feel the father still do very successful

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 17:49
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If this week hit a collection awesome ,and have two more next week .Yes or no? Yes or no? his son start from six years old to puppy love ,Yang Yi did not play ,not scolded, not angry ,not angry ,not feel like a failure ,do not pride .
Of course ,there will be a point of pride .So small to learn to lie to the girl, grow up to cheat more girls ,that like me .Yang Yi feel the father still do very successful ,at least not for the son later marriage to worry .
Dad ,why and orchid kissed mouth she can be my girlfriend? On the way home, Osi Yu in the Yang Yi back quizzically asked .Don know why .That kiss can become boyfriend and girlfriend, then go to bed ?Not to become a couple .
But many other people even do not know the name of sleep together ,then the very next day pat pat the buttock to leave .How do you explain that ?Yang Yi also tangle . Kiss didn feel anything ah .
Why do so many people like to kiss ? Yang Yi almost fall fell ,did not feel you kiss one little girl ,if she heard me get this little rascal was not .Xiao Si Yu regardless of Yang Yi replied ,himself said: Dad ,you don give mom said Oh ,you say, this is our three secret .
Well ! Father ,we do not back up? Well !Huh? Yang Yi back puzzled to see these Yu ,do not go back ?Then where? If we go ,all want me to do? -- Yang Yi dashed forward .
Now the kids like a tiger ,meet must avoid .This is the Yang Yi at the inmost thoughts ,he feel today to cope with the two little than two tigers also horror .Ask the question than a hard, than a -- embarrassing .
You two kids send speechless messages hidden nodes ,pregnancy ,private life ,have underhand secret dealings ,J. J. it back out ,why so difficult a problem ?This is not a bully .Have you such to people when a son North Face Denali Sale?Home time ,Yang Yi have returned .
Mother Liu Huizhi is cooking dinner in the kitchen ,several women also are in there, anyway no matter busy inverted busy, looks like it .Yang Guozhong no unexpected hunkered down in the yard, smoking ,but a brilliant spring .
Yang Yi let Xiao Si Yu advanced house .Then went to squat in front of Yang guozhong .Smile: Dad ,you go home eat mat who ah ?How come ? You have a family ,home .And ,anyway ,four or five .
There are several to please ,I didn . Yang Guozhong was proud of his son ,still did not let myself down ,still have better .If not for the Yang Yi ,with their usual even a bowl of meal are reluctant to temper, how will fall over each other invited him to dinner, but also to buy meat ,good food and drink .
?To tell the truth ,Yang Guozhong is very loving to eat this seat .Listen to them a strength of his son ,his vanity would get great satisfaction .If not almost whole village saw Yang Yi back a city girl .
Estimation of the match early through threshold . Dad ,I discuss with you one thing . Yang Yi with great care at Yang Guozhong a look ,then said : I want you and my mother and I went to the provincial .
Eh? Yang Guozhong slightly one, will be in his mouth smoke on the ground gently press out .Said: your mother and I have to do ? Yang Yigang tried to speak ,he was interrupted Yang Guozhong to wave .
,I know you want to let go and enjoy .But we are afraid not thatgood fortune .This place is our root ,who are living in this gully channel .Your mother and I are here after half a lifetime ,how can you go? Not, not .
Besides, the city of a familiar person all have no, we went to many boring .Here is a good thing ,leisure time can also go limp home to chat, play cards .Your dad and I when a life is born old farmer ,his life ,suddenly suddenly become the city people ,the more uncomfortable ? Yang Yi although know your parents will refuse ,but heard Daddy say ,my heart could not help but a lost .
Silent even before then says : Dad ,you know ,help resort has started ,we this old house is demolished, although will arrange accommodation ,but do not have their own family lived comfortable .
You and mom go in alone, and new houses a good return do ? Yang Guozhong hesitated ,pulled out a cigarette from his arms ,sit down ,good half talent then says : you say is, but your brother and sister do? Don let them Sunday didn ? Yang Yi listens, Anjiao door ,and said: I have thought of Northface Men's Bionic Jackets Sale.
They go to the province .In school ,teachers are better than our Fengcheng .Besides, this school student dormitory and dining room are not, sister younger brother ride outside stove is not convenient .
