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October 12 [Fri], 2012, 9:57

> The fourth seventy-two the revision cents made man plan what scared See now the Lijia classes inside the office of a group is definitely seen major aspects of the characters' expression. Luosheng Cheng, two large faction of Kim Seung-hyun producer actually stood up and clapped their hands inside the girl for the video. You can know, the children set off in the video that The The look in their eyes, listening to her singing, Wanwan as highlights all the goodness of the world fall into this world's most beautiful Two piece, two even sing. Completely shocked audience. To the final, The dance apparel wearing one was covered in white It is no exaggeration to say that the strength exhibited by this girl. At this age and even entire songs sector Grasp of a variety of musical styles and the adoption of the extent, simply did not in this age can have. And tasted the bitterness of this girl some list of speech, the audience Ninety percent of the people have not heard Li Shiming admit this girl is his sister. But 90% of people do not doubt this girl just said Li Shiming half-sister. This evildoer and the rule of force, and that the eyes of the manifest as Li Shiming general gas field. Look just like a How this world, in addition to Li Shiming Who else when this girl's brother. Amount of looks like really. Just that girl just say half, if just the scene all heard it right, that's half-ah. Own president of the father of the And Shi-Hai Li same exist. Li Shiming sister. This message is also too Madden. So enjoy the video girl They want to know from Li Shiming this girl in the end is where to come. This girl in the end is not your half-sister,North Face Women's Denali Jackets Sale. Confucian cultural background of the people are no doubt gossip. You did not say that even if the. Since we naturally want to know who is this Korean girl in the end. What, then, the audience crowd of curiosity Li Shiming how to explain. Li Shiming is head down, mind being so sudden explosion Someone asked him, this girl is his sister's pro? He will definitely come a bang on the ear, is absolutely absolutely on the big bang on the ear. The girl in the video Li Shiming own today is the first time I saw. Heard this girl even sudden say, her own half-sister. Li Shiming either suddenly entertainment god controlling body, consciousness forcibly pulled the entertainment space talk. He absolutely will video to directly delete, say that this is a joke of a female child. Sister is so easy to recognize it? Moreover regardless of past or life are not sister. If this was acknowledged that Li Shiming also want quiet days? The body of the father of his line, but was advertised outside the presence of the new man. What,the northface jackets, then now the emergence of this girl is not broke Li Shiming said before, all in disguise admit has not yet begun in Li Shiming can remember. Li Shiming that cheap Dad derailed, have a good friend on the outside of the fact this is how big scandal, Li Shiming residual brain to go back to admit. Hide the ugly too. Whereas a tragic thing is, he was the god of entertainment violence pulled the entertainment space inside the consciousness conversation. He had no chance to even hide the ugly at the moment on the surface in the bow, the inner consciousness, but it is in the entertainment space inside the cursed **. In front of him stood a manual about the new tasks. To Li Shiming perspective looked reads as follows. child, in fact, to some extent is an important part of the change in cents made man task. in the Lung Chi Yan task, host undoubtedly completed good recently the host if there is already that my adversary gradually thrown in the back of the head and and farther to pull more open trend. Originally, I also see very pleased but my rival was looking in the eyes, pain in my heart he Jia, then he cheekily proposed re-test of the requirements of the specific reasons for it, publicity strategy questioned Exhibition for the Chinese market of the host. undoubtedly host Lung Chi Yan on the major powers of China's population of 1.4 billion is correct. because only one country, coupled with China's domestic market entertainment desert, So Long Chi Yan appear natural to get a lot of otaku love. 1.4 billion platform, so she is understanding more and the worship more points. By comparison, the Hollywood side, although it is the first in the world music market, but the Americans are at best is three hundred million can go to foreign propaganda, but that is to eggs request re than this I naturally refute the god of entertainment, and also raised his Sin made people more likely to be the reason. this old Zeus every man even gave me a re-test of the requirements, he said he hoped he was able to see a fairer test of in this test of the two sides to select it, a for the host in the region of the respective prescribed area, eh, a test of cents made man worship point how much this provision refers to Japan, Taiwan,North Face Boots, South Korea, Thailand sum of the popularity of the four countries, as well as part of the Southeast Asia subsidiary novel cents made man hosts after only popularity in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand and the Southeast Asia Development worship other words, to be able to as a point of worship than a trial. biggest reason for such a requirement to put an end to the host possible cheating by mainland China basically just run the respective capitals sake, so to a certain extent, does not back the hair to be more than the other back and forth across the tired, how many in the United States. now cents made man remake of manufacturing experience have before after my facial features which more collection through the ages all Asia, the United States super advantage. strength, inherited before Li Shiming in Lung Chi Yin, who are conditions, seven, the dance seven. singing repertoire of dance, r & b, and music interpretation hippopo have reached six, four in ballads level reach five degree of acting. addition to zither six level, piccolo four flute four, five piano's strength,Timberland Earthkeepers Sandals Sale. again between host dsp tasks completed well, I have been increased in the new fairy made man who a producer to develop skills. skills can Let cents made man with self-sufficiency and the ability to become an excellent producer for music. now host to do is within the range of new customizable using the new custom create as many worship. while to make sure she better publicity background, and host stay with when people make irresponsible remarks the God disadvantages do, gave her the identity of a cattle cross this identity, that she is the same of you parent half-sister! specific life experience as follows, and also hopes that the host can back down, given to the world that
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