2006”N06ŒŽ08“ú(–Ø) 1Žž25•ª
i'd like to be normal.
but i can't.
some of my classmates are naive,
and i don't want to be with them,
although they hate me ,
i don't care.
they don't worth me to care about them.
they think they are important,
but the truth is they are really tiny in my mind.
their actions are really ashamed,
they don't know.
they always thinks that they are right,
but their thinkings are undoubtedly childish.
i won't told them about this,
bcoz when they face the society,
they'll figure out how "correct" they are.

the thing i only care is my dearest tt.
she is the one who i really love,
and i should learn her adventages,
so many adventages,
need so much time to learn,
but i know i can.

In love 

2005”N11ŒŽ22“ú(‰Î) 21Žž34•ª
long time no update la..
now i'm still falling in love with tt...
i've proved to my parent i won't affected by her by my u.t. result..
Phy, chem, bio all hv quite good result...
i want to hv a better result in exam...
it seems that i really want to be a good corn...haha
i want the exam pass quicker...
bcoz somebody said that tt may come to HK this X'mas..
that's great...
i also want the supergirl concert will be held in HK too..
i don't mind if i don't hv the X'mas and B-day present bcoz of tt..
i think i've been very crazy about her...
if i got a good exam result..
i think it is a good present for me too...
found someone really sucks in my class...
i don't want to talk to her...
unfortunately, i group with her in eng, hist, RE....
i really want to forgive her...
so i don't know wt to do...
wt will ttdo ??
can someone help?


2005”N09ŒŽ13“ú(‰Î) 1Žž28•ª
‘¼¥’NH‘¼A¥ûžˆß‘—›w| —›‰Ft


2005”N08ŒŽ15“ú(ŒŽ) 0Žž16•ª
d l‘½“ž™Þ~
à¥d ò’á™Þ‰ä~
ç­d la~
“sŒWˆêŒÂshow “DoŠùje

•s—¯–¼ & bosco 

2005”N08ŒŽ04“ú(–Ø) 23Žž14•ª

Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š
Bosco Œ^”š


2005”N07ŒŽ31“ú(“ú) 23Žž37•ª
I just think that I love "wars of in-laws"a lot....
i love it bcoz of 3 reasons...

one- the cast in the drama has a lot of chemistry...
each character can match each other very well...

two- –Ώt(bosco wong)& \ˆê(myoline wu) 's love story is so funny...
especially when –Ώtwas discovered as •s—¯–¼....
he bcome very "man" and protect \ˆê a lot
i think every female want their another-half protect them...
so i like this drama...

three- the cast are new ...
the matches can surprise the audiences...
that's why the drama can have such high ¾Ž‹...

PS... this drama makes me bcome like bosco...
but lokyi still is the best,..^^


2005”N07ŒŽ25“ú(ŒŽ) 15Žž16•ª
Just realize how lazy I am...
long time no write this diary la...
does anyone know wt kind of people I hate most?
i hate some people don't know who they are....
some people always think they are the most important...
but the truth is they just hv friends....
but friends are different from best friends....
some days, friends will leave u....
another kind of people i hate most is...
the people who betray me...
some betray me bcoz they were weaker than me...
some betray me bcoz they want to keep friends...
all of these kind of people are BITCHES
I don't afraid to announce this ...
bcoz now is summer holiday....
next year ... they may not in the same class with me...(hopefully)


2005”N07ŒŽ16“ú(“y) 1Žž58•ª
so private o¶Šô•Ñ...


2005”N07ŒŽ16“ú(“y) 1Žž41•ª
[ŒWLA....mike lam “¯david “s–³wor...
—Ll˜bmiss ip D‘å‹@˜ð‹³f.3“Y...
šI˜ð3”N“sŒWMiss IP‹³gumŽ×Š|....
‘´›‰‰Â”\˜ðšIöC’A3”N–”DŽ—™¤o¶d wor


2005”N07ŒŽ07“ú(–Ø) 13Žž54•ª
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