His red face, begged

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Fortunately, not far from the house, Yu Dafu took a change of clothes to wash bath, a bath, before returning to his room. When Wang Yingxia had his good cook ginger, urging him to drink. He was suddenly warm. He sat on the edge of the bed, some feel shy and glanced at Wang Yingxia. Look at his appearance, Wang Yingxia is not a way: "you have never seen such a stupid!"
He Han Han smile: "love is a fool."
"And stubborn, and be lost to all sense of shame!" Wang Yingxia a handstamp his forehead.
"Don't speak so bluntly, this is called keep on carving! Besides, I want to die of shame, how beautiful and noble lady Wang Yingxia to climb?" He XIXI.Dior CAL44551 M818 Mist-coloured leather Lady Dior Bag
"Don't listen to! You know that I adore you, not your charm......" She pursed her lips.
He grabbed her hand, stroking jenice: ", you see, when we have much good, sweet! We don't torture each other, OK? Such a pain, I really can't stand, what do you say, can say, even you don't love me, or really don't love me, also can say without mincing words to say, I'm not really rely on you, put my happiness on your pain. I am eager to have mutual affinity, mutual."
"In fact, your diary that I blame scold me, keep calm to think, how can understand, I don't mind...... Can I see more than that." She faint.
"What do you see?"
"The thing is, you didn't seem to want to do, or haven't made up my mind to do, your pain, contradiction, care...... I don't know, you really put me in what position? In your life, there is no place for me?"
"I know, this is your heart...... Ying Xia, you in my mind, is supreme! However, you do not own and she put together, to compare, okay? You are not the same...... She is my wife, she is my family, for my raising children, my pain, contradiction and worry, be considerate...... Moreover, she quickly labor, at present it, for she is too cruel, she is a poor man......"
She gently nod: "I know, I always feel guilty, I can't force you to the wives of other children...... But, how do I do? To me, still want her, you always have a decision."
He said: "think Ying Xia, ship directly to the natural bridge, don't worry, give me some time? This matter does not solve, after three years I die for you! Before this thing, I told you not to make excessive demands, okay?"
She nodded: "well."
"You can sit next to me will be?" His red face, begged.
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She sat down on the bed, beside him, but does not bow to the phrase. He watched her face each other through the black hair, her temples, he saw her white face with glowing. He seemed to receive a signal, the heart suddenly jump at. He held out his hand, gently put his arm around her waist, her head slowly to his shoulder. He gasped, she will be more embrace more tight, and she hugged him.
They cuddled fell on the bed. He was hot, like burning. Her warm breath as if is a kind of combustion supporting agent, make his desire of the fire burn more prosperous! He wriggled the body, eyes closed. His face because of the impulse and showing a painful expression. Slowly, all desires are concentrated in his right hand, so its stiff like a bar, then it twitched, it was changed into a snake. The snake spit greedy nobuko, shamelessly in her skirt, with her warm belly, climbed to a beautiful place...... But it soon met block. She is away from clothes and hold out his hand. She said softly: "you, can not do anything else, but can...... Kiss."
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