ready to man and head of what

May 16 [Thu], 2013, 17:43
A grin, Akiba explained, "don't do it, Xiao Lei elder sister, I see,Jordan New School Shoes, that scumbag you fond dream, I'm willing to suffer so to do, is to let him off the miss, don't pester you, you are not pinched my return kindness with ingratitude evil for good, really." A supercilious glance over, Zhou Xiaolei angry said: "come on,Air Jordan 3 Sale, what's wrong with you, you lose, it is the opportunity to take advantage of the good, bad boy, later without my allowed to dare to kiss it, to see how I tidy up you." By this time, Lin Xueshan and Xia Lancai know, the original autumn feather to gas just of criminal investigation captain, do it on purpose. The latter Jiao say with smile: "this is called had Maiguai cheaper." Qiu Yu smiled and said: "no, actually I also good, find in helping others." Zhou Xiaolei: "help you head, airway that grass is the main person, also everywhere eat tofu, Xueshan you in their own little boyfriend." "Ah...... Xiao Lei what did you say?" Lin Xueshan's face filled with her angry way. Zhou Xiaolei burst into a laugh, "how, feel shy, you and autumn feather is not a right, the last time I catch him, see you lay naked on the bed., he was beside himself...... Oh, I feel shy to say." Look of interest to see the past, she mentioned it. "I have said, it is Yu to treat you. Then, you say?" Lin Xueshan blushed response. Akiba also said: "don't get me wrong, I really give Susan cure......" "Gab, doctor also used off." Zhou Xiaolei obviously does not believe, let Lin Xueshan feel jumped into the Yellow River wash not clear like, blushing, said: "he has a girlfriend, it isn't me, why don't you ask him." Zhou Xiaolei's curious eyes to the boy, asked: "really?" Autumn plumage nodding, quite honest answer, "well." This is a fact, he didn't need to also cannot hide. "It is another person." Zhou Xiaolei's eyes flash across surprised eyes, but did not ask, changing the subject began to chat other. Moments later, Akiba received a phone call, he came into the corridor to answer, mobile phone came the sound of "Yu Hu, brother, through our eyes wide battalion of careful investigation, find out the two cars crashed your truck, belonging to heaven logistics company, the company behind the boss is the smell of seven." A ray of light flashed from the dark eyes, Akiba hates hate to say: "the last time he sent Tung Piu to assassinate me the account is not yet, and now it out, I told him no end." "Hear what industry seven?" "Large and happy drunk nightclub, small scale of two, caress of disco and vast restaurant." "You told the brothers set, ready to man and head of what, ready to smash, wait for my command." "Understand." "There, you let Sun Tao come over, give me another thing......" Autumn confession. Hu states responded, "see,Air Jordan Big Ups UK, I let him soon." The call is completed, Akiba returned to the room, Zhou Xiaolei quipped: "who calls you, also went up, get so mysterious?" Qiu Yu smiled and answered, "my girlfriend calls, I go out to see a movie, you go, I go." Zhou Xiaolei dissatisfaction is called, "what's wrong with you, leave us alone to >
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