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One hundred and first chapters tune playfully Lolita Alone, from now on, I, the Qin Dynasty, your bodyguard. I'm not you raise the dog. ! Liaodong Kai immediately turned around and saw that bodyguards a the Daihatsu Group Chairman eyes, a cold let bodyguards whole body. He immediately a bite off, walked into the bedroom, some pernicious gave the Qin Dynasty a. Finally, a stomp, jump down from this second floor. Fortunately the second floor, this bodyguard good physique, and fall to the ground, the place called roll, but the foot is still unfortunate fracture. The Qin Dynasty frowning, Liao Suosha bit too much. Bodyguard seemed to hate are placed in me, neuropathy, are not I let you jump this thing with me a dime. Next I exposed repeatedly sighed child's temper has become increasingly bad, go on like this how can do it. Never bodyguards so bold as to speak, and she Liao Suosha not previously, after no. 's responsibility is to protect your safety only if you wanted to survive, you have to listen to my turn, I will not listen to this idiot command my current salary is enough to feed myself, If you want my dignity to earn a penny back, sorry, I quit. Just before the rent will be able to overwhelm him with a proud and now. Money on him, like clouds in general. As Suu Kyi once said, their comprehension of the people, not demand rights, not money, but the longevity. You have the money, so what, a hundred years later, is a pile of dust. Whom? Even the best skill Xu wind, all this pain in the ass to get the hospital to go. Do I want to Liao Shasuo throw in the towel in front of him it? No, absolutely impossible. So, the little girl is a pinched waist, angrily. If you can not find, sorry, but you must listen to me. through attempting to rally, his eyes full of provocation. then how, let me to bark like a dog. But before that, hum, you must listen to me. to see the look of the Qin Dynasty bark like a dog. Empty rumor, who knows what this little girl did he deliver. She immediately stretched out his small fingers, said, said. His eyes suddenly some complex memory as if migrating to a decade ago, or small girls Salsa, sitting on her mother's bedside. good! retractor retractors retractors hanged a hundred years, not allowed to change ,Nike Air Max Trainer 1 Shoes... mother would not leave the salsa ...... do not like to make friends. The Liao Dongkai some trance, I did not find that Lu is standing next to their own. Liu Dong, this person is very powerful. . I know! Really annoying! I want quiet for a while, you go out! Few whom communication,Northface Men's Denali Jackets, so by the Qin Dynasty to the abduction. Small girl threw herself into a bed, with the quilt own head to Mongolia, indicated that he did not wish to bother everyone. The Qin Dynasty watched a pretty good curve in the back of this little girl, especially the cage from the hips, could not help feeling. This look like a 17-year-old young lady whole child. Liao Shasuo get, the Qin Dynasty contentedly room back. still stuck in the naive stage,North Face Women's Windstopper Jackets. Perhaps she contacted more will also be able to grow up now. inside the plant, not again according to the real sun, absorption through real rain you ... speak really not serious. I exposed the back is also very beautiful, that waves curls hanging behind her, followed her footsteps in flowing. And her hair is long, has been drip to her slender waist, people along the hair, you could not help but focus on the above her pretty buttocks. If eyes when the hand of the Qin Dynasty will be more than touch two. Dude, the Qin Dynasty into a look. This room there are 70 square meters, bigger than his tiny apartment in the southern Jiangsu City. Facilities inside the room is also equipped with a toilet and a bathroom, sort of a bit like a presidential suite-like. The bodyguard is eligible live in huge Zhaizi, covered with a dormitory in this Zhaizi next. Liaodong Kai home maids, bodyguards, lived there. And this huge Zhaizi them, only three people lived. Liaodong Kai Liao Shasuo, there I Lu. It can be seen, I exposed position in Liaodong Kai hearts, is indeed very general. Do not know why, she saw the eyes of the Qin Dynasty, the heartbeats on some speed up. She was puzzled, even Liaodong Kai as the ace of diamonds, bachelor, do not let her feel the heart. Why the boys made her feel so special. together? '
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