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October 13 [Sat], 2012, 18:24
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult-- > the 142nd chapter ,the discharge at the hands of Chu Nan returned home, although it is Saturday ,but mom and dad are not at home .
Www.26dd.Cn Chu Yunlong as deputy director general of Electric Industry Bureau ,entertainment and more, but constantly ,unlike usual vacation at home ;and Luo Xiuying is still busy city thing ,prepared to start trial operation ,so very busy ,she basically every day since the day goes on .
And gentle ,is about to Zixin leaf leaves home to play ,so the family only Chu south one ,it ,can let Chu south to transform your body .In fact ,every organism has a biological electricity ,but most of the biological body resistance is very large, released from the current is very small ,so the body can .
The electric eel is different, its body structure is very special, the whole body is like a piece of self storage battery North Face Women's Denali,the electric division on both sides of the body muscles, the end of the body is positive ,negative pole head ,head and tail between body resistance is very small ,like a metal wire general communication it is ,current flows from the end of the head ,when the eel head and tail touched on the enemy ,or by stimulating effects ,can be a powerful electric current .
Chu south to do now ,is to reduce the body resistance ,will own bioelectric released, then consider the use of the electric eel discharge ability ,to increase the current and voltage .How to lower the body resistance ?Southern Chu thought for a while ,this point is very simple Northface Women's 3 In 1 Sale, the including water ,such as blood ,are electrically conductive ,Chu south to where electricity ,they only need to use a body water and blood in that part tightly connected ,can be in the body shape of many metal wires as the current line water and blood ,is connected to the local resistance is very small ,the rest of the body resistance is very large still ,so it does not appear that current confusion ,and even electric his situation .
This principle is easy to say ,but it is not so easy, the human body is a very delicate world ,a little attention, will produce harmful effects to the body .However ,he has a biological brain chip auxiliary ,changes in body structure ,is not so difficult .
Moreover, the use of such a long ability after Southern Chu ,now my body and strong many ,even if not strengthen the body ,do not optimize the strength and agility ,and other factors, the body is stronger than before some .
It often use ability ,the body still has certain advantages Northface Gore Tex Sale.Chu south down into the bed ,began inside his body ,like a Xiu master general ,able to see their in vivo situations ,but Chu South seems better than general repairs the true master but also strong ,those who master the comprehension within the body are infuriating ,channels etc.
,but Chu South conjoined within capillaries ,blood flow and blood cells are able to clearly analyze .Brain flashed eel discharge when the picture ,then try to use the copy down the electric eel discharge skill ,then ,Chu South jerked his hand, hand a small bulb ,but nothing happens .
... ... Rely on ,failed electric eel is not human Timberland Sandals,Chu south is difficult to directly copied for use ,have converted to their own ability . Come again Chu south again using the electric eel discharge skill ,then ,suddenly reached out ,think current from hand released out ,but in the hands of a small bulb or no response .
Come again Chu South tried again and again ,again and again ,time and time again using the electric eel discharge ability ,finally in half an hour ... ... Buzzing ... ... A current ring ,Chu south in the hands of a small bulb has no reaction ,but feel scalp a hemp ,ran to the front of the mirror at, on ,head all smoke ,head as though it had been electric .
By just like eels ,de novo on discharge . Chu South sudden sweat , ,this is absolutely impossible ,must continue to adjust but ,as long as the ability to emit calls ,is the most successful one after a few minutes ,Chu south head once again take a dozen times cigarette ,hands a small bulb finally flashed ,and then extinguished .
Chu South suppress the joy in my heart, again released a current ,the small light bulb on again ,and continued on ,lasted more than a minute ,Chu south are sure that you can freely control the body electric ,it will be extinguished .
Yeah succeed I can control the biological current . Chu South heart wedding Timberland Classic 3 Eye Shoes,however ,only this point to make a light bulb light current ,is not enough to use in maglev ,Chu south must also increase the voltage and current ,what also not too the eel discharge ,after half an hour grope .
.. ... Southern Chu raised their right hands ,hearts ,right hand on suddenly releases a circle buzzing blue Dianwang -- if someone saw ,would exclaim: ,high voltage electricity .
after many tries and adjustment ,southern Chu finally body biological electric voltage to the thousands of volts ,to the body at the same time especially hand made some changes ,so that they can release a current ,but will not be electrically looked at hand buzzing sound of the blue Dianwang ,Chu South heart excited ,discharge hand ah ,if after and who fights ,lightly touching each other ,can make the other corona the voltage regulation ,high ,can electrocute enemies than electric batons ,Meng also think of here ,Chu South heart suddenly move -- is it right? Can the voltage back up a little ,and then directly to the current remote release out ,long-range goals? Like the sky lightning ,torn empty out uh ,that was the number of million volts ?We did, I electric system the sorcerer Chu South self-deprecating smile ,still put flying things well hand can release current ,Chu South can freely control legs ,feet ,and other parts of body are capable of releasing current for magnetic levitation ,ensuring the power flow source .
Then ,in southern Chu prepared a sewn inside a strong magnet special clothes .However ,Chu Nangang ready to wake up doing these things, but felt aching and limp ,very tired feeling ,in a panic ,remembered that may discharge excessive sequelae ,since it seems even to be able to fly, also cannot always fly, or to rest .
In desperation ,Chu south only tried to use biological brain chips ,for your exhausted body for remission and treatment ,after five minutes ,then restored in southern Chu heart again joy -- hey ,I not only have the flight may be, there is really when electric wizard can ah ,restore too fast ,and eat magic medicine like so ,electric wizard ,and became the southern Chu another new target & ;1t ;!-- if not a chapter of the last page - > ;& ;1t ;!-- end -- > & ;1t ;!-- - if a particular chapter of the last page - > ;.
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