Chen aquatint sat in the car

January 18 [Fri], 2013, 16:22
The President did not let Chen aquatint reaction time, after which the decision issued necessary Chen aquatint leave. Chen aquatint did not think he immediately salute to leave out. Etc. out, he did not even head is full of other things regardless of the punishment handed down decisions just thinking about Chairman. Been pleasantly surprised to see the small summer when facing their own greeting, Chen aquatint was sober. Small summer I thought this to be a major event, own directorate also caught them this huge non-ability to get out is unknown! Chen the aquatint enter into the Chairman's den, a small summer has been worried about now is not able to see Chen aquatint nothing like out of this too he was pleasantly surprised, accident. Directorate. "Chen aquatint looked at the small summer salute a look of surprise shouting when facing their own aquatint Chen smiled and waved his hand and said:" go, go back. "" Yes! "The small summer Wensheng immediately open the door to Chen aquatint, while the rest of the guards as early on the found Chen aquatint figure, they immediately enter a state of alert. Before car guards immediately drill into the car to launch responsible for open and then a car several guards in charge of the warning and did not immediately enter the car, any place for them can not relax, even if it is the same in Zhongnanhai Since the moment served as Chen aquatint bodyguards, they received orders must be sealed any angle of the shot and killed the head of the body. The General Staff guards and even the Central Guard Bureau has formed a new training system, not your fighting ability or you a strong will be able to serve as the central directorate guards, but according to a post screening! For example proficient shooting guard vacancy then only pick from sharpshooter. This is Chen aquatint had served as Deputy Chief when issued formulate rules and regulations, many of the same formulation is based on informed Chen aquatint past life in American selection considering, while allowing a lot of General Staff security forces soldiers see hope, each central leadership The human guards perform their duties, there is selection covers many aspects, but also to the desire of the training in the inferior quality of the soldiers have loaded some fighting. Chen aquatint see more American bomb experts, computer experts warning layout experts, and so these officers in the past life lies in their own wisdom, soldiers dinner with brain developed limbs soldiers of different brain does not comply with the Central Guard conditions. Home, aquatint to get out of the car, he returned home to see the amount of Lina mother and three are in the living room waiting for him, come see Chen aquatint finally relieve a lot of the amount Lina dignified look. Chen aquatint one to see it to understand the amount of Lina also know what happened today, he smiled and said: "Do not worry, all right! I'm not back? Amount Lina did not say what but nodded and said:" nothing to nothing like! "New Year after a peaceful year storm did not occur to most people think of this for some careerist disappointed at the same time, also let a lot of people like Chen aquatint such comrades sigh of relief. New Year, Chen the aquatint still to a lot of the old leadership of New Year, also received the same number of men New Year! Really busy a lot! Of course, the New Year Chen aquatint received a the seven family secret letter, the letter which are reporting their progress. Xiao Hua procurement progress report also phone! Sun Jiaqi person to Chen aquatint home visits that day sabbatical last day, tomorrow is the official work day. Sun Jiaqi come in my study, a detailed report on the progress of the foreign intelligence officers, especially on the core technology and the progress of the domestic shortage of equipment. Chen aquatint listened to reports, he was feeling very depressed, very unfavorable progress. Sun Jiaqi words: Directorate, can only take the smuggling of a road, and must rely on the submarine force if the lack of naval support,Canada Goose Womens Constable Parka Sale, I am afraid that this short-term in order to get these heavy equipment is probably unrealistic! "Chen aquatint Chen Sheng said:" The thing I will give call of the North Sea Fleet, to give you an answer! "Then Chen aquatint pondering for a moment and said:" If held hostage by those technology owners, how much the success rate? "Sun Jiaqi surprised a moment, but then figured up full for several minutes, Sun Jiaqi not sure and said: "little but is not without hope, the key is to require the Navy with the! need submarines! midway supplies! the submarines must midway refueling aquatint Chen waved his hand and said:" submarine side of things not consider the land is what you need to consider, you have a few into the grasp? "Sun Jiaqi smile and said:" I never did, but my idea of ​​no more than three percent! "Chen the aquatint bit disappointed in silence stealth agents in Europe and the United States to carry out the action of this less than 30% chance of success,Womens Canada Goose Palliser Coats, it is not worth the candle! Success of all to say, in case of failure, I am afraid that many staff mutiny eventually! That is a huge blow to the time Sun Jiaqi first to accept the punishment! He could not escape the blame. Sun Jiaqi leave out, Chen aquatint eventually gave up the kidnapped hostage this program! Can only wait for the opportunity! Now the country's three shipyards has formed a task group! They will research! With adequate funding, they do things together with power! The members of the group of external interference factors all