the several sneaking figure

October 11 [Thu], 2012, 16:44
Just enter burrows ,Chen Mu four will directly to the insect hole City Chamber of Commerce Center went, after just discussed, in a fixed order equipment to enhance product under the premise ,has the top grade silver suit Chen Mu nature does not need to be additionally the purchase of equipment ,and as the wind is hiding occupation ,also have their own exclusive occupation equipment ,only if there is no good equipment ,so Chen Mubian offers to buy a set of equipment like clouds .
Worm holes City Chamber of Commerce ,and other local chambers of Commerce Center, so the of great momentum .With the city known as the city of insect hole ,wherein the center of the chamber is more than other places, to the prosperity of .
Chen Mu were walking in the center of the chamber ,an easy and natural way ,not unlike other game player left in the center of the chamber ,but also wary of thieves stealing ,after all the stone of God the Rahm but the thieves guild two thieves stealing one of its God ,is the one of basic ability .
Chen Mu is constantly watched chamber of Commerce Center booth thing ,for dark camp equipment ,Chen Mu is really not understand ,he asked : cloud clouds ,you see in what equipment ,you say so ,I am also not clear .
Clouds shook his head and said: dragon fights ,I forget ,I not good at fighting ,the brand is only with little wind ,you should not spend money . Chen Mu listened to such words ,seem as if thinking of sth.
,suddenly ,he said happily : like clouds ,I know ,we go upstairs and have a look . Chen Mu excited would directly took like a hand ,let the clouds shy about, when she heard the wind behind your way ,is more charming unceasingly, but pretended angry ,whispered to the wind said: wind ,you .
.. If a sister angry ,quickly be poker-faced said: Oh ,sister ,I went to have a look two buildings ,two buildings have better equipment . Chen herd to his ideas ,and no attention to wind and clouds between small action ,he listens to the wind ,interface: on Nike Air Max TN Shoes,wind ,we go to the two floor have a look ,estimation of the good things on the two floor ,I just didn think of this point .
Ha ha ,if so ,it may have to take the Dragon elder brother elder sister, I give you open . Then ,the two building to hastily ran .Chen Mu listening to the wind ,a look at side clouds, found her upright drum drum glared at the wind ,when she discovers that Chen Mu looked at his time ,face immediately red like drops of blood Timberland 3 Eye.
Chen Mu sighed and shook his head ,for the clouds : like clouds ,we up . Chamber of Commerce Center two buildings ,although it is very crowded ,but two buildings stall quality ,is a building to better than .
Chen Mu his left hand holding the clouds, holding the right hand of Lucia ,followed by the wind ,a line of four continuous view two floor of the stall .But ,although the two floor of the stall is very much, but to find a set of female worship equipment ,but also not easy .
Bold ,where the thieves ,dare in front of me to steal, you do not want to mix, is it right? ? Suddenly ,a shout to attract the attention of everyone around .All the people watching the wind pulling a thieves like men ,from two to the station and look, estimation is the thief stealing something was discovered .
Although the worm holes is thief and brigand occupation at its place ,but also the theft occurred most frequently in the place ,but these are the things secretly ,no one is willing to take these things to the table .
Chen Mu turned his head, looked at the thief to tremble with terror ,such as : the wind ,how to return a responsibility ? Such as black looked at the thief ,Chen Mudao : dragon elder brother ,just this thief want to steal sister stuff, just I found .
Chen Mu nodded ,also not say more ,look at Lucia and if two people with a fearful facial expressions ,the wind road : since there is no anything, just let him go ,after all, worm holes city is the birthplace of thieves ,we also not too difficult for these people .
As the wind as the insect hole city birth game player ,natural clear burrows city situation ,he released the thief ,when he said : you hear me well ,I was called the first city of the insect hole such as wind ,next time you want to steal things ,I see clear .
I know .I know .The panic is over, he ran quickly to where . Everybody looks quickly ,the latest good equipment ,quantity ,and silver levels of equipment ... Just then ,a shouts from afar ,disturb the preparation of bystanders ,a time that silence chamber of Commerce Center ,once again become lively rise .
Fortunately, imprinted in booths set up ,unlike the reality that ,need and the owner face-to-face transactions ,just remember the pitch number Nike Air Max Skyline Sale,opened the chamber of Commerce Center of the trading system, select their own want to view the booth ,can clearly see the stall on a commodity .
Four Chen Mu went to a more open place ,directly open the chamber center trading system ,when they enter the booth number ,stall things ,let them be startled at ,because this stall on a lot .
The stalls on the equipment ,direct contains dark factions all public occupation ,from grade forty-five to grade sixty-five in all two rotating equipment ,but Chen Mu needs of female worship equipment ,is a lot of lying on the pitch .
