but Wang Shuji woman Shuigan Dong aging

October 24 [Wed], 2012, 17:22

Romantic novels permanent net website, keep in mind! After the start of the dinner, Song Fugui reach for the glass first cup motioned to the king Musheng said: , I have not had time you eat it! Please remember the site's URL: Fiction Network. President of the Court, Ho Chi Minh appear Song Fugui all of the new county party secretary polite, his heart started playing the drums, the heart paralysis, this Laosong like said Secretary Wang bow that I standing on his side dry eggs! choice, not as good a choice standing Secretary Wang Fu-wide heart ...... Financial Secretary Lang also some small idea, because he knew Laosong This is closer to the Secretary Wang, at least on the surface , as secretly how the matter is not important, because on the surface bow, it has proven a Laosong a little afraid of this new Secretary Wang. As for Liu Tiannian deputy magistrate and the Secretary for Education, Mr Yang Xiaofu, both of them did not feel that there is nothing wrong, as the men think that after all, the county party heavyweights Secretary Wang, the Standing Committee of the Song Shuji toast to him is a matter of course. Financial Secretary Lang blessing width silently observing the situation, he was also understood, it appears that the new the Secretary Wang comparable former county party secretary Liu Changlin domineering, so he waited king wood raw two dishes, busy to reach for the glass: Secretary is really his mother a very will to things, No wonder the former county party secretary Liu Changlin related to him had confrontation ... be touched glasses, Wang Mu-sheng dan xiao jokes sentence: look at the old Lang body fat fat big guy to listen to, all could not help but burst out laughing a music Kazakhstan Buy Canada Goose...... Lang blessing width busy 囧 laughed: Oh, turbid water are fat. fear I also afraid I ferret out your problem. As County Financial Secretary in the financial, certainly there are some problems, we are well aware of that. Pending Lang blessing wide toast after successively, the deputy magistrate Liu Tiannian Secretary for Education Yang Xiaofu are all King Wang Mu-sheng wine. Fortunately, Wang Mu-sheng born big drinker, not afraid of this wheel war. Song Fugui seen The new county party secretary, although young, but he's the kind of inanimate and sophisticated far beyond the former county party secretary Liu Changlin. The new Secretary Wang, both are far above Liu Changlin. The Secretary Wang political realm, Song Fugui heart is feeling some shame. Think, people on a 21-year-old young man, you mess with the location of the county party secretary up, and in all aspects of performance beyond imagination, so Song Fugui feel some shame. This toast is a luxurious, The Wang Musheng also understood to be a first round wheel war over, he had a little rest for a while, eat some vegetables, pressure pressure Jiujin, then they also began eleven retaliate North Face Gloves Sale. Two down, Wang Mu-sheng total drank 10 glasses of wine and five respectively drank two glasses of wine every talent. Song Fugui watched Secretary Wang seems not losers like no face red, he was some nervous the heart says Secretary Wang drinker Intuit big? If put Song Fugui drink 10 glasses of wine, then, do not say drunk, certainly a bit dizzy. King wood survived very clear, still funny laughing really general demeanor. Prove that he was pleased to accept the organizational arrangements, approved a new county party secretary, Song Fugui king wood raw meal to naturally not want drunk he just said what the mind fills surface. The king Musheng understand the meaning of Song Fugui, so these things are self-evident, and rely on their own understanding. Continue to eat and drink for a while, Song Fugui start looking for a conversation picked up: , to Lu Chuan County, I have been in Qingchuan, I Qingchuan County people. before the 县纪委书记 in Ren Qingchuan, County Public Security Bureau Deputy Secretary. system? the sentence: ...... Guo long to find Song Fugui busy laughter: a glass of wine move came in the, smile, say hello Road: Molly pretending to be an air of the Road, was all we dare a little trick you. this dead the sao goods not wanted to come here to make trouble UGG Women's Classic Short? Financial Secretary Lang blessing width seen Song Fugui embarrassment, he is busy smile to put aside the topic: Wang wood raw one: ! heart of this depressed, but also secretly cursed mother Sipi, sao goods really is his mother sao you! Lang blessing width they appear Guo Molly's eyes only who was new to the county party secretary, are lifted. Because they know this Guo Molly County television station, but she never weekdays bird county party group of leading cadres, on original Ho talent Magistrate, not into her discernment. But they are afraid to offend Guo Molly Luchuan County leadership team know this Guo Molly Provincial Party Committee Wang Shuji's love, which is an open secret that the. Just king Musheng not know it. If he knows, that idea did not dare sleep Guo Molly. About this Guo Molly is also a woman who has a story. Of course, her story is nothing more than that is around at the Provincial Party Committee Wang Shuji there. Originally she is a odd jobs at the provincial television office staff fills once Provincial Party Committee Wang Shuji to the provincial television station to inspect the work, accidentally discovered such a stunning woman, also she had a good impression of a rich, anyway eventually by some means, also Guo Molly to the whole bed |. In fact, at that time, the Provincial Party Committee Wang Shuji have not when the big brother of the provincial party committee, provincial party committee secretary of the Secretary-General. Then Secretary-General to sleep the Wang Guo Molly, also promised her, to give her an official Dangdang. And so he jumps jump to the position of the provincial party secretary, will take advantage of a number of small means, Guo Molly to get Luchuan County when county TV station. Chose Luchuan County, it is naturally because here in remote and two together to steal | Huan lot less concerns. The beginning of that year, the Provincial Party Committee Wang Shuji often to Luchuan County inspection work on behalf of the inspections, inspected Kuo Molly bed is actually look at the bed | on what the other men left. The recent period of time, Wang Shuji has been to see Guo Molly, estimated Wang Shuji is also the age problem, that nothing in. May also stolen with Guo Molly | Huan excessive, leading to his completely empty. This emptiness is not spiritual emptiness, but rather refers to that emptiness, I want everyone to know how. But regardless Wang Shuji coming or see Guo Molly, she is a woman, so Luchuan County, no one daring to fight her idea. Luchuan County leadership team air max shoes clearance store, there are a lot of people are eager arms around the beautiful station on the night of sleep, but no one dare hard in front of her. After all, this is a provincial Gangster woman in front of her, who would dare to hard, the trouble is not good that's Speech accidentally give Kacha out. As such, I Wang Mu-sheng know the Guo Molly Wang Shuji woman, it is estimated that he did not dare to sleep with her? ...... Guo Molly Jing Wang Mu-sheng wine, Song Fugui few of them looked at, one is not too happy. Song Fugui, especially has been at the heart swore, criticize Guo Molly is a big sao goods. Anyway, they can only curse in his heart, so Guo Molly are they do not care, I thought Canada Goose Womens Chilliwack Bomber, his aging mother, but Wang Shuji woman Shuigan Dong aging mother the aging mother asked him to pack up and leave, to return home under the pension to go! In fact, Guo Molly's heart and not they imagine so ugly, if you really understand her heart, will feel that she is a truly beautiful woman, both in appearance and inherent ...... romantic novels network for your wonderful romance novels free reading!

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