emperor rudder form the carefully selected wrist form present a gift Father's Day

July 16 [Tue], 2013, 20:07

emperor rudder the form continue it to possess singly a style and release the wrist form that two styles of Rous match elegant style and outstanding function.Lend these two styles of just for ocean but establish of chronometer, the emperor rudder form not only displays its more than 60 years of traditional craft, and the display draw to take inspiration and create the creativity clever thought of vogue design from the history at the same time.The emperor rudder form further combines an esthetics design with uncommon technique, may in order to revive old customs the model of vogue style, this kind of styles all make it become festival to send to the father's best choice.


2012, emperor rudder the form and your whole feeling throw in an extensive and limitless ocean world.This year, the brand will continue it to possess singly a style and release the wrist form that two styles of Rous match elegant style and outstanding function.In order to pay respects to the long history of brand, HeritageBlackBay re- explains 1950's and is diving the making of wrist form deep influence in history form standard.

the mysterious gulf fill the air special atmosphere and draw on many who explore to investigate inside profound mystery.New style of emperor rudder form HeritageBlackBay, imitating the Buddha is this treasure in the gulf to hide.The Heritage series releasing from 2010 draws to take inspiration from the brand come and go of the representative sex form style, let HeritageBlackBay become emperor rudder the form revive old customs spirit of another perfect deduce.

though the emperor rudder form HeritageBlackBay spreads a chemical element to design nowadays, however it creations inspiration but draw from a style of diving wrist that publishes in 1954 form.From release, the emperor rudder form has been carrying on reforming to improve for this style of wrist form, go to the square rest in 1980's.Its circle arch form the dial make a show of to elegantly revive old customs a style detail, rare wine the red outside turn and"snowflake" form point designs like needle,etc, let this outshines others in the form at numerous diving wrists.

although the HeritageBlackBay like deep sea treasure hides a sort mysterious, difficult cover up its uncommon magic power.No matter is come from the lines of the form style of 1954 design, is still fine and form ear that pass through extension, all ability with enrich modern 41 millimeters of stainless steel case of watches of feelings to match perfect.The wrist form watertightness deeply reaches to 200 meters(660 feet) and goes together with to see its elegant qualities more by circle arch glass.But the black surface of little more than circle arch type, match generous of luminous hour marking, it show time to see at a glance.Because its pink gold color points needle present old type form the style Be special to oxidize effect, as a result send forth a light bosom old breathing.Purple red that the another emperor rudder form possesses singly one-way design that then draws lessons from from the 1970's style for revolving an outside turn, see more beautiful after dumb light processing.

emperor rudder the form is dedicated to pursuing the perfect modifier of detail, from print to have the emperor rudder the chaining of form rose sign form hat, with equally match the form hat of purple red bitter end then it is thus clear that one spot.HeritageBlackBay adopts emperor rudder the form exclusively develops of the all new fold type form button up, and have black to knit a line watch band, stainless steel or revive old customs style leather watch band with provide a choice, is this display cultured qualities is as add flowers to brocade as the wrist form of modern manner.

the emperor rudder form HeritageBlackBay model number 79220 Rs

the stainless steel dub out and whet sand case of watch, the diameter is 41 millimeters of

the stainless steel is one-way to revolve an outside turn, go together with purple red of word turn

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