absolutely do not worry .M ō chin

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultThe 1179th chapter Akara appointments early in the morning ,the two sh ì NVlets a person cannot stop .
This does not, a little, just empty sauce grilled the bowl back to the kitchen ,a look back, the two men fight on .I cool poured a cup of tea ,with quiet eyes ,silently observing this mate between battles .
Just look at fiercely as a tiger does the U.S. imperialism ,ready to make a war ,became the first country, oink .Watching the fighting intensified, my heart out y ī Nand sneer .The only regret is ,the beautiful emperor ,there seems to be little perishing before victory mean ,foot limping ,in the coming of war ,had first hit ,the cure can not .
Poor R ǔ! N ǎ I cattle! Oh oh oh ,seems to develop into a personal attack ,but Linya and Sarah did not come back ,otherwise ,just step m é nexport them, hear the two taboo words, I and tears ran away .
I was wiping the sweat, discovered suddenly ,this home ,really is a species of the genus x ì ngDacheng, whether Vilas faithful dog x ì ng orXi ǎ ojasmine ,three genus x ì ngor ,Sarah R ǔ xìLolitapoverty can be ng, Linya giant R ǔ thegenus x ì ngor NV child ,sister Salena king is x ì ng orNV ,or Xi ǎ ophantom understand evil belongs to X ì ng,etc.
, in the outside seem rare .Live now is really good, I do not know why ,suddenly the feeling heart . Where the elders ,not good ,where the elders !! After a cup of hot tea to drink ,while I am comfortable squinted ,outside the sudden rapid footsteps ,disturb the peace ( ?) .
How ?Don guess ,must be Akara sent soldiers ,who is it this time comes, silver m á om á Oking or iron king ?Three Princess and Huang Duanzi sh ì NV,this time to be immediately shut up ,it is determined to be in front of others with a good sh ì NV looks like,to save C à oused to deal with the enemy and me .
What ?Covered with confusion. A m é n,and in the face of ben to soldier on ,I frowned asked . Not good ,where the elders . The soldier was slightly out of a few export ,immediately fire eyebrow m á olike shouting .
Akara elders of her ... ... The old fox how, hibernate in the winter ? Akara elders she tired out !! Oh ,tired ah ... ... It really is ... ... I yawned ,took a few seconds ,it shares triggered strong shocking news ,only from the ear to the brain ,let his body into a chemical energy .
The two of you ,at home and have a good housekeeping UGG Tassel. Put the cloak on ,I look back ,with a straight face Xi ǎ ojasmine and clean L ù cardsaid, to be turned ,has turned the wolf ,shadow disappear in situ .
After a while ,landed on the Xi ǎ o FENOMm én,in both the soldiers salute ,I hurried off to bill m é n,found a lot of people have stood .Kaine ,the old drunkard ,old man Fala ,is certainly not run away ,besides ,they are Lena and Linya two .
Akara lay in the inner Chu á ngs èpaleface ,such as paper ,Kaine sat on the sidelines ,show her face s è .No time to surprise Kaine had j ī ngy à odivision of surgery, I came to Linya side ,gently holding her Xi ǎ ohand gently asked ,in her ears .
Linya ,how is this going ? Brother Wu ,you come ! For a moment ,Linya L ù surpriseGod s è ,seemed to find backbone ,your body by up .The surprise s è ,soon replaced by worries ,Linya shook his head .
I have just received a message ,than brother Wu already not it ,is not clear, however ,seems to be Akara overwork . Is this . Listen to the Linya this said ,I Xi ǎ oxiǎorelieved ,just tired transition words, nothing ,and have a good rest on the line ,I thought it was nothing serious North Face Mens Vest.
A few days ago ,I advise Akara will have a good rest, cannot turn down ,did not think she didn hear me in, see now, I suspect ,is from the transmitting station opened so far ,have not have a good rest .
This guy ,also do not have a look their age ,thought she is arturia ?To be able to fight ten days ten nights . Brother Wu ,rest assured ,should not be a big problem . See my brow furrowed ceaselessly ,Linya thought I was worried ,not by the will of another gentle Xi ǎ o handmove it over ,let me be hands clenched .
Having said that, however ... ... I L ù givesa wry smile, the word has not said ,Kaine came to several whoosh, has attracted all the attention . ,Akara nothing, just a little tired ,let her have a good rest on the line .
As we had expected ,Kaine returned to the US ,l ùareassuring smile .Confirmed later ,house a reassuring breathy voice ,even the old drunkard and old Fala h ún daysthis devil ,between the forehead are relaxed a lot .
