Getting started is the hardest thin

September 28 [Sat], 2013, 11:05

Getting started is the hardest thing in all projects and this was no different. I resetup the room and rechecked my saw settings. After putting up one piece of the top beam, we realized that we would need it to be thicker for things to line up right in the end. So, after a trip to home depot, we restart.

That wasn't too bad, but then we spent lots of hours on figuring out the Tony Romo Elite Jersey first rip angle and calculating how things should progress. It basically took about a day to get one row up.

That is not to say it was a piece of cake, rather the opposite. This was one of the hardest things we've done yet. First, despite that we sorted all of the wood at Home Depot into piles of good, bad ugly, taking up the entire aisle, we still had boards that were not so straight. Secondly, the room is not perfectly square and even, particularly the height that the joists reach down making Miles Austin Authentic Jersey for a slightly wavy ceiling (you can only see it when you are up there). It took a lot of muscle and tweaking slide in and mount each plank. On top of that, working above your head made for some extremely sore shoulders, not to mention the going up and down on the ladders.

I might make a separate post with the details on how this was all put together because it is a pretty interesting project. But for now, here is what the aftermath of the room looked liked when we were done.

And, here is what we paid for with blood, sweat and tears.

A few weekends later it was almost April and we were still making good progress. The weather turned cold making the step of sealing the boards a little more difficult. We chose to use a real lacquer instead of a poly urethane because it dried quicker and requires a bit less care when applying. If I could have found a flat finish poly (which I understand exists), I probably would have chose that, but since I couldn't, the satin finish lacquer would have to do.

The problem with real lacquer is that not only is it flammable (as is poly urethane), the fumes themselves are also flammable. Thus, we had to setup in the cold garage (about 50 degrees) and push through the sealing. (your hand gets quite cold and numb holding a brush for a couple of hours)

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