was laughing face also becomes heavy

March 18 [Mon], 2013, 16:04
Join the bookshelf | recommended book pages | returned vertex -> urban love novels; -> modern martial god record volume fourth initial Wenlong group of 203rd chapters on the Tibet military page returns the directory page "I mean how your heart ready?After all, this is the first time you perform a task, but also to undertake such an important task!"Qin Xuan looked embarrassed, Chen Hao had to smile to explain."Ha ha, Chen brother you rest assured, I'm not so fragile you want!"Qin Xuan suddenly, then indifferent smile."That's good, Xiaoxuan, although you fighting skill is very high, but in the action also have to be careful, pay attention to protect themselves!"Chen Hao some heavy road.Qin Xuan nods, way: "eldest brother Chen, I know!"Deep concern in Chen Hao's voice, Qin Xuan can certainly understand, perhaps this is the feeling between comrades!In the military airplane to sit for six hours, that is to the two in the afternoon, Qin Xuan et al. Finally the army machine go down.Then Qin Xuan sat on the specialized to meet their military vehicles, to a more remote location x ī Z à ng military sailed past.This is one is located at x ī Z à ng military finally, some weed out of place, a row of dormitory stands in the middle, not far away is a training field, I do not know why, it was abandoned!Qin Xuan got out of the car, looked at the front of a desolate, can not help some absence, he did not expect his first will be the kind of place."How the Qin Xuan,?We quickly past!"Chen Hao walk to Qin Xuan side, took one look at him, then the voice urged.",Kobe Dream Season IV;Eldest brother Chen, here is so desolate ah, here is not the military?"Qin Xuannai not curiosity, or the last voice asked."Oh, here is the old training ground before, finally built a new training ground, where natural abandoned, but just this task, we need to cover,Jordans RCVR, so it is suitable to live here."Qin Xuan listened to the words of Chen Hao, nodded, and then follow to the dormitory go past.Haven't near, Qin Xuan hears the dormitory room spreads a burst of laughter sound, do not imagine, Qin Xuan knows there is very lively.Chen Hao a step ahead, went to the door, went straight to open the door, Qin Xuan looked up, they saw a crowd of people huddled together, in all around inside often spreads fisticuffs voice.As is the ancient warrior, so the perception are very keen, Qin Xuan and others in came in, the huddled together and quickly turned to."Old Chen, your this person in charge when not good ah, we have been here for a very long time, but you have now arrived, but I am going to play you report to the group leader!"The speaker was a man of strong will have great physical strength and courage, big eyes, wearing a blouse, muscle staggered clear, Qin Xuan just saw one eye, then know that hidden in the muscle of how explosive x ì ng power!"Oh, you go to dozen small report it, anyway, I'm not afraid!And this time I was commander in chief, don't blame me for your shoes to wear!"Chen Hao quickly went up, hearty laugh.Two people each hammer blow, and burst into laughter.It seems the relationship between two people is very good!Then Zhongli Mo also walked to come over, see Qin Xuan, waved at him, and then to Chen Hao said: "old Chen, we're here now, you say your plan with us, after all, from the data, but also many other than our master, though we had Qin Xuan, but also cannot let down!"Chen Hao nodded, was laughing face also becomes heavy, but see Qin Xuan came, he was first introduced a way: "Qin Xuan, I introduce to you, this is the dragon group four Group Captain Liu Qingyun, old Liu, he is the Qin xuan!"Qin Xuan immediately smiled: "Liu captain, I hope a lot of attention!""Oh, Harry guy said you so badly, I should be take care of me is!"Liu Qingyun happy smile, smile and stretched out his hand.Qin Xuan smiled, and shake hand with each other, but in the other hand out, but suddenly increase strength, Qin Xuan's hand not from, glancing at Liu Qingyun,Nike Jordan Son Of Mars, Qin Xuan smiled and then also increased their strength.
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