I In this time ... ... Give you trouble ,really ... ... Old people ... ... Chu á nglying on the Akara ,slowly turn the head to the side ,the smiling face is not the usual kind, but with a strong weak .
Akara teacher ,you should have a good rest . And Cara established a strong teacher-student ties, Lena ,sat in Chu á ng,Alcala tightly holding withered hand ,never usually calm ,eyes roll tears .
Sorry ,Lena . Akara tough out another hand ,m ō Lenahead ,look ,as if is the two one kind . The teacher you rest assured it, the remaining things ,Ji ā o to uson the line . Know your own teacher, in the }} books worried about something ,Lena pupil with a condensate ,with firm incomparable w ě n,solemnly said .
Don ,it is not . He smiled faintly ,Akara eyes ,in our body to a circle, l ù thepleading eyes . I can be the next God day ,entrusted to you ? Don They speak with .Very nice.
Alcala pleased to laugh . Akara ,there are words or hurry say ,you have to have a good rest . Aside Kaine whispered advised . Lena ,is not only a new side, the rogue encampment burdens ,Ji āo to youand Kaine .
Chaukain nodded North Face Massif Sale,Akara gaze upon Lena, two dry hand ,heavy in her hand grip . Ji ā oto me ,although no way to do as well as the teacher is good, but I will do what I can . Lena give a pleasant smile of a woman ,clear sound in L ù strongself-confidence .
Well ,well . Akara nodded ,his eyes fell upon Linya . Rest assured ,Akara n ǎ inǎ I,I am here to assist Lena ,until you are fully recovered . Seems to know what Alcala meant ,unequal ,talk to each other ,Linya he tapped Xi ō ngbore guarantee .
Have you two ,together with Kaine ,I will relax . Akara nods ,l ù areassuring smile have qualified successors .Then ,a pair of white eyes ,and stare at my place .Hey ,I was blind ,just give me good blind angle s èah,you are a dog ?A secretly sad at heart ,I was grinning ,Chong Akara L ù out with abig smile .
Rest assured ,Akara n ǎ inǎ I,I will do my job . Well ,so m é NGHú npast it, and then to divert attention ,good for me to go to press is now f é Ioil stream, can be readily changed the old ghosts and old man Fala labor .
Dear miss . Akara and me, also with a big old smile .Her smile ,I knew they were in trouble . The last few days ,I God day ,may lack some hands . Missing ... ... The lack of what the men? My voice faltered ,like waiting for the teacher posted the final result of the first moment .
Yes ,what lack of hands ?This would have to wait until the actual problem when, can know . Is ... ... What do you mean ? I have some m é ng,knowing that I was not so, wouldn change a bit simple question ?As a kind of kindergarten teacher ,not one plus one equals the number of such direct obscure question ,but smiled and asked the teacher to give you an apple ,and then give you a hand ,you now how many apples so considerate problem .
At that time ,I found myself for mathematics emperor potential ... ... By the way ,way out ,to make a long story short ,I hope I can get the most simple answers . So ,Wu ,I Ji ā o give you amission .
Look at my head continue to emerge question appearance, Akara laugh especially crafty .Come to !!I am a straight ,just like back to the opponent to make a move western cowboy ,forehead started out sweat .
You think fit . Akara said .Ah. Is not only I ,seem to be besides Kaine, all the other people ,are to Akara this stupid question ,l ù outtrapped Hu ò expressions. The lack of manpower ,go not? Wu ,this task is Ji ā oto you .
I was suddenly .This task is difficult, easy ,easy ,simple point that is not similar ,scouts work ?I ,the Druid nose ,but more sensitive than a dog . No problem ,Akara n ǎ inǎ I,this task is Ji ā oto me ,ensure you pull a group of outstanding labor .
In order to prove their self-confidence ,I put the Xi ō nggun to shoot the green ring .At the same time UGG Women's Cayha,mind over many cooly shadow .Vilas they will definitely is not ,we are not the kind of people to appoint people by favouritism ,uh huh .
Then ,for example ,several family representative ,Beja, TIA ,Mu Shorty ,this two person if can advise y ò usuccessful, it means that they left behind a large group of people ,can be used as free labour ,and fox Terran ,in addition to Xi ǎ ofox outside .
Others ,such as Kentucky Xi ǎ oteam and humbug Xi ǎ oteam ,LAL the cops ,Fei Ni ,Fei Ni fans ,when necessary, arturia can as powerful characters on stage ,even if that ,okay ,Xi ǎ osnow they are together .
To make a long story short ,absolutely do not worry .M ō chin,my unconscious from hey laugh, feel suddenly there was little Akara capitalist style . Dear Miss ,you seem to have misunderstood me .
