Tang Xiaotian was a little disappointed."

December 26 [Wed], 2012, 12:39
The young man had just put out the mobile phone.Tang Xiaotian a slap in the face to brandish circle on the fan in the past.A loud.Big hand drawn in each other's face, son.His opponent in the hands of the mobile phone is also a fan fell to the ground.The youth of a cover your face.Tang Xiaotian jumped up is a kick.Side kick went over the ground.Then pointing to those youngsters said: "I call Tang Xiaotian.In front of me.Newspaper whose name is not so that."Four youths to stay here.Into the car.Cars swiftly ran..Parking is not far away.Parked in a white s è the Land Rover range rover.Ye Shaofeng is sitting in the driving position.The co-pilot sat close Lin.Wanted to help Guan Changlin to rise.Both of them are not light.Get a brother.Soup small day Changlin thought of first person.Perhaps the only one person.Just in the parking lot of the scene.All were Ye Shaofeng and Guan Changlin looks in the eye.Guan Changlin proudly said with a smile: "Feng brother.How 's it going.The boy was mixed with me.My good brother.We take him."Although Ye Shaofeng Tang Xiaotian is not too happy about this.Is mainly because of the small temper.And.So crazy.With this kind of people.Go out to fight can.But.If you give him something important.I'm afraid not.Ye Shaofeng doesn't like this be more brave than wise.However.It was their use of the occasion...To have such a crazy person to fill the facade.It can't.Ye Shaofeng's subtle nod.Said: "."Guan Changlin got out of the car.Ye Shaofeng also followed him off.They walk toward the soup small days.Guan Changlin is now being hung hing society after extreme.This piece.Just in Hongxing agency site near.Guan Lin afraid of this generation have Hung Hing agency.So.Still wearing sweaters.And.Take the sweater hat in the head.Low head.Flex neck.Go forward.The first time to update the look.Feel like a thief.To Tang Xiaotian.Commissioner Lin Meng took him on the shoulder.Soup. A jump over just to scold.But immediately recognize it as his own brother.Just want to shout brother Lin.Immediately Guan Changlin was an eye s è to hold back.Guan Changlin said: "the kid.Come to talk."Tang Xiaotian with Guan Changlin and Ye Shaofeng on the White s è's land rover.Tang Xiaotian excitedly said: "Lin brother..Can go to.Now you have to rise.This car is really nice.Where did you get.Yes.Heard about the J ī ng Hung Hing society was filled with looking for you.On the road a lot of people say that.You have to run.Some say you're dead.Never thought.Here you can see."Tang Xiaotian is the son of a chatter Jimmy Choo Starlit Discount.Mouth a piece.On the go go's talking.Ye Shaofeng listen to a little upset.It is the close Lin the north face.A little tired Canada Goose Men's Banff.To stop his brother a said together.The first update then there are wild a. S ā o.Talked for about ten minutes.It is not said.Turn off Changlin.Guan Changlin is the first thing to put Ye Shaofeng to accept him."The little jesus.This is the brother of maple.Before.Force brother in time.Often we mentioned that H province with mafia Godfather maple brother.This car.Is his.He was ready to help us.""Is it.Your brother is maple.My match.Great.Finally get to meet you.I worship you maple brother."Tang Xiaotian excitedly.Then reach to.Shaking hands with Ye Shaofeng.Tang Xiaotian sat in the back row.Ye Shaofeng is sitting in the driving position.So.Ye Shaofeng takes half back.Sideways and shake his hand.Action a bit twisted.But still managed to hold onto."Feng brother.The previous force brother in time.Old heard him speak of you.Now the brother where force.In the East.Or has returned to the North.""Back to the North."Ye Shaofeng light said.Oh.Thought he would come back and let's fight."Tang Xiaotian was a little disappointed."There is now Maple brother to help us.Isn't it better.Yes.Small days.I am ready to stage a comeback.Would you like to join us."Guan Changlin said.Stage a comeback.Is it right? Dragon to come to our DG city.I certainly want to follow you do together.Maple brother.This time you have the number people."Tang Xiaotian was excited and said."Only my own.Not long into the DG city.I want to.Dragon in recent years.
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