long shots of the time

September 22 [Sun], 2013, 11:26
In fact, in the case of SAINTY forward bad state, Ji Xiang and Sun is a new breakthrough, Ji Xiang Pei encai era have a foot long shots of the time, but now the game, his shot less and less, he himself was in a hurry, try every game he shot a couple of feet, before the game has also been practicing free kicks. This fight, "7 seconds" broke out, he absolutely into this round in Super League to score 5 balls. The end result is to enable all down. In the hotel lobby, the reporter met Ji Xiang, nike free run 2 mens after simple pleasantries, we have no deep talk the game, after all this time, who was also hurt. In fact, apart from Ji Xiang, Sun can be equally successful, his breakthrough meeting no resistance on the right-hand side, unfortunately, the road, the scramble for the right place, without a good beat on.

The difficulties facing the team, Dragan is also looking for new ways, such as his tajiyefu on the lower back, Li Zhi (micro-blogging) returning starters, playing left-back, from the perspective of field effect, was successful, but football game, there's a lot of factors, Shun Tian still can't win the ball in the mud in a row, go swimming. The situation looked black, relegation rivals to win the ball This round of League relegation teams fighting for relegation to scrape result was relegation the team had the last laugh. Tianjin Teda 1:0 won a national security adviser this season, they won the final three of last year's Super League, ferocious momentum of relegation. At present, their circumstances in Wigan, already ahead shuntian 1 point. Changchun Yatai WINS, they defeated nike free run 3 womens Dalian aerbin (Twitter), although they still rank League 2nd last, but only CSL team 3 points behind, which Shun Tian "pressure Alexander".

There is no doubt that SAINTY this season's relegation alarm had been sounded early in the League with 5 left wheel case, anything can happen and, therefore, SAINTY must be vigilant, every effort to fight opponents. "I hope the team can survive this period of bad luck, we need to consider how we will hit the crossbar into goal. Next, we want one to fight, go all out, fate is in our own hands. There are so many fans supporting us, we must play the following game. "Dragan said."La Liga (micro-Bo topic)" huangjiabeidisi VS Granada o disc: 0.940 hemisphere/a ball 0.920William-hill William Hill: ↑ 1.75 ↓ 3.4 ↑ 5 huangjiabeidisi mid week in Europe Rowe BA League and Lyon (official micro-Bo data) mutual failed to, previously in La Liga of performance well, and Granada near tuk-tuk in La Liga only made 1 flat 2 negative of record, team performance fell, this repeatedly away combat fear not huangjiabeidisi of opponents, May wish to watch the home team three points. Inter Milan away from home to the Arc de Triomphe
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