The middle-aged man had not said anything

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Traincollector HTML simple template model , relationresultTags: title , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: , relationresultTags: time , relationresultAbstract the 418th chapter to Nangong at the beginning of the home -- Chapter 418th to Nangong at the beginning of Home Zhang Maohe Hu Qingluan out of the room when the wolf ,felt a cold front from two people to upload ,frighten a shiver ,drew back down the neck ,black wolf with cold look at Zhang Mao ,weak weak asking , Sir, I didn good ? Then ,the wolf is a smoke .
This guy ! Zhang Mao angry laugh . Well, let eat it, Grandpa estimated wait will let the wolf came to tell us . Hu Qingluan took a spade arm ,said with a smile . Well ! Zhang Ma nodded ,two people smile face toward the restaurant to go .
The meal, Hu Jingguo was no less fun piece of Maohe Hu Qing Luan ,Zhang Mao is indifferent, a face grinning at Hu Qing Luan ,but Hu Qing Luan ,from small to large, has never been so had taunted ,face from time to time on the red one ,made her a meal down through the heart flutter jump has been a flop .
When Hu Jingguo heard the blood parameters message ,all with J ī move,five y-o material finally has a message ,it concerns his disease ,how can he not j ī dynamic. Luan ,in any case Timberland Custom Boots Cheap,blood parameters both shizaibide ! Hu Jingguo to Hu Qingluan said solemnly .
Grandpa ,you can rest assured ,I and Zhang Mao that buy a ticket to south of the Five Ridges ! Hu Qingluan firm confidence, returned to normal the cool appearance ,but the cold face under a never melts the ice ,had become a gentle .
Qing Luan ,this is my first time to go to south of the Five Ridges, do you ? Zhang Mao held Hu Qingluan ,asked softly . I should be third times ! Hu Qingluan laughed ,full of silently conveyed tenderness at Zhang Mao ,said , several times before business ,and help Grandpa go to Nangong to attend the activities .
The hidden world family really so strong? Zhang Mao is skeptical , just because they are martial arts family ? so simple ! Hu Qingluan laughed gently, helping Zhang Mao to explain , the hidden world family of secular power ,they are passed hundreds of years or even thousands of years of family ,don how many people ,how could only with martial arts can be of great importance to the country .
Hu Qingluan was not slow to explain ,Zhang Mao listened ,nodded from time to time . They are secular force is too powerful, either in the military field ,business ,or politics ,the hidden world family has a substantial portion of the J īng,just to cover up the secular human eyes ,many hidden world family has changed the name ,such as Minamimiya O ,he now name is Li Keguo .
Hu Qingluan said ,in the eyes of l- out of a smile .Li Keguo. At this time Zhang Mao had surprised ,Li Keguo is the Chinese military commander ,this right is the main earthquake .Such a thought, a Maoye just now .
I see. Smile ,Zhang Mao asked nothing more ,the problem back to the Nangong family , Qing Luan ,Nangong family is the most powerful character strength how ? Top level ! Hu Qingluan tone dignified replied , so ,we this time estimate is not easily procurable ,blood parameters like this are very precious y-o material ,these hidden world family will have a special use ! You are right ,blood parameters values not so simple ,even some hidden y-o inside, the martial arts also have great benefits ! Zhang Mao responded , however ,we are discussing, now just know blood parameters in Nangong family hands ,what they used to do what we do not yet know ,look at the situation .
Well ! Hu Qingluan nodded .Two people laughing and talking in three hours later ,the plane off when someone to meet Hu Qing luan .Twenty minutes later ,the car to a luxury villas ,Zhang Mao at the Nangong family with great quantity ,but wait until the car in, really shocked .
The luxury villas is the cover of the Nangong family ,the real core of villas in the middle of a ancient architecture .This ancient building looks is estimated to be several hundred years of history ,ancient s- ancient incense ,so Zhang Mao couldn television will see .
