yin and yang Department ss skills had ever seen

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Transmigration world of dream content in this article 717 chapters, 717 sections of the reincarnation of the world if you like to dream Favorites dream of the 717 chapters of the reincarnation of the world! Seven hundred and seventeenth chapter of progress, new skills calm days, the time always flies, watching other book club: the Petals dust TXT download. Suddenly, from the wars have passed three months time. teammate Yan Lung Warriors. That in the three months before the war, due to security considerations, in addition to the Midas touch already have wings teammates, Huang Yan, three other teammates are not Huang Yan brought participated in that battle. This point, the three of them have been regretted that inflammatory Dragon Warriors. But they also know that, even before they did not have the strength of the core members such tasks, Huang Yan, also will not take them to go. Inside during these three months, the three of them are desperately with practice, and try the trials of the Tower of the Void. Today Dragon World Alliance members have wings finally born. See inflammation Dragon Warriors get wings, pride GUNNER the force breaking Qianjun two people are the envy of some. In fact, inflammation Dragon Warriors before the two of them have, and try to time the Void Trial of the tower. But unfortunately, both of them are not quite point ran past and not been able to. After all, the two of them are soldiers, during the trials can easily appear to be restraint. Therefore, even though the two of them have not weaker than the strength of inflammation Dragon Warriors, but in previous trials, two of them still lack a bit of luck. However, as long as the power to, at most is to spend more than the contribution of some of the dreams of the mainland, and more to participate in several trials just to get the wings for both of them, but sooner or later things. Inflammation Dragon Warriors three of them get the wings is a natural thing, and before that to participate in the family survived the ambush Huoyun wind reinforcements elite strength soared Huang Yan, who is a pleasant surprise, the other book club watching: crossing Merry son a full read. Although the three months before the battle lasted only two hours, but two hours of fighting strength very high. Members who survived this battle, in general have gained a lot of fighting sentiment. Although at that time did not show it, but when they began to practice after the battle began show out. These elite family strength originally good, but it can be said and inflammation Dragon Warriors than, or has a relatively large gap. But now, Huang Yan, can be clearly seen, the disparity in power between the two sides in the rapidly be shortened. is perfect. Eventually Huang Yan, that the progress of the family members has been the impact of that death line fighting. Huang Yan originally kindled hope to find a way to let other family members also rapidly progress eventually only shattered. As for the fifth-order ordinary members, the members of our family has a huge number of reserve of view, the future will only be more and more, so we do not have to worry about the fifth-order problem of insufficient number of members kinds of master crash UGG For Kid Cheap, but the Midas touch, has another idea. had to take them to less dangerous battle, but now, we do not have this crisis, let them go for no reason to do so, I really think is wrong and, if not family members have volunteered to carry out this dangerous battle, then, even if we force them to go, and finally it will not get any good results. because in that uphill battle UGG Australia Montclair, their hearts without any confusion, everyone is holding a firm belief in the fighting, only in this case, the strength of the survivors to be able to leaps and bounds. Conversely UGG Bailey Bow Boots, if in battle, from the bottom of my heart holding resist the idea, not only the probability of eventually survived not and even if it survived, what progress can not look good novel: online Q Road Guangdong latest chapter Another idea, so continue to work toward Huang Yan asked. Huang Yan, although reluctant to unprovoked family members to die mixed, but in the dream continent for so many years UGG Noella Shoes, Huang Yan, of course, can not be an abuse of a good man. After all, family relieved the immediate crisis, but the root of the crisis is still there, before the family did not have enough strength, all peace is only temporary only. Therefore, if not forced the family strength progress, Huang Yan absolutely will do. Say dangerous, in fact, the whole Dragon world, Huang Yan encounter danger is highest. As the the Dragon world's patriarch, but also the Dragon and the world's first master, Huang Yan, but always in the fighting and the strongest enemies. to carry out a variety of arrangements to go. Midas touch things, Huang Yan is still very reassuring. Therefore, Huang Yan, also did not go to ask Midas touch exactly what to do, but to start preparing again to enhance their strength. So far, Huang Yan's strength is considered to reach Huoyun Wind * level standard core members. But just so Huoyun wind and Huang Yan Versus or many. Now the Dragon world's overall strength than Huoyun many weak wind, In this case, the greater the need for a super-expert to stabilize people's confidence. Therefore, Huang Yan intend, in the near future to try to shock d wings. If successful, that in accordance with the standards of the Fire Dragon wind, Huang Yan will become the core of a s-class members which the meaning may be large, the core members of the s-class, even if very many years Huoyun wind to a. As long as Huang Yan With such strength, that future Huoyun wind and then deal with the Dragon world, you have to much worry and Huang Yan exist. Of course, the only fifth-order want to get the d-level wings, especially Huang Yan, the current level is also still only fifty, even the distance of fifth order vertices fifty-nine to have worse many want in this state under the d-level wings difficulty can be imagined, and the other book club watching: alive I call the shots. Therefore, Huang Yan, do not plan such a reckless go Tower void the challenges of the d-level wings. Prior to this, Huang Yan, want to go to a three God throughout the technology realm. Perfect their skills once, Huang Yan, will go to the Tower of Void challenge. into gold temporarily take over the work of the family, the Midas touch with a smile to the Huang Yan reply to. The amount I have know about the, can surprise? However, since the Midas touch say that maybe there really are some of the contrary unexpected happened. With a happy mood, Huang Yan, a person to enter the realm of technology practice. This time in the technology of the territory of the Huang Yan luck quite good. Not only brush the monster is very smooth, and is still the technology of the territory met a team rookie. The fighter will use each entry, Huang Yan defeated a rookie, and get the other half of the remaining time, day. As a result, Huang Yan, in the territory of the skills of a full for four days, only to leave the territory of the Skills. Chaos of the gas obtained in the territory of the Skills for sentiment, Huang Yan, use not only in the mysterious heart condition before displaying the sentiment of the yin and yang cyclotron strike to to slightly perfect yin and yang cyclotron strike also comprehend a yin and yang genre moves, yin and yang Hede. This trick can be said is a and Huang Yan draw on the yin and yang, yin and yang Department ss skills had ever seen in the genre esoteric trials venue disorder. Different, the yin and yang disorder is a large-scale attack skills, so the cooling time, which is very long. Huang Yan has probably realized that before this yin and yang disorder skills, but at the last minute, Huang Yan abruptly that the skills of some changes, the result becomes a Huang Yan own new skills UGG Bailey I Do. Yin and yang (yin and yang Department ss skills) Hede: Use the power of ideas, resulting in two meters in diameter spherical space frequency oscillatory forces of yin and yang, and thus within the scope of the target to cause great harm. The skills duration of ten seconds, in the body of skills within the soul, damage effects bear once every two seconds. Skills preparation time for two seconds, skills cooling time six hundred seconds. Speeding dream reincarnation of the world's 717 chapters read the full text, if you like dream the reincarnation World 717 chapters Favorites dream reincarnation World 717 chapters!

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