Few words even if it will be your help

October 05 [Fri], 2012, 10:58
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult288 fireman? Husband ' ;> ;,how ? Christie saw Zhuo Ziqiang angrily look ,get asked .
Zhuo Ziqiang refers to a computer screen for a news ,say : he really treat me as their thugs . Christie the Zhuo Ziqiang finger position to look ,mouth reading : the British Empire without provocation ,buckle my summer cargo ships .
A merchant ship only, not to let you run for free ?Few words even if it will be your help ,you may have life Christie harbour evil designs at Zhuo son Jiang laughs . ordinary merchant ,you look at Zhuo strong let Christie see below for details .
In the headline below, there are a small part of summary ,Christie glanced ,said : no wonder you the soup brother is a little anxious . In the summer country in this respect is that the British Empire seized their ordinary merchant ships ,but the British Empire there say this merchant ship delivery is a military use contraband .
After their initial judgment ,pointing out those items most likely is ready for use to big summer country is to build new aircraft carriers .And the third aspects of the country ,is also sold these items in a European country ,say these goods although can be used for military purposes, but does not belong to the scope of the arms embargo .
Due to the large summer country and western country ideological differences ,coupled with a century occurred for some special events ,western countries on summer country initiated twenty year long time the arms embargo ,and continues to the present .
The arms embargo on summer development have caused great negative effect ,but at the same time ,also let big summer country to develop its own military technology, and gradually narrowing the gap with western countries military level ,this is not expected to Western countries .
As the summer country military standard rise increasingly, western countries have gradually loosened the arms embargo indicators, ordinary dual-use equipment also began to open in the summer .
The aircraft carrier is a collection of a number of high-tech products ,in addition to many important parts, various ancillary equipment is also extremely, a big summer country force ,is it right? Be exhaustive ,all independent production .
It imports also can hardly be avoided ,the important equipment in no place to buy ,and other less important parts can be through a variety of means of various channels of import and .The arms embargo is not a dead lever, in many places the dividing line is not clear ,can hit edge ball project is many .
In western countries is not as watertight drums ,for their own interest ,and not very unity between different countries .In the summer country to use economic advantage ,want to a state of differentiation using but not impossible .
As long as no problem in principle ,many things are good .The delivery of these can be used for carrier equipment ,is in this situation .The British Empire as a veteran of the Empire ,the sea extremely vast ,northern and Western Europe ,many of which are under their control .
They patrol vessels can discover and seizure in summer in the ship ,is not surprising .The problem is ,the dual-use goods ,the British Empire can actually turn a blind eye ,pretending not to see it .
After all Northface Men's Denali Jackets, big in the summer and the British empire far apart ,large summer powers almost never expanded to Europe ,so do not need to worry about the order of the British empire .Moreover ,they even seized the goods ,to the arms embargo nominal indefinite detention ,also is not actual ,because these dual-use materials from the legal principle theory of law that is also very difficult to put them under embargo range .
Then the British Empire so what is the reason ?On-line while also proposes several reasons ,but Zhuo Ziqiang also has summed up several own thinking out reason .First of all ,the British Empire to curry favor with the U.
S. the leader ,to do so is to be good .Secondly ,as one of the leading western countries ,the British Empire that inhibition in the summer country ,is undoubtedly their obligatory responsibility and obligation .
Furthermore ,for in the summer is about to start the new aircraft carrier ,many western countries have been reluctant to it one day earlier published, so western strength will be weakened .
And they seized these materials ,will slow the progress of the construction of large aircraft in the summer .As for the last reason ,Zhuo strong isn ,but he was still faint feel, the British Empire was able to do ,have a bit of revenge some time ago in the South China Sea destroyed two warships this thing .
Anyway ,the ship of the British Empire since buckle down ,certainly not in a short period of time to release .Even though they did not confiscate the goods ,would drag on for three five months ,and may be in the summer from other channels to get these materials ,and these materials have completely lost their value .
However ,these materials must not be so easy to have ,otherwise ,the soup will not rush the stiffening to call Zhuo Ziqiang ' ;> ;.In the summer of the military is one of the most important thing ,is the new aircraft carrier of the construction work .
