The white woman awakened

December 15 [Sat], 2012, 11:10

Two hundred and fiftieth nine chapters the misty cloud Luoxiu unprecedented crisis! Qin Dynasty did not think that he rescued Hu Lili, even so many things will happen. But he did not regret it, If you do not save under Hu Lili, then later, that they do not see this cute little girl. Her there is nothing wrong, and how even the Fox Spirit. Fox Spirit, you got to it? How fairies, goblins least very simple. Good is good, bad is bad. The many human than goblin terrible. They Ming face your smiling face behind it poke your knife. Say, the Qin Dynasty will not let Hu Lili died here. Moreover, he will not die here. Rainbow sword cut the Waning Crescent kill, whistling hit continue to work toward the Qin Dynasty. Jingang Zhang! Little spare capacity in the Qin Dynasty did not dare to stay hands with a golden light, at the same time took out. White sword, also was shot to fly out, then in the hands of the woman. Every step, her feet stuck in cement platform being trod one pit to. Obviously, she was this anti-injury capacity of the Qin Dynasty, shocked. The Qin Dynasty heart racing, if let her cast jianjue, and that he might really life can not be maintained. Only the most simple, such as rainbow sword, put herself to look so embarrassed. The palms of the jaws of death, some broken, faint still numb. Level gap is too big, it really is not a joke. And this woman is not Xuren Feng Shenyu that two new, she may cast into the sword given Army XI seventy-eight sword. The two profound swordsmanship cast out, the dead do not know how to die. Life insurance matters, also refused to take possession handedly. Suddenly, just spangle left hand, white jade strange terrible. Qin Dynasty Di loudly, taking advantage of each other is not enough time to pinch finished jianjue, on the launch of this palm. A white palm shadow suddenly fly out, whistling Heaven woman shot to the opposite. She almost subconsciously, the change jianjue golden of Jianying defense in front of their own. Jiuyou clutches of tyrannical incomparable. Unfortunately, now the Qin Dynasty cultivation is not high, and not be able to maximize this palm method. The main purpose of the attack is not the Qin Dynasty, he was simply time to delay. Then, from the battle,Men's Canada Goose Constable, an enormous jiu roll out, flowing in a platform above the ground. The Qin Dynasty heart a move. Sure enough, with a sacrifice,Women North Face Targhee Triclimate Cheap, this time summoned the jiu magic dog, is the real jiu summons! Turned out to be three giant dogs! Moreover, the power of this giant dog, than previous magic dogs do not know how many times stronger. This genuine and cottage, really large gap ah! Three dog's head, six Eye of greedy white woman staring at the opposite wait to she threw herself to the ground. The Qin Dynasty suddenly flashed a thought heard jiu hell biological, are naturally kinky. This will not, three Hound, also want the woman opposite to flew, and then on the right! His grandmother, jiu summon summoned, and she is not a good thing. No wonder, that they will be people lash Magic disciples. One hand, she the white sword suddenly fly out. Sub shadow sword! The three of vicious dog at the same time the open the Xuepentaikou, facing the air Jianying release their own strength. Three Kobold, respectively ejected black flame, white frost, blue lightning. Three belonging to the forces of nature, and the impact of those Jianying above, even the of those the sword impact of four flying, falling less than three magic dog's body. Beast, who does have a little more skill. flashed out, jump to the front of the three magic dogs. Over her hands, flashing a touch of white. This woman pinched forefinger and middle finger,UGG Mini Bailey Button Boots, and go toward the dog's body three magic points. Qin Dynasty, but today open the eyes, even given an insight into the seventh sword, military sword. The legend seventh sword, a watershed of swordsmanship Dingjun. Mastered the seventh sword, is to grasp the essence of the Dingjun swordsmanship, in order to continue to learn the next step of swordsmanship. After this gas heart sword practice, caster, like a sword, all-conquering. The three magic dog also aware of the crisis, but the helpless heaven Jianying still falling, and can not be distracted. At this time, the white woman's left hand thorn in its body, suddenly stabbed a bloody hole in. The other hand, Taking everything. Three magic dog's body, and cut out a long hole. No matter how tough, but the the lowest level Jiuyou biological. The seventh sword and Dingjun swordsmanship is simply a slag. Qin Dynasty brow a lock, and now only one way left. Strongest killer started. However, the Qin Dynasty immediately remembered the a problem very idea. Mother, own swallow three magic dogs will not also become three head. Oh buy Karma, do not. Mom's so ugly, I prefer direct killed here. Seems to correspond to his wish, and did not let two head to his neck. But Qin Dynasty With some changes this time changing. His mouth, has grown out of two canines, pressure in Labidocera. Had set aside for a hair-inch hair the moment long long, drifting about in the body. Two hands, into a black animal claws. Dorsal above, printed with a dog's head looks like. Black windbreaker whipped up, black flame around the body of the Qin Dynasty, constantly burning. The Qin Dynasty subconsciously hold up his claw, I saw the haunted Frost Claw on gas, electro-optic wound on the right paw. Sure enough, after the possessed, the power of three magic dog, but also with inherited down. Now, to deal with this beauty woman, the Qin Dynasty, the addition of a little self-confidence. you never never troubles. His body suddenly turned into a black light, appeared momentarily in front of the white woman. The Frost gas exploded, if not the body of King Kong, Qin palm almost this refers to pierce. He ate pain, sideways, two steps back. The hands of a white woman, wrapped in a layer of frost. And Qin Dynasty on strike, she was not a little hurt. But such a small injury to her, it seems to have not much effect. Soon, Frost qi digestion down. Hound possessed, the strength of the Qin Dynasty, and this woman before, there is a certain gap. Turn the eyes of the Qin Dynasty, today is not to defeat the enemy, but to think about how to escape before they can. Now Hound possessed wins fast. Qin Dynasty think already own bedding good escape program. He took a deep breath, and then claw continuously Taking a hit. A Road crampons, electric claw, play out toward that in front of a white woman, about face shot go. White woman sneered again and again, waving his hands using only 剑指, put these scratches to be crushed. But the number of those paw print more and more, and become very messy. Some footprints, landed on top of the ground and hit a cement and soot. Soon, these soot, put the line of sight of the white woman to the blocking. Qin Dynasty did not hesitate to immediately pick up the Hu Lili, a sideways jump out from the platform of this building. Hound possessed the speed to the extreme. Qin Dynasty, the whole person is like a flash of lightning, the moment the ups and downs in the platforms of several floor quickly fled. The white woman awakened, aware of their own on that evildoer's when. She waved, shot scattered smoke. But this time, the Qin Dynasty, had fled to the remote location. In the eyes of the white woman, he is a small black dot. This time, a giant white sleeves, suddenly overwhelming general, block the entire platform. So what is that sleeves immediately received without a trace. White woman stopped in the air, the Qin Dynasty already do not know disappeared in where.
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