Dad ,you don ,mess can be terrible . Yang Yi to let Yang Guozhong believe ,also make a terrible expression .This is terrible? You me when I was little, eat mess also could not eat .
Yang Guozhong smiled and patted Yang Yi ,a face reminiscent of the color .Whispered : remember the time, agricultural cooperatives ,every month so several a kg two kg .Mess may not always eat .
Most often eat home corn cakes ,we call it a surface bran bran ,the fragrant ah .Have a year of drought ,land did not receive a single grain .The brigade also do not have food to the .
He had to go to dig in the wild ,only a few days to dig up .Had to eat the bark .Eat a mouthful of water ,but no way .Hungry ,eat to live .I remember the whole brigade tree almost died .
Finally, no way, I was starving, and you plan to steal the battalion of grain seeds to eat .His leg is at that time interrupted . Yang Yi did not experience the catastrophe, but he can imagine what a scene .
Listen to the people in the village said ,then a lot of people starved to death .There are a lot of people in order to survive what are beginning to eat .The mouse ,the grasshopper ,the flea .
Vegetables ,and even weeds .It is to eat ,can not eat eat .But also said some people in order to survive ,he started to eat people .The dead ,the living .Yang Yi not imagine yourself if you live in that time would be what kind of a scene .
But just think let him out in a cold sweat .Yang Guozhong also does not want in this topic up ,smiled and said: your mother and I will discuss ,if she is willing to go, then we . Yang Yi a hi .
Mom is good to talk about ears soft ,almost can promise .No Timberland Leather Boots,Yang Yi decided to use their own trump card -- a cry to make two .Hanging on a free, based on his many years of experience ,the two recruit enough for mom put my hands up and surrender .
After Yang Guozhong took Liu Huizhi from the house out ,then smiled: a branch ,our baby let me go to the city to enjoy ,you go no go? It will take your idea . You mean ? Yes, I am.
Yang Guozhong gawks ,sparkling smile ,said: I have nothing to say to you ,you will go ,you said not to let go . Liu Huizhi looked back at the house ,smiled ,said: I prefer not to .
Baby outside busy ,let up ?Still stay here ,have a drink . But our old house will be demolished .I think, we live this isn .Let go or doll for a few days ,new houses built back? Yang Guozhong asked with great care .
Go to town for a few days .Can find out knowledge city many-storied buildings ,can have a look of the bustling city .The most important is the ―― back notboast about it? Others when you are in a big city is not high back ,look at you ? Yang Guozhong ,you don give me old not serious .
Liu Huizhi looked at Yang Guozhong smile is what appearance, I felt uncomfortable . I can be heard .Big city women don wearing clothes ,don there by that group of Sao fox fan blind .
I don and doesn recognize you . How can ah ? Yang Guozhong was nervous, it can not talk nonsense . You know I ,in addition to my wife for you, others in my eyes what is not .The last widow Lee gave me the glad eye I couldn you Nike Air Max 2011 Shoes.
You hooked up with the widow ,see how do I fix you . Wife ,you listen to me, no ,I said no . -- Yang Yi with several women who talked to more than ten to go to bed .But these Yu but does follow Yang Yi sleep together ,Yang Yi had to bring these yu .
Dad ,you didn my mother ? These buildings lie on the Yang Yi back and asked in a whisper . Brother ,what thing ? Yangfeng curious .Today he was going to take these Yu to play .But on the way to meet several friends to go to the mountains Tao eggs ,Yangfeng afraid of mountain road is hard to walk ,can only make these Yu to come back ,so don love Yu love .
say ,can not say . Xiao Si Yu quickly with little hand Yang Yi mouth cover . Dad ,don tell wind say uncle . See Yang Yi nods ,he was moved with great care .Yang Yi some funny, the kid is not only a child of six years old .
Yang Yigang to car pocket mobile phone rang .Will these Yu put out a watch ,mobile phone ,is called Lin Xiaodan .Yang Yi smiled ,put the call through .What . Yang Yi ,I was sick Northface Women's Denali Sale,and the disease is so heavy .
Lin Xiaodan in the phone that weak said .Yang Yi jumped .Disease track: how ?Quickly to the hospital to have a look .What is ill? Lin Xiaodan listen to the Yang Yi tension and interest ,feel the warm heart .
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