God level master is willing to eat spar

September 28 [Fri], 2012, 18:39
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: Timberland 3 Eye Sale, relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultGuo Pu himself ,but never let anyone find out any traces !And he did so ,many from his hand with a variety of heirloom treasures in exchange for to spar remission as pressing danger family ,is unconsciously protected him !This is a kind of psychological !Guo Pu caught the old man here in its publicity, Li Changan is smart ,also appeared on the blind spot !The old man seems to be full of worries among the eyebrows ,and a bit of be confound at ,just buried deep, others can not see ,but Guo Pu was able to know !He is very direct pointing at himself on the opposite side of a chair ,wait until the old man sat down ,he smiled : what for ? The old man carefully one look at Guo Pu ,which is let out a sigh of relief ,is somewhat embarrassed said: a little good stuff ,young man ,you will be interested in .
Guo Pu smiled ,from the space inside the ring out of a thumb size ōroundedenergy crystal ,watching the old man slowly, very elegant shook his head : I only interested interested ! The old man smiled and said: re not here in J āeasy?Without further ado ,young people ,now that I come to you, you must know my identity now embarrassed !That damn thief ,don let me see him, otherwise ,I will have to tear out his ,he is now the holy city enemy !Change a place ,I will pay attention to my image ! Guo Pu chuckled ,watching the old man smiled: the thief ?You said that bet buy and guy ?Oh ,his luck ,but nice, you hate him, but I was very grateful to him !Without him, how can I go from your hands, to get the interesting things ? Every see Guo Pu people are said to catch the thief ,whatever, but Guo Pu sat in front of them, with their family energy crystal in exchange for their hand on a variety of antique treasures ,which is somewhat ironic and amusing !So Guo Pu had say such things at all those old man asked : you have a look ,I like the thief ? Similarly, the old man smiled at Guo Pu ,said the others said : young man ,you are very humorous ! Guo Puxiao who nodded ,sketch the old collect comes up, Guo Pu will be his right hand in front of the desk ,finger tapping at a few times ,whispered : ,I almost look at a Lima auction of some of the information ,I heard some good stuff in some people hands ,if you can help I am busy matchmaking, I will have an additional reward ! The old man wink ,as if thinking of sth.
laughed : Oh ?Young man ,you know who I am ? Guo Pu nodded : two big ruling one side red man ,how could I not know ?To tell you the truth ,I have a lot of energy crystals ,of course ,this is my family through some underhand means to get ,you know my family is what to do ,so Michael Kors Crossbody Bags Outlet,I need this way to wash white ,and you, just ,you now missing it ! Guo Pu continued the old man said lowly to Lu à nmade some related words to make a long story short ,in a word ,he is to take advantage of this time, in a flagrant way to wash white .
The old big eyes staring blankly at Guo Pu ,he was shaking the head : young man ,I didn these words ,damn it ,if not the very period ,guys like you ,maybe had been directly as a rebel pickets arrested for !Good good !To talk about our business, you need anything ,just give me a ,satisfied with the price ,I can always give you hold on the line ! Guo Pu directly handle that one energy crystal plug to the old man hand !The old man very unkind to watch Guo Pu said : this is the price you pay ? Two days !The daring in the holy city bomb guy ,just disappeared !Temple ,Presbyterian Timberland Men's Earthkeepers Cupsole Chukka,dispatched together three thousand God level master ,and basically the sacred city of all the army ,outer space fleet ,the holy city in an airless, even all the civil aviation fleet has full stop ,under rug ,but gave no catch that guy a sweat á!God Presbyterian wrath !Li Changan ,the first time that this guy is directly Guo pu !So he has ,overall leader this time to arrest the task !In the Oracle Helian Tieshu visited Presbyterian elders Qisha after cold ,ice ,which is Wusang Qin ,and Li Changan together !This time together Timberland Women's 8 Inch Boots Cheap, on the holy Empire and what is the role of play a decisive role can make nothing of it ,but its direct result is the sacred city ,the various forces and the é Nefficiency ,by a large margin !Together will benefit both sides ,where two losses !While the holy city of hearsay now in crazy rumors ,a family ,the loss of what ,have to take out family property or other ancestral antiques auction !A family because at this time because of the pressure on the middle of the bet all family property to break the Dutch act of bankruptcy !Many ,is about the had ambitions leopard bile ,dare in the holy city bomb guy ,Guo Pu is portrayed as a monster with superhuman powers .
But this time, Guo Puzheng hung a piece by Guo Xiaoyao Super Brain designed a handsome to íde.the toy boy .He is doing his best to hold his apologetic ,smiling and laughing in the Holy City home auction, big-spending bought many very valuable treasure ,his side ,followed by an auction designed é nas he is equipped with the nvsh ì ,are surrounded by his side .
In this two days ,Guo Pu has been through a number of secret channel ,get a genuine goods at a fair price identity card !One from a remote planet !Money in the home not to count the black sheep !The energy equivalent of spar as guy is not much, but definitely not !Although the energy crystals in the sacred star is a treasure of incomparable resources ,but there will always be people who can master a lot of this resource ,not unusual !Like the holy city of a lot of family ,a family can afford five thousand cubic meters, can rely on God level master each year two cubic quota .
Can save so much? Two cubic ,just also can maintain a small God God family practice and life !God level master is willing to eat spar ,but using spar for extra raw liquid and enhanced liquid ,to provide family days younger brother taking !In any place ,as long as there is day and night ,in the same way, god holy even if all are noble, here also lacks some secretly doing other tasks !The black community ,not just the product of the earth !According to Guo Pu sensitive unparalleled sense ,he took less than three hours ,when the God the holy city found a é nengaged in various shady activities !Get identity card .
The two day ,he came to the club before the auction ,in the holy city by some important place ,do a lot of things !No matter what the outside too much movement, at the moment he was this is called Lima auction house designed é noffered him a comfortable accommodation hotels that spacious lobby sitting !Transparent outside the walls ,is a pile of rough soldiers ,on the individual aircraft continued !The auction house in the holy city is very famous ,the background is very hard ,so although is a temple and the Presbyterian together, but in two days, inspected twenty times !It is in some other places, every time, have carry loaded guns soldier ,in the temple and Presbyterian God level master guide below Timberland Kid's Boots Cheap, continue to import ,no less, digging three feet .
A person dressed very neatly in the elderly ,in the Guo Pu personal nvsh ì whoaccompany below, go to the lobby !Nvsh ì whorespectfully to the elder refers to the look of Guo Pu here ,old man nodded ,sketch nvsh ì whowent down ,then immediately he came to Guo Pu !The old man deliberately placed heavy footsteps ,footsteps alerted Guo Pu ,he raised his head ,looked at the old man ,is a proud heart !It is a poor during the unfortunate find é n!Old man, I was waiting for you !.
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