immediately looked Tongxuan Road quirky

January 29 [Tue], 2013, 15:00
"Big Brother Tianbai, this wine What is the name ah?" Wearing Lil sweet voice sounded in the small courtyard. To wearing Lil's voice faded, and the next second, Dai Zong and Dai Lil 'feel the air around, very strange, as if what some stagnate otherwise pleasant temperature also like the sun is shining into the freezing point . The float the death of a trance gas in Zhang Tianbai the body, Cheung Tin-white complexion moment, turn pale brow with a hide that can not be sad. "Amount, I'm sorry, ah, the day white brother, it seems I said something wrong ..." wearing some guilt Lill up aware of their own have asked seems to mention of the Zhang Tianbai sad thing, and apologized for it. Cheung Tin-white smile, waved his hand, motioning own right, "Oh, anyway, this wine ... There was a name called the Hundred Flowers Yuye now .... called Love War ...." The world has not Dreamcoat door, square Ruoshui this wine, do not have to rebid flowers Yuye "Love War and Love War! World what love is, direct teaching of life and death apart. The wine is still, the beauty was gone. Love War, drink in the mouth, the love in our hearts, but just filled with bitterness. Although it is a smile, but the day White's voice has become hoarse bitter and whispers remarks, looking upward, drank a cup of wine. Originally a cup of wine, an inlet, and has become a source of bitter, bitter taste of the throat straight reach heart. Perhaps, this world, only to let him Duwusiren the, is the wine. Strike, you can not go at that! Not to think about! Can not think! Not dare! Did not have the strength to take revenge, Zhang Tianbai not not dare to think about the painful memories only deep in my heart. One time, quietly appreciate the deep sorrow TV drama. "Alas, the original day Baixiong also has many stories of people!" Ah, I see a days like white brother, only to feel my heart hurts .... "Dai brother and sister have been quietly out of a day white where small yard, they whispered conversation,Canada Goose Mountaineer Outlet. The brother and sister duo gradually gone, a time silent again. The day white but this time is himself quietly sitting on a stone bench, slowly mouthful drinking "Love War". The time unknowingly passing away, slowly, the moon emerged in the horizon, the sparse few stars appear in the sky above. Is Naqijiubei to Daoqu mouth, but it is found that the wine has gone. "Alas!" Sighed loudly Zhang Tianbai, a wave, stone table, things will be gone gone. Got up and walked back to the room, tray sitting on the couch, Zhang Tianbai slowly closed his eyes. Night water, the breeze gently moved through the House of switchgrass, several more insects came to the silence of the night brought the slightest angry. Shua ... a silhouette unexpected appearance in outside Zhang Tianbai live in a small courtyard, not far away is wearing home patrol guards, but like did not see the emergence of this person in general. "Should be here ...." looked for a while courtyard, the man whispered muttering of a silhouette flashed, but has disappeared. Where friends late at night to this? "Room to sit cross-legged Zhang Tianbai, opened his eyes, the two murderous flashed. Late night sneaky came to exploration, Could unpaired or to make friends? Kowloon the disk-day India in the pubic region within a shudder, waved his hand, the door of the room open unexpected. I heard the buzz Kowloon disk-day India days of white spray gas field with a burst of heavy and filled with murderous locked in a corner of the courtyard of the India attack range of the Kowloon disk days, blow down, I'm afraid secretly hidden even repair, so close to the ground strike, surely will not be easy. Man hidden in the dark, but it also Kowloon disk breath day India stunned some dismay. The reason did not use the sword of the law, because the power is too great, not to find out the intention of the bearer of the second is wanted Zhang days white also need to keep these cards go. "Friends of the Road, Do not hands-on, old man like this to never malicious also Daoyou appeared saw." Would have wanted to touch the the Zhang Tianbai foundation of Tong Xuan Road,Canada Goose Mystique Parka Cheap, did not expect the bottom without even the owner discovered and just breath, I'm afraid, at least mysterious magic weapon to issue more than the do not want to bite the bullet and then look at the skill repair for seemingly little difference between him as a the Immortal Infant the odd, Tongxuan Taoist can Zhang Tianbai blow. Showing some awkward figure, appeared in the white of the eyes of Zhang days. "Oh? Daoyou no malice? Then why disturb the middle of the night to come to the place where I live?" Zhang Tianbai saw this seasoned generous stature, thought, Kowloon disk day