There was no parallel in history. This huge project, at this point the problem ,the army must very angry ,and very anxious .But Zhuo Ziqiang doesn worry, why would he try so hard ?Dragon cloud in ,all power to his avoidance of three homes, he has no sense of crisis ,he why worry ?Also, soup stiffening want him head ,like dragon cloud against South China Sea countries ,deal with Japan South American countries such as Korea that ,let him once again contribute to the country ,fight for the national cause ,he was too good .
He is not big in the summer of Zhuo strong firefighters Timberland Sandals,why to forget about one to these business Zhuo Ziqiang to love boat is buckled to attack South Korea naval base ,it was for a friend ,and also in order to make up for his error and give love caused by accidental loss .
He lay in the South China Sea in summer of China a few less friendly countries North Face Gloves,it is only to let the dragon cloud upgrade ,and also let the sea calmed down ,he was safely under the South China Sea Hing Water base .
As for the attack on army bases, it is only an accident, who makes us want to dragon cloud start ?Now, Tang Jinguang thought of Dongfeng pirate mission is building the party raises a dog going to let him go ahead ,he is completely mistaken .
Dragon Cloud million long-distance Neil Leah North Face Denali Hoodie Sale,forcing Neil Leah to surrender to kill big summer country captain that pirates ,it was just Zhuo Ziqiang cavity of indignation at play .He can do things with their own feelings ,but not to me ,give people when the dog as a gun while his homeland is summer ,and his dragon cloud in acting ,all for the country to consider Dacian ,it was only on the home a warm and utter innocence .
Zhuo strong admitted his patriotic patriotic ,but does not equal to love power .This is the two absolutely different concepts .Tang Jinguang took him as a blind nationalism ,a new era of young cynic ,that he is wrong .
So Zhuo Ziqiang was silent ,do not put the ship arrest event as the same thing . Let me see the news I see you a mother and fart Zhuo strong finish, pressing his anger ,go out of the room .
boss ,you just walk in bed ,now how so spirit ? Ye Chuchu while playing games ,edge and Zhuo strong greeting . Don even think not to sleep ,annoying Zhuo strong is not happy .
Who made the boss of you ?He is it right? Don Said leaf .Zhuo Ziqiang saw Liu Yaqi wasn ,may have retired to bed ,sat down beside Ye Chuchu ,asked : now you can say ,that Liu Yaqi today called on that thing ?Few words Ye Chuchu put down the game ,said to Zhuo Ziqiang about the big bad egg happens .
the big bad egg ,and does not damage the body .That is to say ,his disease ,is only a kind of psychological disease . Zhuo Ziqiang was puzzled : mental illness ?A little mental illness can have so serious ?This is how cause ? Ye Chuchu the following words ,let Zhuo Ziqiang lifted the heart .
In fact ,it all comes from Liu Yaqi .Liu Yaqi within the body of the chip by her emotional activation, induced by a shock wave of energy called spirit ,called the big bad egg to the middle-aged man caused a strong psychological hint ,which led to the big bad egg now condition .
The shock wave is not only in the spirit of the big bad egg was a great harm, but also damaged his body part of the nervous system ,so if there is no good treatment method ,simply can not automatically recover .
He will not recover automatically, but also in spirit and matter in these two areas caused by persistent injuries ,finally became comatose . It sounds complicated appearance, however ,the Liu Yaqi so much ,will not ,for those of us who have effect ? Zhuo strong a little worried and asked .
Ye Chuchu smiled : boss ,you is it right? If you influenced by her ?No, she is not free to use this special ability .It was an accident ,her feeling a bit emotional ,spiritual energy is suddenly increased by dozens of times it appears today in this accident .
In general ,she is not induced by this ability .So she thoroughly mastered the ability ,not more accidents occur .So the boss you are safe Zhuo strong it slightly laid down the heart ,this Liu Yaqi ,also really lets the human worry about the boss ,I think North Face Bionic,if possible ,you let her alone outside life .
On her body the special ability will be more and more obvious ,accidentally exposed to something, it would be a big problem . Ye Chuchu reminds Zhuo strong .Zhuo Ziqiang think it is, if Liu Yaqi had appeared strange phenomenon, may be all aspects of awareness ,there is little not when the mouse .
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