body was going to hit the space pirates

December 20 [Thu], 2012, 18:33
The 784 chapter down female Ninja Lu Hui body, opposite the ship to jump, can saying how to say?Busy people.Love reading he only anxious Han Yu went to, the rope was not secure, eyes staring he has passed more than half, will reach the pirate ship when should laugh, pull, slide down.This, Lu Hui's body, without support.Rapid down to.They were riding a dragon on the pirate ship, than to five or six meters high, middle distance is more than ten meters, Lu Hui body with inertia - - Canada Goose Borden Bomber, also from a pirate ship with a distance of four or five meters!Mom, I, I will die here!A good punishment mercenary captains, only when the results of the first day, the fun yet, have to troops not nimble, buried at sea Canada Goose Men's Lodge Vest!The Lu Hui, only a hint of regret.Originally, in that his family, he was nothing, just want to kill enemies after - Dutch act - it.Is the Han Yu pulled him back, gave him new life, gave him a new self.Gradually, he again found himself in the position of.Thought can take good care of a Han Yu's life-saving grace, sway over the son blood, but unexpectedly life gave him such a big joke.Lu Huiben is not easily desperate people, but now, he was in between the two ships, unless it is otherwise, below the wings, have smelled the smell of blood, gathered the Fish-bellied, Hyperion was his grave!"Flesh ball go chariot!"The fat man in the land of Hui throw rope jumping to the pirate ship at the same time, also a big roar, a few step approach, a holding hands, body mass, just scroll down, just like a giant snowball, opposite rolled past.Originally, the freighter railing foot is one metre five high, however, the ball seemed to be who slapped like, suddenly bounced up, and then in the railings on a pressure, screamed at the pirate ship.Unfortunately, he is too far from Lu Hui, for more than 10 meters, simply can't be touched.Han Yu heard behind the news, a backward glance, see Lu Hui wants fell into the sea immediately, grow howl.The hands of the days, pick fly a pirate hand knife, then turned their wrist, turns into a blue, will the knife dancing whirring, like a windmill like!Han Yumeng's drawing, the bill then turns into a deadly streamer, opposite the pirate group flew past.The four or five pirates, immediately by splitting out Canada Goose Hybridge Vest Outlet.Han Yu himself was almost instantaneously, jumped three meters distance."The gun!"Han Yuyi put the coat torn down, step up to the pirate boat, body in a jump of the dauntless posture, jump in the past, while at the same time, windbreaker into an envelope, long sleeves and his body height, just caught Lu Huidi over the rifle gun head.Han Yu took clothes and hands a sudden shake, Lu Hui body with this force, directly from his head flew past, onto the ship.While the Han Yu legs hooked bars, body was going to hit the space pirates, strong point.Heavenly Sword class days, suddenly bent like a bow like, then take a bomb.Han Yu's body will be to throw up, standing with a splint, and Lu Hui together!"Boss, thank you!"Lu Hui put his gun over his shoulder, thick coat, quietly posted on the body, we will not present them as one thing.Han Yu in the hands of their quiet oblique refers to the ground: "kill the bastard, and these too late!"Lu Hui was in silence and smile: "left handed me, right to you?""That won't do, or by means of the!Mostly, I'm afraid of fat does not allow!"Han Yu blinked.Two people at a glance, could not help but laugh.One of my brothers the friendship, arrogant man is show - gel - no doubt.True brother, in addition to trust yourself, will trust each other.Just in a blink of an eye, two people have all experienced a dangerous, but because they believe in each other, but change danger into safety.They help each other at the same time, it is risky, but they all want to also did not want to, will do.Think back and forth to oneself to make a decision, that is a friend!Proceed without hesitation straight as instinct, this is brother!Thumping sound, smashing the pirate ship seemed a shock.Two seems to be the command like rain, Han was pressure, like swordfish as ran out.Lu Hui leaned back his, rapid retreat.
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