If the stalls on the equipment number ,just give a little surprised feeling ,then this booth ,up to dozens of pieces of silver grade equipment ,it is to let Chen Mu surprised ,after all the current silver equipment ,unlike the game starts as scarce ,but also are absolutely tight goods .
A price of ten ,hundreds of thousands of equipment ,directly to such a scare ,family unhappy she ,how ever seen so much money ,there is any piece of equipment price ,is sufficient to resolve her several years ,even decades consumption .
Clouds at Chen herd ,a little afraid said: dragon fights ,I think I don I really can receive these things . Chen Mu gave the clouds a relieved look ,said with a smile : you don ,like ,when I lent you well, next time you need, give it back to me, I can still be these equipment sold ah ,we buy only temporary period of time .
Like to hear Chen Mu ,immediately said : Oh ,sister ,the equipment just dragon brother lend it to you ,you will not refuse ,we take the time ,I also want to evolve my occupation suit ,then I can protect her .
Clouds look dragon war ,also looks like wind, cannot be denied she had to point nodded: Okay ,dragon war ,but will buy some general equipment it ,anyway I can also evolve ,and strength is not bad .
Dragon war smiled and nodded ,direct spent hundreds of thousands of gold ,buy a set of silverware down ,incidental equipment skills sacrificial equipment ,again in the clouds was irresistible circumstances ,finally persuaded many to accept this outfit .
Look at the clouds was wearing a heavy silver appearance, Chen herd couldn ponder said: wind ,you say your sister in this outfit, good or bad ? As the smile face said : I found that you wear this outfit ,directly from the beauty of promotion to the fairy .
Wind ,you lied to sister ,sister which have so good . Like a red face ,a pair of small daughter mentality ,so charming way .If a face orthochromatic ,cried out : sister ,the wind which dare to deceive you, Lucia ,you are a child ,the children do not lie ,you say that like sister whether well or not ? Lucia still stand beside Chen Mu ,blinking his eyes watching the clouds, after a while ,like seriously said: like a sister ,Lucia ,Lucia doesn lie ,like a sister to see .
As the wind at the interface: you see, I didn tell a lie . Chen Mu looked at three people ,like a face ,be said more and more red ,finally stop : well, since if the equipment has been bought ,we will go to the blacksmith ,our equipment evolution .
Such as a ,he urged : yeah yeah ,dragon, brother ,sister ,we go, but I was unable to hold oneself back ... Such as brother ,hate ,you haven said to Lucia ,Lucia must go to the .
.. If a face sorry : was ,is ,and our lovely Lucia ,we get going ... Chen Mu a go forward with great strength and vigour from chamber of Commerce Center out of the chamber of Commerce Center ,not far from the corner ,suddenly out of the several sneaking figure, in which a person was be the wind caught the thief ,he respectfully to one person said: Captain ,that person is our first pickpocket burrows city wind, I also he was caught .
The man heard this, wonder at his eyes ,smiled: ghost hand ,did not think you have caught a day ,this is not like you . The sub-type face awkward said : Hey ,Captain North Face Kids North Face,just a mistake ,a mistake .
Well, no matter he is it right? Just a mistake ,but from this point can be seen ,the so-called first thief ,but also has the strength of . The man said, glancing at the sub-type ,said seriously : you give me a good tracking these people, I went to inform the master, we contact you .
Was ,is ,Captain, I must have that several people to live . Ghost hand finished, looked at the man nodded and left, called out with several other people ,to Chen Mu with the past .
Chen Mu and wind et al and gone on the road ,but always has someone behind feeling ,he often look back through ,but found nothing, suddenly behind the wind : wind ,I found that someone is tracking us ,you can see who ? As the wind as a thief ,but powerful ability ,and ability to steal away ,nature is little not the tracking ability ,he heard the words of Chen Mu ,immediately opened skills ,show up around the situation .
But ,regardless of how he viewed, in addition to a transparent shadow ,the stream never stops flowing. In the city ,also hard to find some unusual things .After a while ,he shook his head to Chen Mudao : dragon elder brother ,I did not find any .
Chen Mu nodded ,puzzled : is it me ? Alas ,dragon, brother ,you and I are three master ,can be regarded as the top brand of strength, and is now in the city ,where there will be nothing .
As the wind out ,followed by pointing to a building : well, dragon battle brother ,smithy to ,we go to upgrade equipment ,then we will not afraid of other people . Chen Mu turned to look, find the blacksmith has arrived ,but also had to put on your thinking ,subtle : well ,then we have advanced to .
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