main reason is that I let my wife

September 28 [Fri], 2012, 14:40
Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresult028 Yang Chen won all jade bud international headquarters staff concerns ,many staff began to put this to probation learned men as at one to talk about ,still do not have formal job ,Yang Chen was most known signed on the spot after the trial contract ,Yang Chen was Mo Qianni led into the public relations Department ,located in the jade bud international eighteen layers ,one layer is the public relations of the site entered the office area ,a lot of people stood up and clapped their hands to welcome the arrival of Yang Chen ,after all, the vast majority are female staff ,to join a male colleague ,female children are happy to Jonny let Yang Chen simple after the introduction ,let him follow in her ministerial office in addition to simple placed Jipen carefully packed Clivia ,no embellishment ,neat tabletop and walls in various forms Timberland Men's Custom Boots,itinerary marker indicates where the owner has a good working quality and efficiency not hook style Yang Chen to his boss or appreciate ,this woman is shown by the intellectuality beautiful alluring ,but much is that confidence and wisdom timberland uk,let life not blasphemous thoughts ,visible so young Can I sit on such listing Corporation senior positions ,not only long beautiful can sit down ,do you need something to drink? Mo Qianni smiled gently no, not thirsty Yang Chen Mo Jonny shook his head smiled and shook her head ,still go to the drinking water machine edge a cup of water to him, I ask you to drink ,not to let your thirst ,meaning is to talk to you.
You say you thirsty ,not equal to refused to sit down and talk ?Later you will be our PR department ,these simple hint not confused Yang Chen some entangled, and immediately by the boss did ,some laughs helplessly : this .
.. ... Miss Mok ,I is a redneck ,what also run some errands ,these business talk, it not . I don fluent in Italian ,Devin and no fault see Italy pure handmade clothing master hand man ,is called a Mo Qianni bright and beautiful eyes looking straight Yang Chen ,half rely on his desk , this figure Niaonapingting .
.. ... Yang Chen Mo Qianni sharp words to refute ,we only stall , Ms. Mok, whether you believe it or not ,I just want to find a job ,in fact even the PR is what I didn of course ,have now signed the contract ,I will try ,I just say the truth only Mo Jonny see Yang Chen looks like fake, changed the subject : I just look at your material ,the material you provide only a few ,the United States Harvard University Marketing Management MSc and diploma but because of all the applicants ,only you have the United States of America Ivy League schools diploma ,so you break was nominated in the final assessment list now it seems we have done nothing wrong ,at least you in foreign language and clothing have a very outstanding accomplishment good luck ,luck .
.. ... Listen to the beautiful woman boss in front of a torrent of words ,even against the bullets are not a frown wrinkles Yang Chen suddenly feel guilty Mojonny Yang Chen shallow story seemed dissatisfied ,to take their seats in silence while later ,asked: Yang Chen ,since you don the public relations work ,why come to apply for the position ? To tell you the truth ? Do you think I want to listen to the lies ? I think you might like to listen to the lies, the truth if you can Yang Chen some feel shy openings to tell the truth, I want the truth is Jonny some angry ,the staff did not fear to boss Yang Chen took a deep breath , well ,actually I come to apply for the position ,main reason is that I let my wife for individual point office job .
you wife let you find decent work ? Mo Qianni felt faint , a mi asked: you what? Uh ... ... I am selling mutton string ,in Western markets ,do not know if you have not seen me ,a fast half an year Yang Chen somewhat head and laughing Mo Qianni feel crazy ,selling mutton string ?Carefully selected from a large group of elite elected only a qualified staff ,is a selling mutton string ? I don think that is a good joke ,Yang Chen ,I hope you don ,that making a fool of yourself.
Mo Jonny as possible to make myself to be in a calm mood ,Yang Chen heard ,some wonder ,how is this fool ?So face serious pures colors : Miss Mok ,you can despise my occupation ,but you can despise my personality Michael Kors Cases Cheap,although I am just a selling mutton string ,but I have no reason for it is without rhyme or reason.
My occupation make fun of my selling mutton ,I am proud of Mo Jonny beautiful face on a piece of egg white gnash the teeth in anger ,tunnel: don fool me ?Harvard University graduate ,fluent in two or more foreign languages, can see Italy handmade products of man ,is a selling mutton string ?The other candidates ,the rest of the world to those people, what are they ?It is the vegetable vendors ? Unexpectedly, an angry words finished ,Yang Chen also really think seriously ,bow fell after a few moments, replied : Miss Mok ,they had not had sold food I don but you can ask them you .
.. ... You ... ... Mo Qianni felt very dizzy, before the eyes of the animal mind how long ?He is really human ?See the boss suddenly face upwelling of Qi and blood ,plump chest fluctuating ,Yang Chen knew he has gotten into trouble ,still do not have formal work the boss to gas does not light ,but Yang Chen really don know what to do ,they don yourself tell lies ,to tell the truth and angry, this is their own how to do ?Forced himself to death prop up not talking Mo Qianni was one of the boys ,although not hit a gas ,can quickly adjust mood, just see Yang Chen eyes no longer like before so friendly, apparently will Yang Chen as a dandy ,make fun of her to think of these, Mo Jonny sneered : well, I don like you say ,your office seat in the third row to the right outside ,have helped you out ,staff will give you submit work ,you can go.
Oh ,thank you, Miss Mok ,then I go first Yang Chen feel a sense of relief ,just stood up ,suddenly reminded of what ,turned back to pick up the table isn drink of that cup of water ,with gudonggudong quaff Timberland Women's High Top UK, wiped his mouth with the sleeves out of the office Mo Qianni to see this scene ,it is a her willow-leaf shaped eyebrows rose.
,just feel reluctant to see more Yang Chen half eye ,but thought to have signed a contract ,if you want to advance .Yang Chen ,must pay a penalty ,such initiatives must go through to become president ,after all, even if is a probation period ,is also the headquarters staff ,and company management is no longer the same starting point thought, Mo Qian Minnie or dial directly a phone .
.. ... Hello phone that woman clear soft Mo Qianni hesitated ,and said : the president ,I want to fire today call probation PR man ,he has a serious attitude timberland sale uk,integrity and ability ,specific for many reasons ,I hope to get your approval called the woman president of silence later ,before: you never very cautiously, since the signing of the contract ,and why .
You immediately take his information to send me up ,I have seen later . well, the president Mo Jonny hangs up, some helpless sigh ,and then open the database ,through the company
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