Huang Chengde naturally understand

October 13 [Sat], 2012, 16:31

> Yi Chen to take care of his brother, he can not afford to lose anyone, his brother is his only family in this world, he wants to take care of themselves, not just because of the year to make up for their own mistakes, more importantly, This blood is thicker than affection, and he will not let go. wWw,Michael Kors Shoulder Sale, quanbeN, cOM Yat Ming finally wake up, wake up the first thing is you want to see Yi Chen,Northface Backpacks, he just wants to see his brother, and now he has lost to rely on, has no security sense if, look less than my brother if he is afraid that would collapse the. The Yat Ming opened his eyes, he saw this time, Yi Chen's hand is holding his own hand, looked at his eyes, look into the kind of anxiously obvious. Yat Ming, do not be afraid, brother will take care of you, rest assured. relied on, if he can not give his brother a sense of security, then, then, my brother may really be mad, he just hope his brother can grow up happy and healthy. Brother,Northface Women's Denali Jackets, mom really leave we? Why, one night, my mother left it, and why? Mother life did not do bad things, God Why so unfair? Yat Ming heart side was wronged. Yat Ming, do not be sad, people are illness and death, which the laws of nature, and so will be irresistible, until one day, we will experience, this is only a matter of time, we two Dependence, brother, will take good care of you. The two of them now is the closest person in the world, and no one else to rely on, they can only rely on each other, in a hospital inside, they can not afford to live in expensive hospital fees,North Face Denali Jackets Sale, that they can not cope played by Yat Ming is no serious problem, and was discharged the next, the things they have to do a lot of the funeral of the mother to do, the two of them are not handling this kind of thing, do not know how to do? Fortunately, all these years, their relationship with neighbor Huang Dashu pretty good, Huang Dashu all came to take care of them, this time, been able to come to the hospital, thanks to Huang Dashu up. Returned home after Huang Dashu also help them to spend time with this thing. The Huang Dashu is a single, whose real name is Huang Chengde, his wife divorced him, and listen to what others say his wife with a rich talent with his divorce, and they had no children, he never knot over marriage, marriage is not assured, not married. Yi Chen, this time your mother go, and your family all depends if you insisted, you have to take care of your brother. Huang Shu, I know, I'll shine Gu Yiming. Just finished, this time, ringtones wanted it, he just looked embarrassed Huang Chengde, Huang Chengde naturally understand: , went to one side to pick up the phone when he saw Yat Ming tidy up at home with her mother's photo eyes into tears, his heart side 不是滋味儿. Ge Morrowind is his good friend, he lived with four roommates. organization what Charity Conference, fundraising what he most do not want to see this scene, he does not like to accept the charity of others, so are good friends, he does not want a good friend to do so. However, Ge Morrowind reason to call, but also because he has to figure out what was going on, he would not no reason to fight over. you has not been me as a brother. where it is not so intend not told us. Chen Wei Ge Morrowind said their dormitory roommate relationship with him is not very good, can not say that bad, is kind of plausible kind, he was originally a reluctance to provoke others people, what things are is over, things will never become large. Not ready to tell ye funeral day my mom. . That time can do, ah, this time, your home side certainly busy, this time, do not help, go to day, these brothers that face? And very angry. said. The Ge Morrowind is such a person, work organized, very neat, he is also very envious Ge Morrowind style of doing things, but he has been not Zhefan ability. <

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