they have to get up polite response

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Previous chapter is more wrong, but can not change chapter names, the last chapter of the 480 chapters, sorry guests arrival coincided with the king troubled times, if slight, but please understand "due the presence of people on the occasion of silence Face thoughts, sword belt Shame with Gao Hong, Jiang Yao, Wu Huan Pollon other generals into the hall, to see the three forces rather polite representatives repeatedly said. simply, speech although polite, but the tone was quite stiff, obviously hypocritical courtesy estimated Wu Huan Wang only holds "to who is the customer," real people do not want to fall, just nothing good. "It is natural that I wait presumptuous is the" Lu Tao Chen took the lead at first to be respectful, respectful and humble of heart is completely, which is also Zhang Chu Lu Chen came to power the dispatch main reason so see Lu Chen, win trust and Dragon Soul, who dare not trust big, they have to get up polite response. "eventful occasion I do not know, you asked to see what events? "After some polite, sword War Theme seated armchair, straight to the point to see the presence of people inquired, obviously quite poor tone, emotional win wonderful little letter, Lu Chen, Dragon Soul, etc., as a person, and sometimes who did not take the lead opening, the atmosphere once again into silence. three interest rate ten twenty thirty two full interest rate, the atmosphere quiet one, no one say anything. Swords War eyebrows wrinkled, rather unhappy looking around the crowd, said: "The king of one hundred taking the time to come, may not have much time, if nothing, that the king Shubufengpei of "Yuehua Jian, quite if they do not say things, they will leave immediately, no longer ignore the posture. Sword of Shame xì ; ng situation, the presence of representatives of North Face Hybird Clearance a little Canada Goose Women's Palliser Coat heard, plus look at the situation now Yun Dragon, also known Wu Huan Wang is now definitely mind-boggling, Actually, I'm angry person. still admire congratulate dragon soul first hand and said: "He Wuhuan Christine King king take the lead pace, though not the world's first king of different people, but it is my first king of China different people. The pace of China's history made me take an important step forward, far-reaching, "" thank you "Sword of Shame should Tao nodded, then tone of an adapter and said:" However, nothing goes to the temple is not "" Wu Huan Ying-Ming Wang, "Long soul smile the next, has felt the difficulty of the task, the wording then said thoughtfully: "I believe now should know that Wu Huan Wang, Yun Dragon now how many different people coming right? "" Ah? "Sword War nodded, his eyes slightly narrowed watching Dragon Soul. Schematically continue. Actually, before the sword War gaffe, because many rì harried, so physically and mentally fatigued, Suddenly intelligence when one o'clock demons, like shortness of breath and hearts and minds drooling. calm after gradually react, the material is not bad, Gao Hong said, "most of the differences are not ordinary people," meaning, it should be these different people are different people army. This is normal. reality Huaxia Jun, number of at least three million more, if coupled with law enforcement officials, civil servants, etc. is difficult to estimate the number, which can be understood. Shame surprised that the sword, the reality of Chinese State actually will choose this time to expose hidden for years Its military strength, but also chose this time, the sword of Shame is quite confused, can not figure out what it means in the end Huaxia Guo. hidden for years say it is utilized by the military system power, to destroy yourself, let yourself Jian sword touches less Shame I believe, after all, China team nominally belong to the ZF. actually belong to multiple forces, belong to several military is unlikely such a concerted effort, but can not represent all of China who, naturally, can not explain the sword Shame really dealing with others so that the whole Chinese people deny. "I'll wait for this purpose is very simple. I only hope to Wu Huan Wang alliances with each other, were prepared national war "look so calm War Sword, Dragon Soul is quite different people such as accident, or by a dragon soul speak aim of this trip. Dayton the next, wait for the Sword of Shame response, and quickly then said: "As long as Wu Huan Wang nod, I will spare no effort to help the natural forces such as Wu Huan Wang to grow, at least in the economy given the tremendous support and will immediately offer two hundred thousand diamonds currency, congratulated Wu Huan Wang Kaiguo Li Chao, name unto the world "" Just the economy? What is complementarity? What is the total prepare national war? If you let the other founding of the city, this has been talked about before, no more meetings. If the national war, this point has been implementing the king, did not slack off "Sword War eyelids hop, quite puzzled asked, and sometimes did not understand the meaning of Dragon Soul, it seems that the mood of fear before the mind has not Huanguo Lai, his mind a bit confusion have to admit, after several hit a snag, the coalition forces jīng different people understand many, no longer self-condescending, aggressive, and in one fell swoop hit sword Shame weaknesses. economy is now the sword is indeed the most deadly of the Department of Shame, Otherwise, do not need a painstaking abduction Yushi family only, coalition forces have different people so well? world no free lunch ah "Wu Huan Wang joke both alliances, natural to mutual benefit, I'll wait for the economy to support Royal