retake command of the commanding

February 02 [Sat], 2013, 12:14
Liu Yunfei now called a happy, ah, Guns N 'Roses actually willing to take the initiative to help people, not a Is today the sun is out from the west. Not to mention Liu Yunfei, even rouge blue they are also the Guns N 'Roses cast strange eyes, doubt that she is not himself. See Guns N 'Roses surprised a moment, immediately understand: "I am in your eyes is kind of identify money not recognize people who ah? Since it is a friend, I shot to help it strange?" Is not very strange. "" Is a little strange. "Allure Waner and Sumei echoed each other, angry and Guns N 'Roses direct stare, her rare good intentions once they look at it this way. "Why did you usually work iniquity too." Liu Yunfei proud to finally have an opportunity to avenge the Guns N 'Roses. The past in order to look for her help, he none the less this miser slaughter. Guns N 'Roses to know that he is a famous master casting game kill than others Genghen. Liu Yunfei eat this woman has a heart. Today, she actually free,Canada Goose Mountaineer Jackets, that I'm really sorry to Liu Yunfei he does not make good use of. "Rose, protect me, ah, I just lost a little blood is your responsibility." "Go! Died!" Simply squeezed out sound from the throat, Guns N 'Roses has just promised to soon regret it. Feeling this the years good man when not, when it bullied. "Ahem, but you just himself promised" good. "Guns N 'Roses to throw in the towel, to know that out spilled water uncollectible. Accept their fate, to guard Liu Yunfei around to help him clean up the mobs near over. With Guns N 'Roses protection, Liu Yunfei can feel free to make use of heavy machine guns output play called a happy. There is nothing so positioned as he ranged DPS the no brain output happier things. As long as his strength values ​​are not consumed, heavy machine guns skills unlimited sustain hit it Haikushilan, the egg pain Ju tight. The But rouge Blue immediate according to fighting made to Liu Yunfei deployment: "bandits, BOSS temporarily do not fight, you help Peter Pan cleanup near mobs. These mobs Good annoying. Sugar heart therapy is interrupted by two sugar heart and rouge blue their protection in the middle, but not like he was hand protection, special arrangements for a person responsible for cleaning up the nearby monster. So do not pay attention to the effort, tall dwarf attention devil sneaky mixed monster pile suddenly double pedal to look. This high skill injury and the problem can be absolutely to interrupt any skills, including instant. Liu Yunfei finally understand why there is a sugar heart treatment to no one, so Jiaoman Lolita's blood and down, see he worried about this as where the main T Jiaoman Lolita on the team. "Good." Liu Yunfei no reason to refuse. Is not a rouge blue, his own understanding of the situation after the same intention. Suddenly gunpoint Enchanted maid little devil monster heap, broke out in a rainstorm like bursts of machine gun bullets. Mitigate the Peter Pan Qing strange pressure at the same time, also attracted a lot of hatred. "Bandits, you want to be dead!" The rouge Blue to detect immediately use the frozen earth to control the market, the rush toward Liu Yunfei mobs all frozen horde. Waiting to be broken or stick to the end of the long frozen time. Blue sister, you little curse Uncle, uncle has always been a fool. "Jiaoman Lolita is a scare Liu Yunfei. The protection warrior but she is not not mastered the skills of groups of ridicule. So many monster riots was rushed to Liu Yunfei, she did not know how to do. "Mistakes mistake." Liu Yunfei apologize, did not think the heavy machine guns to ballistic so not allowed. Many the bullet deviate from a predetermined flight path catapult to nearby mobs who, whereby more and more attractive monster the last almost become a monster sea runaway. "Be careful, do not issue out of this rookie." "I know." Liu Yunfei Now, in addition to the apology did not know what to say, after all his mistakes. The next fight he did not so arrogant bulging heavy machine guns month arc strafe back and forth, to change to a small area designated cleanup. He found bullets flying phenomenon he lashes shooting, as long as his attack range narrow lock shooting, the ballistic Basic will not deviate from the situation. Attract three or four monsters hatred value them the strength to withstand the range. The less mobs' harassment, the battle has become a lot easier. Suwei La has just throw plates skills, plate fragmentation will produce explosive splash damage, Cloth be hitting the half-pipe is blood. However, as long as the pre-calculated plate placement, quickly run away from the impact point near there is not much of a threat. "You fleas, died in a pan under it!" Liu Yunfei did not expect to come so soon retribution in front of him just despise lonely autumn fighting jumping like fleas everywhere, and now he is the BOSS contempt. Situ high-speed rotation But Su Weila