !If we can receive enough, we still have a gang !So that few people have fled, with lakes, said ,is there not to worry about firewood !Lin Musen is some arrows ,gave a backward town after the game player ,shook his head and sighed : this without a strong AOE michael kors outlet store,kill is not enough .
.. ... Sugar Plum heard what he was going to be crazy ,you want speed speed, attack attack to defence ,defence ,also too not AOE ?With AOE, you have perverted into what ?A powerful army of a person directly A the past ?The authorities Black Turtle recovered ,Mu-sen Lin and plum sugar continued to find bamboo .
This organ is strong strong black turtle ,but the biggest problem is too slow .Mobile warfare when Mu-sen Lin couldn get it out by positional warfare ,only playing .Meanwhile ,bloodthirsty wolf group that joined in mountain city .
Sorry? You beat them ?They are only two of us ! The lead person stamp with rage .Bring your own brothers or brush strange ,results did not pack into place ,but was destroyed ,this loss how to eat ?One of his brothers grievances : no way, hero brother you hang up ,that guy is summoned a large turtle ,and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles like, defense force that ah ,we don break !Results the mistress and jump also they hang up .
.. ... The lead hero brother listens, but calm down .It seems difficult to handle by the other ideas ,few people revenge is unlikely .But never mind ,brother to have the gang !Join the gang is as well ,not just to the time can help someone out ! Go ,we go to the owner ,let him send someone to help us out of breath ! Hero brother once again put out his big brother appearance ,with a group of younger brother to go forward with great strength and vigour of the fly out .
Mu-sen Lin natural wonder just ran into that help make guy still reckoned himself ,even know he don .They can find their own ?The Kunlun Mountains is so big ,want to find themselves and in the woods for a particular ant .
We encounter so much ,character is certainly full value ,also afraid of the little probability event ?So he still and leisurely with sugar plum run everywhere ,with plum sugar that a little memory for bamboo growth .
Kunlun Mountains cold climate, growth is mostly pine and cypress ilk .Even the white jade bamboo is dissimilar ,also should not in the ordinary place .Want to know Michael Kors Leather Bags Sale,really not easy .
But Mu-sen Lin to sugar plum words ,know that she had seen several bamboo forest in the valley ,then guess bamboo growth is probably to take shelter from the wind .Therefore ,he is in a valley is a valley of groping .
Although still look for a needle in the ocean ,but for the embroidery needle and dragging anchor, it is always going on .Sugar Plum follow Mu-sen Lin ,started pretty fun ,a long time is also very boring .
She has no duty ,on the spur of the moment when the wizard, but not when a lifetime ?But ,he didn be any good? So the sugar plum eyes ,turned to look at the smiling Mu-sen Lin .-- -- -- -- -- -- the usual thanks recommended collection click classmates ,as usual, then ask again recommended collection click .
.. ... New period ,success is very important in the way ,so I hope you don very ugly ,after all, we are on the home page ,on behalf of the net new hope ... ... Although my home is in the seniors list expired under circumstances to squeeze up .
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