put an end to their families to take care of all place! This is Chen the aquatint under death order! Chen aquatint annoyed some of the signs of domestic now appear, some of these scientists, the family members of the technical staff to get national attention and have dissatisfaction, said that since the fair treatment why not? What they can not do anything there rice to eat, why their family? Such comparisons, jealousy situation has happened many times, Chen the aquatint also know no matter issued a death order, so he handed over all the Lands and the Ministry of processing! Let them good at doing ideological work doing the work! Unearned lazy thinking has emerged signs! Chen aquatint often thought about this, he would not expect a big pot of this history is also very famous term. Chen aquatint total feeling to have something big happens, he began to recall his past life in those historical events, and how he did not think of what will happen this time! Great Leap Forward, exaggerating probably will not happen! Is there would be no other trend it? Safely into March, the National People's Congress has not proceeded to the election, but the military mobilization began. Chen aquatint just walked into the office, his office early in the morning to the office! Some funds reported yesterday he intended to apply to the processing! The must now funding Chen aquatint signatures, or simply unable penny. Chen fly ash has been working for more than two hours, to seeing soon end when the phone rings. Aquatint Chen picked up the phone, then his face changes, just hang up, the phone rang! He then picked up the mood to pick up, then they face a change, again and again, until the beginning of the lunch break, Chen aquatint still pass the telephone. 12:00 just struck, Chen fly ash out of the office to bring small summer hurry to go out, he directly went to see the Prime Minister. In the car, the the small summer see Chen aquatint face very ugly Directorate occurred what's going on? "The Chen Aquatint the hearts ditan out, his mouth whispered:" You do not control, to the Prime Minister that he asked: tell me. "! Directorate!" Summer replied. He also understands there must be something big happens, then so many phones, and immediately rushed to the Prime Minister, this is not a major event, or what's going on? The Prime Minister met with Chen aquatint, said: "Prime Minister of the Central Military Commission to mobilize Why I do not know? I am also one of the Central Military Commission, the Standing Committee of fly ash Chen walked to just sit down after" The prime minister is serious and replied: "not enough time to inform you wanted the afternoon when 'll let you know, since you already know,Canada Goose Mens D Alpago, so now I said you speak. "Then the Prime Minister said:" The Central Military Commission to mobilize by the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau, I know this is quite unexpected, but still must to obey, you is not it? Comrade Chen aquatint, "Chen aquatint or can not be reconciled, said:" Yes, Prime Minister, but millet into comrades served as chief of the general staff during the period did not make mistakes, ah, how to let him go when the armored College President? there Nie total, Nie total was transferred to serve as the overall responsibility for technology research and development, which also is wrong with it, Mr. Liu was transferred to Nanjing and served as principal, it's not.... "Prime Minister export interrupted and said:" This is the central through is a command! Comrade Chen aquatint reservations, but must obey the President agrees. "Chen aquatint speechless, no amount of reason would not come! See the aquatint Chen silence, the Prime Minister went on to say: "now established an Aviation Committee, the Nie total served as Director, National Defense Nie total is also the director of the! Do not think that the job is not important, defense and even the core technology R & D success must be seen Nie the total work this is not central to his value it? Does Nie total as frontline command is the emphasis? mention Nie total now what duties fit? "Chen aquatint no reason! Five Vice-Chairman, once removed two, left three, and finally built up the before critical Chen aquatint results almost futile trip! Prime Minister, Peng, three vice-chairmen of the total forest, one is not their relations to be good people, the Prime Minister has always been neutral, the other two do not say! The Prime Minister said: "Romanian CEOs body has been bad, the central authorities have decided to let good recovery cultivation of good body! Luo overall physical condition you do not know this? Reached a degree of governance can not be! Luo CEOs Chen generals Tan forest these comrades, they are physically out wrong! same order they are responsible! Could see they are lying on the job? "Chen the aquatint more speechless, this fact can not be denied! Chan aquatint bowed his head slumped fell silent, their own in the end not a diplomatic origin, said defense skill how opponents of Prime Minister? Prime Minister busy, to send Chen aquatint out when, the Prime Minister said: "Do you understand why so? Do not say your own good work, strive to make achievements out of the Navy." Chen aquatint sat in the car in return the road, aquatint how do not know the problems described in this series to mobilize behind, This mobilize basically all these bigwigs to deprive the latter, a! Simply no opportunity to come into contact with the troops! Belong to pension post, Nie total is fairly good, but also have the opportunity to come! Chen aquatint murmured: "But who will take over their jobs?"
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