See my smile y ī n risks,Akara seems to guess what ,shaking . What I be startled at . Indeed, the task is to find the Ji ā ogive you yes ,but ... ... When it comes to half ,Akara smile squint eyes ,I can feel her behind a fox in swaying ? However ,I intend to be appointed task ,also be Ji ā o to you.
Yes, I am. Excuse my IQ is too low ,the ... UGG Australia Neumel... A little bit didn . That is to say ,what do you think of the right word ,appointed him on the line . Ah. I foolishly gave an exclamation of surprise ,brains is not turn .
Akara n ǎ inǎ I,are you kidding . No, I am very serious . Akara now God s ètold me,she is not with me . It can be ?I am the appointment of a person, do union Presbyterian is also OK ?!! I tried to get heavier tone ,Akara know it x ì ng,she must be the excessive fatigue ,his mind was tired out, would make such a decision .
If the power of appointment ,Ji ā o to Lenaor Kaine ,I can understand ,but actually Ji ā o to me... ... But I within three days, I can breath to the League to increase the one hundred elders .
Yes ,if you think the other appropriate words . Akara ,must be tried out M á oill ,also not understand ,compared to the body, feeling her brain exercise is thousands of times ,layout ,occasionally such comments ,but also behoove of .
So ,my wise to skip Akara ,look upon Kaine, hoped he would say something .However ,Kaine smiled and nodded with me ,a pair of you must look .Grandpa Kaine ,do you mind also burned ?Don ,this world, there are two kinds of people ,one is able to or through the efforts can do a task person ,one is the only change the mind may probably can perform a task .
I am desperate eyes closed ,feeling alliance to be finished . In addition . At this time, Akara has spoken again . In addition to appointments outside ,if you think who are not suitable ,he can also be transferred .
Is this word, let my mind a flash of light, the more strongly than the heart of despair ,a unit named revenge feelings ,occupy the mind . Akara n ǎ inǎ I,I have a question to ask .
Instead of just ,like ,I J ī ng Godcheer up ,pointing to wine and old Fala behind ghost . Excuse me, Akara n ǎ inǎ I,if I find two guys are not suitable position now ,want to God day will they were transferred to the logging camps to cut trees ,no problem ? Wu Xi ǎ o,you -- !! H ú negg ,unexpectedly betraying masters and progenitor !! For a moment ,after the two fart is an evil member of the herd ,to understand what I mean, I was watching a look ,immediately within the s è Listill cried .
Unfortunately ,Akara did not intend for the two way ,l ù likemu ch ū n windand smile ,she nodded .Certainly madam. Hey ~ ~ ~ hey hey hey hey the dust settles ,behind two people shivering in the eyes, I from the mouth out a series of evil laughter ,as unit-01 as staggered back ,head substantially crooked, eyes and mouth month distorted into a deep curve ,l íadevil smile .
The time is up, my dear Kashya teacher ,Lord Fala .Those who took all the old and recent grudges ,now a square . Wu Xi ǎ o,you cannot return kindness with ingratitude evil for good ,a good recall ,we together in the training ground asperse the sweat below ,scarred lying on the ground ,facing the sun L ù theindomitable smile ,next time I will beat you ,next time I win, these things ,is it all have forgotten ?Are we not partners ?Is the most intimate companion !! Ghost to recall companions were demons erosion soul ,shouted .
Yeah yeah ,my dear miss Vera ,don forget the wire ?She dear wife ,I ,is her teacher !! Fala played the family card . Cough -- !! I just want to say something, Chu á ng uploadto Akara a violent cough .
Is there anything ,spit it out ,and have a good rest . Kaine stared at old ghosts and Fala old man eye ,to Akara given a warm water . . Slow water to drink ,Akara gaze continues in me around ,even a pale face s è ,also cannot stop her l ù oldcunning as a fox .
Not and Kashya and Fala ,even Lena ,Linya ,and Kaine ,if you think someone is not done well ,can also be removed ,what do you think? Gee ... ... Why why ? Lena and Linya eagerly looked at me ,as if to say ,brother Wu ( brother ) ,you really do that ?Do you really think I so useless ? how ,why do I have to do this kind of thing can ?! In Linya and Lena eyes ,my tears .
Just so, if you think I the elders do not, can also be removed ,how? Akara suddenly threw a bomb . Akara n ǎ inǎ I,you are kidding me . Now I finally determined, the head of the fox is boring ,want to get happy .
What is going on ?Ah ,no ,the remaining things ,to discuss your own to do, what do not understand can ask Kaine ,of course ,me also, this once free ,is uncomfortable . So saying ,Akara has closed eyes ,apparently in off the premises .
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