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October 12 [Fri], 2012, 20:15
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Too much of a fortress ,the three rider God s è sternstopped hastily wanted to catch to command the siege dust Lin Colonel Zhang Wanshan .Although Zhang Wanshan is the rank of Colonel ,than in the presence of all three people on a high level ,but for the other side of this promising, promotion and the same rocket fast armored knight ,but dare not neglect the slightest ,truthfully report reported: the above command ,to arrest Lin Chen called a criminal suspect ,the suspect appears to be recognize the GRB 1 ù,going to break out of Mount Huangshan base ! Lin dust ? Who is able to break the Betrayer split wind information blockade of dust Lin ? The three knights in two slightly started ,do not understand just save a flight of more than 300 x ì ng lifehero ,how to become a criminal suspect .
Compared with the two other knights ,as the name for the Yi Zhongyun captain God s è wasimposing much : Lin dust ?The dust Lin what day ,what sin ?Also, now the Mount Huangshan base of the main task is to assist our guards traitors split wind ,wait too fortress knights to transfer ,some minor problems ,small things ,should not at this time ,in case the Betrayer crack the wind thing any accident ,the responsibility you as you .
This ... ... I is not the thing, who after all dust Lin made what crime, in fact I am not very clear ,but ,this command is general Xiao Tianhao personally issued ... ... Xiao Tianhao? Glory of the Knights Knights of rear admiral Xiao Tianhao ? Zhang Wanshan nodded : it is ,the suspect heard we want to temporarily leave him ,as soon as 1 part out of true colors, on my staff hand ,specific injury is unclear ,but now ,a captain had been killed ,that be extremely cruel and merciless shocking ,so this is not a simple the criminals .
To let the Knights of Xiao Tianhao personally ordered the arrest of criminals ,nature can not be an ordinary person . Yi Zhongyun said ,after a moment ,very fast make a decision : square ,you traitor responsible for crack the wind ,not to let him be an opportunity ,Wang Hua ,you and me together with a captain to have a look ,see if can help any busy .
Thank you two . Zhang Wanshan J ī should bea sound ,according to the communication ,fast to a surrounded by tall buildings away ,not to the buildings ,one with the rank of major in middle-aged men have fast run over .
Don formal ,now situation how ,target uniform ? Colonel, the name is Lin dust guy ,too much, not to use the thermal weapons ,we simply could not handle him ,he is now determined to escape, again one thousand people can not be afraid he will be stopped ,according to my estimate ,the human body in class ,at least four level ,but also mental scale ,is not low ,more people could not believe that he has a very rich combat experience ,than the most elite soldiers and elite ,the base of the soldiers have fast sustain ,I request permission to fire .
,Xiao but issued specific orders ,to take him alive !Four level of body of grade ?Mental scale is not low ?It is an official Knight ? A traitor? Yi Zhongyun this time stand out ,God s è ShenDao : I used to have a look ,if it is a body of four official knight ,in can hurt him x ì ng lifecircumstances, only by virtue of the ordinary soldiers ,do stop him .
Captain ,I will trouble you ... ... Yi Zhongyun grunted ,build flash ,straight into the building Nike Air Max 24-7 Sale.However Air Max 87 Shoes Sale,before he entered the building ,a figure as the like, since the building of flying out ,with sensitive to unbelievable degree ,breaking the three soldiers defense ,rushed out ,this moment demonstrated skill and power ,straight let another mecha king of God s è become verysolemn .
Is the official knight ! s what Lin dust ! shoop ! Floor four crack !Dust Lin rushed out instant, easy Zhongyun suddenly moved .Footsteps of force moment, a place to live in the floor all the broken ,the whole person is a smoothbore projectile, bombardment ,in vain to dust Lin killed and go, punching out the moment, even in the void was ringing out array gas explosion ,power ,than the official Knight Jessica Hsuan electrodeless boxing fight power on one times .
