Big 5 Car Care Maintenance

September 19 [Sun], 2010, 9:10

Whether maintain the car in time directly affects the vehicle driving conditions, after you buying the used cars, you should pay special attention that regularly update the oil products and checking whether there is oil leakage. CZ wedding rings Also Turn into the Luxurious that are Affordable by Common People Engine oil, brake fluid, gearbox oil, three filter these foundation need you pay more attention. Many people don't have the clue after they have bought a second hand car. They don't know how to maintain them. After all, second hand car is different with a new one.Lately Beyoncé Knowles was Criticized for Wearing CZ wedding rings

There are two possibilities. First: The special features of the second hand car market make it hard to get the satisfied car there. There won't be professional working stuffs to provide you the after selling service. Secondly, many people once discussed at the beginning. But people who are getting second hand cars would mainly discuss on the chosing skills and the bargin ways. They don't discuss on the maintaining knowledge after the deal becasue they don't have so much in common with different car styles. Firstly, deepening and maintenance lubrication. The main function of lubrication is effectively lubricates the parts of automobile engines to avoid excessive wear. In normal condition, the clean and maintain should be done every 5000km to 10000km. When the noise of the engine is too loud or the speeding up is powerless or the temperature of water is too high, the clean and maintenance should be done too.

Clean the sludge and other sediments inside the engine to avoid oil thickening oxidation at high temperature, reduce wear and tear of engine parts, extend engine life and increase engine power. Secondly, fuel system cleaning and maintenance (the cleaning nozzle, valve coking). Usually, car needs cleaning maintenance every 10000km- 15000km, or when you find it engine shaking breath, slow moving and acceleration, black smoke, impotence, excessive fuel consumption, it also needs cleaning and maintenance. Clean out the glue and left carbon inside the system to prevent the harmful corrode from happening, avoid and stop the leaking on seal components and the water case. Change over the cooling liquid. Thirdly, the cooling system cleaning and maintenance. Usually, the car needs cleaning and maintenance in summer and winter seasonal, every normal driving every 6 months to 8 months, or too high water temperature, leakage or boil. Clear the trace and scale which may lead to the engine overheating to avoid the Harmful corrosion and the leakage of seals and water tanks, complete replacement of the old coolant.

4. The cleanout and maintenance of the gearbox(Automatic gearbox) In normal condition, do the maintenace once every 20000km to 25000km. Or do it once when there is the slice on gearbox, over high temperature of water, delay in shifting or leaking in the system. Clean out the harmful oil mud and the left of the paint film. Remain the flexibility of the seal pad and the O circle to make the shifting smooth, improve the power output and change the automatic gearbox oil completely.

5. The maintenace of power steering system The car needs cleaning and maintenance every 40000km-45000km, and it also needs cleaning and maintenance meeting steering system leakage problems or changing the power steering parts. Clean out the harmful oil mud and paint film in the system. Sovle the steering problem in low temperature to stop and prevent the leaking of the power steering liquid. Deliminate the steering noisy. Change the power steering liquid completely. Do the maintenance once every 50000 km driving or once when there is the advanced or delayed reaponse of ABS.