Indian micro-Ming loudly, slowly narrowed up . Circling to fly back a day white hands, after the opening day white touch asked. "This ... Naturally, I am the Road No. Tongxuan son, do not know how to call Daoyou?" This seasoned his face flush, but if not then, but polite facing days White punched Jishou. "So Tongxuan real the next Zhang Tianbai, Tong Xuan Daoyou has not explained what he wanted it?" Yuan Ying period above will be able to claim to be a real person, like Zhang Tianbai and mysterious emperor, inherited the heritage of the ancient Sword therefore also can claim to be sword monarch repair Once upon a reflection of the strong respected, there is no more strength Yuan Ying period, known as a real person will basically be laughed at, however of Yongzhou,air max sale uk, where the strength of the on Cultivation relatively too low, end Dan can be called a real person would not one of them. The touch Huileyiju Tianbai playing with Kowloon disk-day India, a some interesting looking Tongxuan the seasoned. "This ... Lietu said recently outside the rumors days the Baidao You intend to help wear home off the big summer country's royal family, replaced the old lady was helpless to come to negotiate with Daoyou twelve. The large the Xia Guohuang room with the old lady have quite deep roots, and therefore the old lady to want discourage Daoyou from twelve "see through Zhang Tianbai strength, Tongxuan real hunkered down slowly meaning that out. Or a word, respect for strength! If Zhang Tianbai only knot strength about Dan, the Yuan Ying the period Tongxuan Road., I'm afraid that is a shoot dead trouble, and this time it has not yet exploration Zhang repair Tianbai compete by Zhang released a day white magic forced to show the stature, Tong Xuan Road even longer consciously profound strength also unpredictable day of shades of white. "Oh? Next when said to destroy a great summer country's royal family?" Zhang Tianbai some wonder, no wonder, no wonder, own seclusion Dai has been a month, this seasoned but in unexpected appearance today, listen to what it says , it seems that outside the news that I want to destroy the big summer royal family, or spread to his ear from his disciples Ling virtual mouth? "Friends of the disciples did not know where to come here, and the next they with Daoyou confront some guys?" Day white figured this layer truth slowly of facing Tongxuan of Reality Road. Eyes immediately looked Tongxuan Road quirky, Yuan Ying monks will be to drive a wedge between meter provoke? The amount ... Naturally, I am the only one to come, but it is never together with his disciples. "Old blushed Tong Xuan, a real person, who at midnight sneaky exploration with a Tuoyou Ping it. "No harm, so be it, tomorrow I will and Dai brother and sister went to the palace to find channel-friendly good to talk about, but the hope Daoyou do not want is difficult Dai brothers and sisters to do." Although the tone is to discuss, but Zhang Tianbai look, the hands of the Kowloon disc days India is slowly rotated much promised would like to drop out Tongxuan real smile, then said so they by the Daoyou the mean, old lady say good-bye. "see Zhang days after the White nodded, Tong Xuan Road turned into and Palace a streamer ran away. But today he disgrace thrown into the home, apprentice provoke tentative Zhang Tianbai not tempted to come out of people's shades, he was people to expose the hiding place, persecuted appeared out hundreds of years the so embarrassing Tongxuan of seasoned at this time darting flushed toward the palace. He's not stupid, The Zhang Tianbai hear him to wear home want to win the imperial power away, rather odd looking, they think it is doing a good thing the disciples of their own that is not the spirit of the virtual heart simmer under a stomach anger, think: Ling Ling virtual ah true, if you had not lost so much as a teacher What? Well, hello fruit to eat ..... Tongxuan Road simmering the stomach Xiehuo go back and find Mr. Ling virtual afterwards put aside. Dai, Zhang Tianbai God consciousness sensitive to'm moving Tongxuan real, a snap of the fingers, two glaucoma fly out, ran the House Dai Dai of Lill and Dai Zong's residence, away. "Speed ​​to see me," "speed to see me" after the same two qingguang fly into the room of the two, instantly glaucoma comes up, and turned it into four characters. Wearing Lill and Dai Zong although not on Cultivation, but also the secular top weapons, not to mention these days taking the immortality the Zhang Tianbai gift, skill soared layer, repeat itself keen spiritual sense, glaucoma entered the room two will wake up after of see qingguang Words, know that fear is something big happens, put on clothes and hurried toward the courtyard the Zhang Tianbai where.
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