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October 12 [Fri], 2012, 12:58

> 624 They will be touring the country. WWw.qUANbEn.CoM publicity after the mainland's Ministry of Culture and Concord mutually agreed measures, Concorde earlier by the a great opportunity for the Chinese film culture, from the outset, the Ministry of Culture on blanket Xiaohu and do not have any comments, after all, the Ministry of Culture, the Foreign Ministry more active the Concord pressure smaller, the other also remaining part of the costs of promotion, both to improve the promotion of Chinese culture, while still allowing the all aspects of the publicity, so good free helper, Xiaohu also music of leisure is not? So take advantage of this idle time, Xiaohu start doing another thing: money to meet the cast of Especially for a generation of people born in the 1970s and 1980s, the 1983 version of Like to build beyond the classic production, Xiaohu Mian Bude again next part of the effort. Xiaohu ready Choupai region greatly increased the other hand, own the first few days copyright Xiaohu tightly guarding a Later, Xiaohu touches the copyright put out, but both vb Korea shooting out of several TV series effect is not very good, undeniable is elected by two television stations in the cast is very powerful, but in order to curry favor with the ratings, The novel was adapted for the mess, many are out of the essence of the original, you so how can you not sigh Jin Yong. . So Jin Yong heard the good news, the excitement for a time can not be expressed in words. Who played Huang Rong! looking for you, In order to implement this thing, first cast finalized down, let your old Relax ... Concorde movie southeast corner of a special scenic insiders become . The small southern Xiaohu Special Programme for the early stages of creating a movie town scene, shooting Eagle Because the mood of a beautiful area, very continental southern land of plenty, the Hong Kong film and television industry who costume scenes mostly shot here,Northface Down Sale, and become one of the Concorde scene of the city's most popular film. Across the Santanyinyue two views, the other Today, the small southern scene sea of ​​people, the bankruptcy early Jiayi television several old drama of bone vb several popular niche artistes are invited to Yanyulou guest. Kenneth Tsang (I buy), Yang Zelin (Ouyang Feng), Liu Dan (Hong Qigong) Lau Siu Ming (NANCAR), Paul Chun (Temujin), Patrick Tse Yin (Yang Tiexin), Zhutie and (Guo Xiaotian), Rock Hard old drama of bone in the (Qiu Qianren), Kwan Hoi-shan (Lu Chengfeng), Jiang Yi (Kezhen E), sitting in the middle of tea, several old drama of bone is a rare lift together, naturally have a lot to talk about. Yanyu the left on the round table sat Michael Miu (Yang Kang), yellow the allowed material (Ouyang), Yang Pan Pan (Mu Nianci), Qin Huang (old elf) Man Tat (Peng Changlao) the, Huang Wenhui (Mei Chaofeng). people. The right side of the roundtable on Star Aberdeen, Runner said when over no? . So a wumengda let of Stephen Chow reminder Xiaohu, he began to speak: poly, thanks to the Tigers are willing to give us these old guys their jobs to eat, wait a relationship, to Caine tert tea, your old body is still as sturdy. The congregation old drama of bone, niche,timberland work boots, Huadan have busy Peizhuoxiaolian. Tea, your favorite hastened carrying antique teapot over a tea, an Tigers received a few disciples are not bad, you see the star, Aberdeen, Andy they are a supporting role in vb,Michael Kors Wristle, really embarrass them so famous as a child, the Tigers also allow them to play a small role. then once famous, is not immediately made starring ah. ~ ~ Star Aberdeen speak no cover! starring a mute, too tortured my acting. The Is the main one, whether the old drama of bone or niche, artistes who immediately got up and and Xiaohu say hello. I come to the parade. After everyone you ask me, I ask you, do not know the real reason, other Xiaohu to solve the mystery. Xiaohu smiling swept from everyone's face, watching the group of the original waved his hand and said: heart says filming filming thing to talk about it, get so Wen Zou Zou 做啥 the. To see your favorite reveal a small eye teeth, holding a platter Qiaosheng Sheng walking up the plate, not a meal with a smile, but the piles of neatly listed books. Subsequently, Stephen Chow, Felix Wong, Andy Lau the trio also carrying the same plate to go up. Front are placed in two books, precisely one entity of the hardcover edition of the novel different, above, in addition to the Is the name of the actor and the role played by the name, notes, etc., respectively. For example, Rock Hard This says Actor: Rock Hard, played Qiuqian Ren Qiu Qian Zhang the Tiezhang help the main extremely brother, stunt: Iron Palm, dodge. Such as Dan reads: played North beggar Hong Qigong, Gai, stunts: 降龙十八掌, kind of stick method and so on. Novel Yang Kang, the whole face smiling bloom busy opened the screenplay look at their own scenes. Screenplay In addition to the cover not the content inside also slightly different, are the property of their respective roles in the script have been planning to use red notes and a list of a small directory, you can easily be found through directory belongs to that part. Bursts open book of sound came a time Yanyulou,Timberland Womens High Top, Jin Yong is also watching the screenplay, he is probably the happiest one in the crowd. As can be seen from the front of the hardcover novel and screenplay, completely Xiaohu this matter very carefully, Jin Yong only feel nine years and no white him this script and Xiaohu play exactly the same, is the director screenplay. Detailed directory Master says each actor played which role in the book, and the scene in the novel also give all the script shows the form of a photo, their current Yanyulou, there is the small southern part scene, remaining as the desert, Mongolia, and locations are directly Xiaohu with The Jin Yong Yuekan, more warm hearts, the Condor the script know who own request played. very surprised, are welcome to give me advice, I will study and Mr. Cha, if your advice is good, then we will of course take your views. supplemental? Jin Yong grinning, I said: , but writing the script to film movies and television, his vision is absolutely the best in the industry. also star in this classic martial arts novels of Jin Yong to feel heartfelt joy, because Old drama of bone can own acting career in the plated layer of gilded, vb, Jiayi, Korea, headed by several niche artistes who by virtue of the Who would not agree to such a good thing, so everyone nodded Xiaohe said thank Xiaohu reward excellent opportunities. The crowd suddenly realized right ah, all to get the script are supporting, the protagonist where ah? Everyone wondering when, Yanyulou suddenly flashed a yellow figure, you see that person with a beautiful roll of Jin Yong's front, dressed in yellow with green costumes, folded a wicker in hand Baoquan salute: Close: ! <

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