to the entire squad of destiny

October 12 [Fri], 2012, 15:13
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult Nierhe ,hold on . Zhang Feng and a leg blown off the wounded .
Although morphine to play ,but can only be maintained for a period of time so ,look at this poor fellow ,Zhang Yang tried to hold his hand ,and said .Nilch, pale, he insisted : the captain said ,give me a happy ,I do not want to drag you .
, Zhang Feng said : as long as they can have the chance to save ,we will not put a companion . This sentence ,but also to other people .The battlefield is heartless, if still fighting each other ,being chased ,to the entire squad of destiny ,a summit not hesitate to abandon him .
However ,the situation is different now ,in no immediate danger ,in this moment abandon his comrades ,are being spurned a behavior .Zhang Feng ,let many people heart shock .As long as there is a chance to save ,do not put down a companion ,never give up ! Nierhe ,together we are all dead brother ,never leave you .
Velad said .They are from the same company was promoted ,nature more close .Marwan was pulled back to Zhang Feng ,Zhang Feng stood up to leave, he asked in a whisper: now we no Qusay you ,vehicle ,the swamp might be a few days to go ,with Nilch ,I am afraid not out of the swamp ,he tired .
I think he can hold out for another day . Don Zhang Feng patted the shoulder of Marwan Nike Air Max 2011 Sale, if you are lucky ,we can be back tonight . Tonight will be able to go back ?Marwan could not believe ,but ,he knew ,in front of the person ,is a miracle .
How do we get back ?Unless the fly back . Marwan said . On ,we are going back to . Zhang Feng said : go ,come with me to have a look that Cobra helicopter North Face Boots. Marwan did not understand ,the cobra helicopter has been shattered ,can fly ?This throw you ,really have the Tontine .
The first Cobra helicopter is shot by Sam - 7 ,directly into a fireball ,all into fragments ,however ,second helicopters were hit by a sniper rifle tail ,tail failure ,directly onto the ground, the helicopter has certain anti-crash ability ,the former half part or portion of the cabin in good condition .
Zhang Feng took the million ,two people near the helicopter .Borrow a dim star ,see Cobra front half portion remains about it ,all the glass has been broken ,the landing gear was crashed bear most of the impact forces ,but also alleviate most of the impact force ,such that ,upon landing, aircraft of the two pilots on the body ,still remain intact .
The back is directly by the sniper rifle and shot to death, in front of the weapon operator ,is alive was shocked to death ,although the surface looks intact ,but the body of all parts are already falling apart .
Even for anti crash ,also cannot completely fine ,especially the body most vulnerable are the spine, landing gear and the seat to alleviate some momentum ,but the rest of the impact remains to his life .
Let Zhang Feng feel lucky is ,the bodies of two intact, clothes are not damaged ,in addition to the rear of the guy with lots of blood .However ,you need is the . Come, the two people clothes off ,we changed .
Zhang Feng said .The universal point come to understand each other ,attack the base, that is their army ,now ,and that pilot .Zhang Feng hands ,will be in front of the weapon operator from the seat down ,start stripping his clothes .
In addition to mortuary workers ,other people do the work ,especially in the dark of the night ,I had goose bumps .Zhang Feng did nothing, also sing the unnamed minor : tight drumming to slow beat a Gong gong drum stop live songs all gossip also sing I sing eighteen touch .
.. Such things ,he is not the did ,when training, instructor in the mounds had some special things ,let their night to touch ,also mystify ,almost let oneself a knife thrown .If the time of crisis ,even the human may eat ,and with a dead man clothes .
As the landing gear has been broken, so ,as long as Zhang Feng up on my toes ,can reach the front of the weapon operator .Marwan saw Zhang Feng start ,but also to move a hand to come ,however ,the rear pilot position is relatively high, he kicked the cockpit ,enough to make each other, and the other flight suit ,above ,has a large bloodstain .
Zhang Feng tore off each other ,began on the body touch to touch, who knows ,find for a long time ,they feel like .Iran people really pull ,flight is at least a high danger occupation ,how also not equipped with orientation distress signal generator ?This should be the standard only ah ?On second thoughts ,it now ,now just eighty nor GPS these advanced positioning systems ,conventional radio positioning precision, no armed helicopter ,probably also upset .
Zhang Feng had intended ,to use each other crash location apparatus for help ,to each other headquarters ,it would send a head just fly past a helicopter to rescue ,since they are on the way, then ,you can trick a helicopter to escape from here ,quick .
Now ,some other Shayan ,don these things advanced !What shall we do ?Zhang Feng thought, no way, it is the most primitive way !He took off his clothes ,began to wear this suit ,just the weapon operator is a short ,clothes on right .
He looked Marwan ,just set the flight suit off Air Max 2012 Mens,being at a loss . Put it on ,while lying wounded on it . Zhang Feng said .At this time Timberland High Top Sale, the other players are gathered ,Zhang Feng immediately let them go in search of some can ignite things ,in preparation for next to a fire .
Captain ,I have caught fire ,not afraid of being the helicopter found ? Hades asked . Yes, I just want them to find ,if they don find us, how come down? Zhang Feng said the sinister .
Hades shook his head Nike Air Max 2011 Shoes Outlet,did not understand ! Don never mind ,then just do as I say it . Zhang Feng said .Soon ,a pile of ridge very flourishing fire ,crashed helicopter from a dozen meters away, burning .
Fire side, against the figure of a man, he was working with a man lying on the ground ,while the rescue, while anxious staring at the sky . Throw your ,your method work ? A small voice .
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