The effective view class re-debate lesson"

March 04 [Fri], 2011, 23:46

These days, I study education textbooks to continue the ChenDaWei professor with the effective view class re-debate lessons book. This book first in class teaching reference to research the story, on the basis of analysis and discussion view class re-debate class value pursuit, view class re-debate class's practice operation, and view class re-debate class how better to promoting and realizing the development of the teachers. Case and discussed combining form of writing, let you are reading in imperceptible has become mind of participants, reading comprehension, reading in thought, just like listening to teacher's lecture, place oneself in collective academy.
Feeling one: the people-oriented ideology in view class re-debate class reflect in the incisively and vividly.
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People-oriented view class re-debate lesson is the core concept. Man is the foundation, carry out this concept in view class re-debate class, firstly embodies in should care, respect and rely on people, development and meet people. People-oriented needs not only heart, and should I saw someone who, through eye care makes predecessors people-oriented in the "people" concretization and reality. The specific performance: humanist, to present the teacher for this, including the view class participation &see counsellor, more should include lessons teachers do sacrifice class teacher. Class People-oriented want to improve students' welfare. View class re-debate class speech force teachers development and teaching improvement, to better promote and realize students' development. People-oriented priority person of the company. Man is committed to the life and the pursuit of happiness. View class re-debate lesson to lead teachers pursuit and enjoy happiness of teachers' life. Happy teachers' life comes from creative labor and the creative work of the aesthetic experience. "Great creation, big breakthrough, great pleasure; small creation, small breakthrough, little happiness; no create, no breakthrough, no happiness."
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People have the right of thinking, people will think, thinking can gain and loss of income and were calculated, and the calculated according to their own understanding of the value of the standard maximise returns. View class re-debate courses to respect the rights of participants thought, and build communication platform with express, encourage participants in the view class re-debate class positive thoughts. To prevent participants to others thought rights deprived of others thought process and arranged instead of, also should prevent authority thought to the grassroots thought inhibited. "Others as you would be done by" always put yourself in the body, feeling endure.

Comprehension no.2: view class re-debate lesson is to promote teachers' professional development ideas, realize the shortcut.
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"To learn in teaching" is the view class re-debate lesson of the important thoughts, is also one of the book focuses on the content. The new curriculum reform by "innocence" to "mature". By venue to classes, the idea to teaching practice, the benefit forecast to effect assessment. Make education more focus on their living condition and classroom teaching. Chen in focus in the classroom teaching, come out a suitable for teacher professional development way - view class re-debate class mode. By "to learn in teaching" to guide our thoughts, "the student learning activities and state as view class to class focus judicators learn state discussion teaching condition. Through the student study to mapping and observing the teacher taught." This fully embody the new course "with birth as this", "teaching as the leading", "learning for the subject" and other advanced concept. YanJuan remembrance of, the school each semester at the deliberation activity, all listen to is established in the long and suffer "experience" and "the sorrow of purgatory. Listen to a teacher TiaoFenLvXi together out their own observation, especially the educational research group long last concludes "several Suggestions", "when hope" speak, make do lessons teachers was on pins and needles. Seemingly effect is prominent research activity, but in this "high severe" under the weight, classroom teaching or "billows still". Chen in books powerful flogged this form of activity, he from forming the Shared vision, reduce the interest relationship on cooperation and mutual love, from the three aspects of the paper. "In view class re-debate class, do lessons teachers succeeded to learn to enjoy success fulfillment. If not success will enjoy the view class re-debate lessons provide contributed to the honor of the issue." "Want to adopt recent may area recommendations, let teachers" jump jump, pick the fruit. "this kind of harmony, the harmonious teaching culture and teacher culture, enable the discusion class instructors and formed between a loose and friendly atmosphere. Such efficiency will be some taller, the result will be more effective and some. Teachers will also in this kind of environment continues to mature, development and expansion.

Comprehension no.3: view class re-debate lesson is teachers to improve life, improve the life quality of the process.

Classroom teaching is a teacher of life flowing process. As a teacher, classroom teaching is the career of life's most basic components and its quality, directly affects teachers in vocational feelings, attitude and professional development, life value embodiment. Therefore classroom teaching for them, not only for the students' growth of pay, not only others delivered the task, it is also his life value and its own developing embodiment.

Classroom teaching is the student life growth process. Happy teachers can influence and promoting students' happiness and class life. The campus So we have to be careful and not struggling to grow and change. Study class, improve classroom is our teacher a ethical responsibility.

Teaching improvement is teachers' life improvement process. View class re-debate lesson the classroom teaching and teacher claims life is connected, advocate participatory in your life together transformation life. Encourage class teachers based on improved and the development of purpose, in self-respect and mutual love the way open classroom teaching, open their classroom, on their teaching life remains open, and let go of burden, and maintain appropriate distance between lesson, lesson become dialogue platform, become to improve life platform.

Ought to say, view class re-debate class focuses on the development of the teachers, improve teachers' professional growth of a kind of academic activities, through developing view class re-debate class activities help enhance the cooperation between teachers encourage teachers to develop reflective teaching, so as to achieve the effective teaching purpose. Taiwan writer following the son said: "a grain of unremarkable seed, often hides an adolescent bright." Believe view class re-debate lesson this seed, is quietly bloomed, a bright flower has crept quietly came to our side.
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