every Dragon since birth

December 19 [Wed], 2012, 15:26
"Master...." God Phoenix surprise at the goddess, opened his mouth, face the shock.{/ Book upload update} goddess from Pauline gently walked down, before extending to God Phoenix, white hands, gently hug her, face is helpless with sadness: "silly boy, you tell me, is it right? That is easy to cold, just do it?"Words such as hammers, breaks the God Phoenix heart that last line of defense, she thinks, oneself do very subtle, but she is found, she was wrong, she completely mistaken, that all of this, master all know.Tear down the God Phoenix beads white face rustling fall, but, she did not cry, just let your tears falling."Master, I killed the goddess, I let the goddess door doomed eternally, so, the master or to punish me!"God Phoenix firm said, her heart does not regret, this world, do not eat fish and bear paw thing, she was the goddess door pointed out a direction, but the goddess is not adopted, now have come to this, although she is responsible,Jimmy Choo Starlit Discount, but is not one of her responsibilities."Hey, fatal attraction!"She sighed, eyes of infinite melancholy: "I charge you, saw your heart still have love, then I think that, after my training, your love will disappear, but over the years, but you still have not changed!You... Is it right? That is called love. Easy cold person?"God Phoenix pupil magnification in a circle, lips trembled."You mean to make me goddess door and dragon relationship, is to help ease the cold?At that time, he and dragon is an adversarial relationship, if my goddess door and Dragon Alliance, then,UGG Bailey Button, dragon force will increase, and you deliberately destroy the alliance, also want my goddess pull into the easy cold that one party, at that time I was strange, I never imagined you would like in the Dragon Dragon goddess... "When God Phoenix Petite shoulders, quiet look at her eyes, sighed and said.Bubble - Book _.) "(Master, Phoenix son sorry you."God Phoenix his lip, pale, trembling voice channel."Don't cry, wind, the master did not blame you!!"The goddess raised his hand, gently wipe the face of God Phoenix tears, she cannot understand, God chicken heart pain.In fact, the God phoenix also very self-reproach, side door, side is the lover, how to choose?"In fact, the Phoenix son, this time I let you come, he is to let you save the goddess door, this time, only you can save the goddess door!"She took a deep breath, and said seriously."I..." God Phoenix stayed."Yes!"The twinkle in his eye staring at the God Phoenix........ calm sea stretch as far as eye can see, the water is not an ordinary water, but suspended in the sky the sea, and days of fusion, and the day shift.I do not know how wide sea, did not know how thick, only know the sea fell in two huge clouds of intermediate, it exudes a colorful glittering light,Canada Goose Victoria, flashing a variety of colors, gorgeous, like a block is placed in the sun giant stones, seizes the person eyeball.A few dragon serene in the maritime patrol, this is not the sea, but the Dragon World Dragon Linghai having a great reputation, where rich dragon treasure of a dragon spirit.Rumors of dragon for Swiss, is sentient beings on the existence, is a natural grace, every Dragon since birth, and will emit a strange flavor smart, this clever breath has turn bad into good effect, and the floating dragon Linghai, is the Dragon magical powers, use their own means from elsewhere to the sea, its purpose is to gather, store the dragons are emanated the clever breath, so that it could be in the domestic setting growth, make become extremely useful baby dragon spirit.Over the years, Dragon Dragon Spirit also do not know to have how many.But there is no need to doubt, dragon dragon spirit strong is known around the world, rumors unusual immortal if can get a dragon spirit and taking, can have the power of the dragon.
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