body, apparently to release large strokes. All up and running, and BOSS distance! "Blue rouge full control field, and for a time did not notice this. Liu Yunfei immediately retake command of the commanding everyone to act. View from Su Weila attack posture, her skills to hit them likely destroy mission. Really the next second a lot of dishes without rules emission falls on the ceiling, walls, floors, broken, explosion out countless rules barrage of debris ejection enveloped the entire aisle space. "No, this skill can not hold, hit the body Haoteng." Jiaoman LORI soon can not stand, and her blood quickly dropped, with sugar hearts all add up. Liu Yunfei know this continues Jiaoman Lolita will sooner or later be killed here, shouting: "waited returned to Fei Xia and I'm off the hook all the dishes, do not let the dish close to our five meters range Zaibao in. Blue sister ice shield, protect our jobs depend on you. "simple." Liu Yunfei intestines should regret Green. Knew that such a large area, seamless, high damage, duration love long skills, he will definitely immediately interrupted the BOSS rotation so he was released without the skills. But what are trying to be wise after the event, the most important thing right now is to survive this crisis. Once processed, they may be lying under the BOSS skills. With Liu Yunfei and Peter Pan superb archery, all plates appear in show shape has not been ringing off the hook flew off one meter distance BOSS the sputtering out tiles residue can not pose a threat to them. Adhere to nearly one minute BOSS skills is stopped. Can see Su Weila the dolls body ran toward them, and everything seems to be back on the original track. "Speed ​​up output BOSS much blood." In fact, the most important is the fear Suwei La outbreak Another round skills as rouge and blue shield of ice still cooling time, they may be not so easy. Liu Yunfei do not they consciously speed kill BOSS. The presence of a few people who do not want that horrible skills to come back on a being. Unfortunately, I'm sorry things broke out and hit them sweating blister BOSS blood as well as 30% when Suwei La. Can only run around to find the dead skills gap evade. But this time, the outbreak has also become the BOSS mortal outbreak. Get through the difficult skill outbreak period, Liu Yunfei, led by the big skills all gave the BOSS easily kill its remaining 30% of the blood to end this fighting. As we all fear. Here this is still a highway BOSS, BOSS are not really even the true sense can cause such a big threat to them. So and so will encounter the vampire magic people, and here the ultimate big BOSS - bloody Mrs. Mo Megane, they can have a few into the odds. But fighting tired so they decided to take a break to say. By the rest of the opportunity to adjust the state, go to the challenges behind BOSS. Liu Yunfei also release Steller Dropped equipment to collect material. Found him 90 skills task the first phase completed unknowingly. Not consider may not come out, he wanted to go back to visit again to complete the task. In accordance with the task of line, the next task should be related with the devil monster. Zhu Ziyun suddenly conspire to him asked him: "rogue, you get experience?" Liu Yunfei glanced from his experience: "1.35%, have not seen a lot of experience to this small BOSS thing." Ah so multi-ah "Zhuzi Yun depressed moaning sounds are not too happy. "How?" Liu Yunfei curious about how she is a. Sets asked half a day,Canada Goose Women Thompson Jackets, she said: "I feel like I did not get to experience." Zhu Ziyun "uh ......" Liu Yunfei remember his early 80 below BOSS20 levels. Gain experience is to slash the case,Nike Air Max 24-7 UK, did she get that experience points and did not get about the same. "Well-behaved, do not worry, go back and I'm alone with you leveling." "Really? Not lie to me?" Lie to you dog. "Zhu Ziyun finally happy laugh, go back and YUE Xin Ran them what booty. "Good girl." "I know." Guns N 'Roses a Lover's posture around Liu Yunfei, said he lamented. She see violence ruthless criminals and strawberry milkshake good relationship, there may even reality couple even couples. Liu Yunfei is reluctant to tell her: "She is my fiancee." Sure enough. "No wonder she felt the closeness of the strawberry milkshake with violence ruthless criminals unlike the friend of the common man and woman can do. Intimacy in their view is a very common thing, others do not even need to think twice to eyes. "And finally let us come up." "Or do you have a way to allow those players to serve as cannon fodder. Attracted by monster past strong red, or do not know what month can come." "Yeah, our action Hurry, MO Megane Do not be violent violent criminals they grab it. "Suddenly channel at the end came the human voice, a squad of players to come out. Just show up just to see the rest of Liu Yunfei et al. Aside have not opened Suwei La corpses emit a faint white stars.
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