The hidden world family do not in general ! A d I laughed , Qing Luan ,which Nangong family you have no acquaintance ,the way we walk how no one up questioning ,does Nangong family can enter ? Has a good greeting ! Hu Qingluan replied .
Car parking ,parking on this time ,there are five or six middle-aged people in western dress and leather shoes already Marquis there ,until Hu Qingluan got off ,they rushed him ,led a middle-aged man to Hu Qingluan smiled and said: welcome to Miss Hu to Nangong again ! Hu Qingluan on the middle-aged man smiled ,said something light , take me to see Nangong uncle ! Miss Hu ,please come here ! The middle-aged man had not said anything ,look in Zhang Mao said on the body many stopped for a few seconds ,with two people in a house to go .
At this point, the parlour sat three people ,two middle-aged an elderly .Nangong falls next to the old man : three elders frowned ,Hu Qing Luan come to this time is blood parameters ,how do we decide ? The old man is the Nangong family of three elders in Nangong y- ,Nangong y- smile face ,listened to Nangong falls words ,replied : we fall Timberland Chukka Boots,they open condition .
Three elders ,but we do not lack anything ! Nangong falls a quizzical look . Oh Nangong y- laughed , we don what is missing ?They want blood parameters simply in order to cure ,do not forget ,we also seems to be just missing a y-o material ! Three long always say elders disease ? Nangong falls face s- change ,think of a possible .
Yes ,brother without anyone knowing ,but now has not tow again ,only to find the white y- sunflower can let his disease better ! Nangong y- s- serious , we can not let the family know elders matter, but can put forward completely the requirements .
White y- sunflower our Nangong home to all can not find ,Hu can find ! Nangong fell puzzled . You can rest assured ! Nangong y- Nangong falls smiled ,did not say much .This time, someone came and reported to Hu Qingluan .
Hurry up please guests come in ! Nangong falls to the servant said .A minute later . Nangong uncle ! Hu Qing in her eyes fell in Nangong who, with a smile ,a polite greeting . Qing Luan ah ,what brings you here ,why not earlier and Nangong say uncle Timberland High Top Boots, I sent for you ! Nangong street one face smile ,the servant said, don hurry to prepare tea ! Zhang Mao hearts sneer .
Nangong family is the first family of South of the Five Ridges ,Zhang Mao said that if two people got off the plane. If they don know the way ,at this time but also l- a face asks, but already knows .
Hu Qingluan smiled without a word, look around ,see next to the Nangong y- s- ,God was variable ,busy to say hello, Qing Luan seen three elders ! Oh ,qingluan ah ,hurry up and sit down ,and I kind of need ! Nangong y- obviously and Hu Qingluan understand .
Zhang d mind easily, immediately understood the meaning of Hu Qingluan ,she was told his Nangong y- identity and strength .Nangong family of three elders are prefecture-level congenital .
Three elders welcome, Qing Luan this time things bother you retreat ,you can not happy Timberland Leisure UK! Hu Qingluan laughed . Where the words ! Nangong y- laughed , I and Fung old friend, you and my old bones so polite ? Then, Nangong y- gaze from a Maoshen run ,on the face of a flash s- ,busy ask : did not know the young man how to address ? Zhang Mao smiled ,to the Nangong y- respect : junior Zhang Mao ,met former Nangong ! Zhang Mao ? Nangong y- binocular sh- two J ī ng light,then laughed , ,it is the hero of youth ,Nangong red from defeat in your hands is his inferior ! Zhang Mao chuckled a sound ,the Nangong y- s- all catch the eye of God ,be entirely absorbed ,busy replied: predecessors ! Oh.
Next to the Nangong falls eye one bright Timberland 3 Eye Shoes Cheap, a name he bases this as this generation family heir certainly heard ,but Zhang Maoduo looked on .Nice. Nangong fell at several of Zhang Mao eyes also praised .
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