Highness, Royal Highness In other respects the natural feedback to us, "Dragon Soul frowned, puzzled to see the sword of Shame says." Like what? "Sword of Shame if the Wu, mouth slightly pursed Xiexiao asked Tao." Such as allowing our forces in the city of Wu Huan development, recruiting, etc. "Dragon Soul frowned deeper, bite the bullet and replied. Wu Huan Wang which is loaded confused, or really do not know what they think? accordance ago, they a Tsuyuguchi wind, Wu Huan Wang should be able to guess their true intentions, ah, you need it to be so white? "rip" Sword of Shame looked hesitated, anger against xiaokan to Dragon Soul, leaves no snow, Kao and other different people playful rose and said: "Do you think the king will promise you? "" This "Dragon Soul heart sank, face sè quite ugly." It seems everything go really busy Wu Huan Wang, affecting the mind wisdom. "Leaves no snow sneer, to interrupt said. Dayton the next, rather disdain then said:" It seems that you did not understand the why so many different people gathered Yun Long County, not afraid to say directly, we gather the Yun Long County to different people, there are 3.2 million of the giant, the average strength of the acquired order six or more, and the vast majority of well-trained soldiers, rather than the ordinary different people, that is, now we gather Yun County to the power of the dragon, there are 3.2 million people level is not weaker than the military special forces green product, this is the most conservative estimates, certainly worse than the facts, "" ah? "A phrase startled Melaleuca waves. Shocked shocked horror presence of everyone, regardless of Wu Huan Zhu Jiang, Qin Empire or messenger, Zhang Chu forces messengers and opt sè face became pale and shocked inexplicable. 3.2 million level Green products special forces, what is the concept? Apart from Emperor Qin Empire alive, and now the world no force. are unmatched, absolutely swept originally hostile to each other and win the alert letters and Lu Chen, a tacit agreement on the visual horror, find each other sè are rather pale face today Yun Long County, went to their status, naturally clear, also aware that different people abnormal. did not think that there would be an organization although vaguely guessed long ago, but the The North Face Outlet ears hear, or shock inexplicable War sword, face sè quite ugly, straight silent half, then hostility together sneer asked: "So what? "" Things are now, I'm afraid not help Wu Huan Wang, and valor "Leaves no snow sneer. Hesitate disdain to be said." Ha ha ha ha "Contrary to all expectation, the sword War not only do not anger, but suddenly broke into laughter. laughter and disdain quite obvious madness. "uh" three forces ambassador is laughing Jingleng War sword, sometimes Zhengzhu a time, in the Chamber, only crazy big Wu Huan Wang laughter echoed without a break, smiling presence of people stunned and alarmed. laughter down, suddenly look a positive War sword, eyes staring at the Dragon Soul and others violent cold voice said: "to help the king to convey a word. All along, the king never deny or disparage as a part of China Xia Zimin, did not care too vain nation. Have not lost sight of the national war. But, really angered the king, at worst break the death, the king did not care, "" Wu Huan Wang He intended? "Originally wanted to reprimand leaves no snow dragon soul, heart sank suddenly asked. Suddenly a little jumpy" to threaten the king? You also qualify, let alone 3.2 million, even ten million, how? Originally the king will be king, amnesty, it seems you forgot Lingnan things "at this time. Jian Shen Shame face sèyīn scary, slightly crazy cold voice said, attracted three forces messengers hop, yet react, he sat straight-backed chair War sword, suddenly jump out of Bao: "dead" a dazzling yù blind, bright red blood, such as blood sè light Lueqi "prove safety of the emperor" numerous road if the potential pierced the void Jianmang sharp outbreak, grabbing filled the air, like Bladestorm Lueqi "How dare you? "" Hold "" Wait, "different people forces messengers, basically innate strong, strength is not weak, but also had time to react. Simply, sword Shame behavior too suddenly, too unexpected. Quickly get everyone a chance to react." Keng , hang, hang slightly, slightly, slightly "dense mixed with the sound of metal cutting tool off the stereo effect Jianmang raging, blood splattered seven different people panic jump out, quite embarrassed. leaves no snow in the center, including leaves no Snow Dragon Soul, etc., messenger, but it is disappear, only the glare of bright red blood, bleeding flesh white nausea, flowing ground, even before the tables and chairs, but also all crushed. Shame handheld bloody sword as crystal red Xiao sword standing hall, eyes closed, payable to "lord" Wu Huan Zhu Jiang and the presence of shocked Tanlang Guard lost sè, the war would have to start with his sword, behold, they are really big sword Shame Shouyi Bai, stop all war. " crazy? Are you crazy? "" You, "the only remaining after flowering rose, sword Murong such different people escaped unharmed, sè pale face, looked incredible War sword, a brain disorder. How is it? Hallucinations? Sandwiched between three hundred and twenty one hundred thousand people level comparable to the general trend of green products from special forces, Wu Huan Wang dare so? hallucinations absolutely illusion "roll" Sword of Shame eyes, the eyes of violent disappear, calm look to the surviving messenger Chen Sheng shouted. surviving Rose Murong sword and six other people, involuntary shiver, even if today's sword War, has not feel the intention to kill.
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