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> Chapter 35 maternal love watching the white snake, Luo Ming could not help the back cold, slow movement of the fire jade into the arms, then put it with a defensive action. Www! QuanBEn! COM lucky white snake did not immediately attack him. In the front of this white snake stopped moving perhaps a little chance. Luo Ming, but had the experience of White Snake speed to Luo Ming 轻功 would like to escape before it, only their own court death. Even Luo Ming, the instruments used have life insurance, but also chances, no to the last moment, he did not dare try. After all, the adder can not prevent live can white snake is hard to say when that magic shadowless is poisoned to death. Alert while watching the White Snake, the Luo Ming heart a little surprised. Just the fight and now he still savoring draw the line when crazy white snake to death have been scarred, and Luo Ming also see the White Snake's body was taken away. But in front of this white snake in addition to some dim skin color do not see the little scars, Luo Ming did not think that there will be a white snake. Two white snake, why are they not with the enemy it? Luo explicitly mentioned anti-'s also some doubts. This white snake apparently see Luo Ming, but it just looked Luo a, if he no longer interested in the general went ahead slowly swim towards the shore. Lives the moment there is no danger, the reigning Luo Ming relieved. Do not know is not the illusion, he should feel to see your own eyes see sadness from the White Snake, this is purely from the Luo Ming inner feelings. Can determine the just white snake over here at the moment, his heart really felt the sadness of the White Snake. But if that is the case, why the white snake not to attack Luo Ming? Is this the White Snake psychic can tell, Luo Ming, who hurt them and not a group of? This is a bit too unrealistic! This white snake appeared on the performance of the Luo Ming is full of doubts,UGG Oliviya Boots. Although it is known here in the realm, order arrived in hand baby, he did not want to be here more. Just a terrible killer in front of, the Luo Ming dare escape? Now the white snake do not pay attention to him, in case this escaped attention annoy it, it would mean that death is injustice? No way, Luo Ming only motionless watching the White Snake, want to see it in the end to do? Looked for a white snake, Luo Ming feel out where the wrong. Indeed in front of this white snake and attacked many masters of the White Snake is the same kind, but Luo Ming was found in front of this white snake swimming in the water too few facial, looked very spiritual look. Will first appear Zhu fruit is eaten by this white snake, the White Snake flowers empress wounded, another snake will come out to take revenge? The idea so the Luo Ming spirits pick up, because this may guess the line, if you really want to like him guess that he will have a great chance of escape. In the Luo Ming thinking how to get out of the White Snake has to swim to the shore. To see if it were really injured look heavy to swim to the shore turned on then closed his eyes, weakness creeping in there motionless. It seems that we could guess, because a far worse before battle when you see the White Snake. Luo Ming hesitated whether to immediately escape the white snake there is a movement. Just not a spirit White Snake, but quickly the body plate up. White Snake eyes has its eye on the breathtaking Luo Ming. Moment attention to the Luo Ming, look at her to see a pair of snake eyes of the erection of the pupil. This beast-like eyes staring, Luo Ming feels like to always have been a fatal blow to the feeling, so that he could not help immediately wary. In this way, one person, one snake each other as a quarter of an hour. Luo Ming, but, this time, too upset to face the unknown hostile White Snake, his spirit must always concentrate, never daring to slack. For a kung fu clothes back on already overwrought sweat wet. Luo Ming's legs have some hemp, go on like this, it is estimated that do not need the white snake attack, he had collapsed. But has not been reflected in the White Snake, this time indeed burst of tumbling, also issued a pang hissing sound. This reflects also the Luo Ming scared unbearable,UGGs Bailey Button Triplet Boots, heart in his throat. Separated for a while before the White Snake stopped bray, look at the white snake some spirit, is originally some dark snakeskin, has become gray. Sluggish the snakeheads barely lift looked Luo Ming a. Luo Ming is tired of the White Snake, turned, facing the already sluggish snakeheads He nodded, even showing a very human expression, Luo Ming readout begging mean. On in the Luo Ming puzzled when. The White Snake look, to the snake entrenched in the position to see the White Snake body Micro few,Nike Air Griffey Max Sale, a milky white eggs appear in the Luo Ming sight. Nostalgia looked While Eggs, White Snake looked Luo Ming, directed at a few points against the Eggs nod, as if exhausted the last point force. Luo Ming from White Snake's eyes to see the kind of feeling that he felt strange there is very cordial feeling. Finally looked at his unborn child, White Snake and closed his eyes, no longer move. Luo Ming's mother moon died too early, when Luo Ming is less than one year old, in his memory, and even the mother's face is blurred. Luo Ming, childhood has also been time and again in a dream to see the mother's face, dream about the care of his mother care. Several times dreamed of facing his mother laugh, but suddenly in sight, he awoke crying from a dream. Although there is no language to communicate, but the emotion just white snake, Luo Ming was read. Watching the White Snake, Luo Ming no longer feel a little bit scared. Got up from down below, came to the next of the White Snake, looked this mortal not rest assured that their children White Snake, Luo Ming was deeply moved by this motherly love. The White Snake has no signs of life, think of the White Snake dying care children's eyes, the Luo Ming thought of her own mother, the mother had died, should also be cheerful dismay eyes? ! Luo Ming hand inside holding the White Snake birth significantly eggs, white flowing surface turned from time to time a Road red streamer substantially mysterious beauty. See red light,UGG Channing Boots, Luo Ming thought Zhu Guo, peculiar to this snake eggs are not cold, and placed in the hands of very warm. It seems the Luo Ming speculation. Pool should have one pair of white snake female snake childbirth juncture, eating the three Zhu fruit after flowers empress seriously injured, this leads to the male snake revenge. There are too complex, I am afraid that only a Luo Ming parties in to see this behind-the-scenes, can be inferred. Now that the danger of the White Snake, Luo Ming naturally will not stay long in this dangerous place. Bring the white snake's body and snake eggs left in a hurry here. Go out more than 10 miles, to confirm the temporary security, Luo Ming in a hill, to the White Snake barely built a tomb for burial it. Although it is known that many baby snakes, but Luo Ming does not intend to destroy the great body of the mother. This White Snake dying to entrust their children to the Luo Ming, Luo Ming heart promised the mother, and let it go at ease. The snake eggs carefully placed in a sack, personal put away, Luo Ming, pack up the mood, in accordance with the instructions of the body odd insects chasing the past, toward the direction of the the Mengshan Xia leave the. ! ~! . . <

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