Aware of interception over the knight horrible attack ,Lin dust in front of students reverse swing body ,shoulders ,a punched-out ,positive and Yi Zhongyun striking together . ! With a muffled sound ,Lin dust whole person seems to be the blow strength to fly ,maintain a forward direction falling down .
To see this scene ,a colonel ,Wang Hua and others slightly relieved .Their captain ,also seems to cope with him .However ,before this two people with heart completely down ,on a punch ,but did no construction Yi Zhongyun was suddenly thought of what s èa slightchange ,face ,big channel: is the passing of night sky Knights of the occult ,borrow force to make force ,he did not suffer any damage .
.. ... And so on ,his identity of GrB 1 ù,supposedly to run to the outside of the base ,with the fastest degrees left the base Michael Kors Gansevoort,why was now running to the interior of the base core position .
.. ... Not good !His goal is a mecha !Wang Hua ,stop him ! In an instant that the true purpose of the dust Lin Yi Zhongyun ,at this moment, it is face s è big change,the people to the fastest to chase away dust Lin .
Drink !Give me stop ! The first time Wang Hua heard Yi Zhongyun shout rushed up ,was hard road to move Northface Women's Down Jackets, will hit thoroughly tempered mecha Knight kill action .However, his kill action could burst out of all power ,all eyes all the forest dust streams ,over a series of skeletal crackling sound, right hand waving ,after the first to hit the shattered ,air strike ,heavily in the name of Wang Hua knight !Blood spitting ,skeletal fragmentation ,a mecha knight as a broken sandbags ,directly by the an attack on the spot to nullify ,flying out of ten meters distance ,heavy hit the ground .
Wang hua ! Yi Zhongyun roar ,kill the degree should rise again a .The beside Wang Hua Zhang Shangxiao and the command of the commander had not considered whether and Wang Hua together ,went to check dust Lin ,and this time the dust Lin ,have to fast to unbelievable degree rushed to their front, that as if from a pile of dead crawl out of breath let this be a veteran in battle ,straight two Mount Huangshan base of the characters face s èpale,the piece of the colonel ,is what command will no longer take into account ,the first time to pull out a gun ,shots ring out .
However ,no use .Zhang Shangxiao marksmanship before or perhaps is really good ,but this time, he has been dust Lin momentum completely suppressed ,firing a bullet out of no past head ,Lin dust are one-sided ,avoid the bullet ,hands shaking ,about to attack, earthquake Dang positive force into two categories in vivo ,broken body ultimate strength ,their in vivo bone broke all ,were killed on the spot .
Ah ,death ! This time, Yi Zhongyun finally hunted down and ,with the wild force jump ,punch ,as if full ,simply fist contains kill road style Timberland Earthkeepers Sandals,is enough to make any ordinary soldiers to choke .
shoop ! Perceive sound behind the torn empty Lin dust are reversed ,right hand in body torsional moment, one hundred and eighty degrees face empty out ,covered in blood ,constantly running ,body strength in body reverse swing ,fist full mobilization ,second positive and Yi Zhongyun attack hits together .
! Muffled voices again since two boxing ring collide ,there ,there are a large number of bone fracture .Strike under, Lin dust figure even three steps back ,at the foot of the floor ,were he took a large number of fine cracks .
Yi Zhongyun and the Knights captain, in the blow impact force under direct interface vomits blood ,was knocked flying at an altitude of four or five meters ,hard twist body ,fall to the ground ,eyes ,full of pain and fear ! Break the limits of the human body .
.. ... Five body operation ! Side a cry of pain ,the border with body injuries ,retired back .This time, Lin dust as long as the actuating again a series of violent attack ,his fate, never than that has been killing the mecha Knight Wang Hua good to go .
Unfortunately ,Lin dust do not have this opportunity .In two Knight slightly stop him this time ,hundreds of soldiers from the building have been rushed out ,if he is going to kill Yi Zhongyun, I will fall into the endless surrounded by soldiers ,for he robs mecha ,escape space ,extremely adverse .
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