Even the gods can not do

December 13 [Thu], 2012, 16:34
The 642nd chapter Chiyan from fire also do not fall down ? The eyes of Liang Xi aaman flash, flying motion to the monster ,severely kicked towards its face is like the waves as Fanyong skin kick on the last .
The monster was distorted face once again kicked get stuck with it, the skin can such a large force of bombardment ,cracked open a big hole, black as ink blood as well as spewing out, in the air injection a thick long blood column ,blood mixed meat the sky onto the monster ,a sound shaking heaven and earth .
It half face almost gets stuck ,originally also flashing green eyes were almost into a sheet ,eight elongated claws to climb not help cliff ,unable to struggle desperately pulls out slowly from the cliffs ,huge body slapped onto the bronze tree trunk in a pit ,earthquake ground motion hill shakes the muffled .
Bronze tree already in the collapse edge ,the moment is the monster hit ,a tooth acid as a distorted sound ,from the monster hit the local fracture .The roaring sound in the huge bronze tree fast falling down ,thick bronze branches with an irresistible force trend toward lower pressure over the wind whistling ,filled with people ,Canada Goose Freestyle Vest Sale.
Liang Xi looked up to have a look ,see a shadowy figure when the under the hood .These bronze branches are from several kilometers high place to fall down ,degree of force had reached the extremely astonishing degree ,ordinary people on the spot if broken to ,will become the meat mud .
Liang Xi did not look ,two palm glowing arm held high above his head ,Canada Goose Calgary. Play ! Liang Xi shout ,the hands of the red light at the top of the head of their respective across a curve ,finally connected into a person of high circle .
Golden red color from the add radiance and beauty to each other on the circle burst out, Liang Xi was like burning up a sun .White Mu wind even is the soul of the form ,by the red and white light ,were all a rippling ,hurried to the side of the shadow to hide the past .
Liang Xi according to their understanding of spells ,the fire is really in the viscera through again, aperture diameter suddenly enlarged one times superabundant . Chiyan away from the fire ,let me have a look your power ! The eyes of Liang Xi also seems to be a flame burning ,shine with dazzling red streamer .
Chiyan from fire is the crape myrtle ,creates, and flow of the tides is Lagerstroemia emperor all spell basic ,Liang Xi had achieved a tidal stream ,so learning from the fire Chiyan so fast .
When the history of violence in the spell again when the air is stagnant living ,even thousands of meters of the sky were beginning to tremble .If the beam Xi are now on the ground ,will see the ground like the lake rippling slightly ,the sky overcast clouds are showed slightly pink .
Open ! When the light shines the brilliance to the limits of time ,Liang Xi shout ,originally with two arms toward the open on both sides of an angle .The red light beam halo with evening arm is elongated ,the formation of a gigantic ,flame burning arc blade .
Because the beam is now at the pit of the week if space is large enough ,so we will act recklessly and care for nobody really force beams filled into the arc edge .Just a blink of an eye ,arc blade has hundreds of times ,a loud hum noise ,the arc edge of elongated distance kilometers ,almost half the length of the stick - into the beam Xi side walls ,the cliff cut out of a huge gap .
Arc edge in flames ,the highest flame to tens of meters high temperature because of this week big flame also causes a sudden rise .Potholes on was the fire shine as bright as day ,seeing his injured monsters above the burning light edge, also scared to indent the darkness was shaking ,the original roars into sound .
Liang Xi holding his hands Chiyan from fire flame arc edge ,eyes red rugose ,stared at the top to fall the bronze tree canopy, with a sudden arc edge upward push .Om -- air wash out the Qiangpei incomparable energy ,arc blade as the fire phoenix ,trailing flames tail upwards came to .
Chi La La explosive sound, arc edge gradually from the cliff cut out ,great body all appear in the air ,rock cliffs almost burned bursts open ,crushed into fine powder is not available .
Bronze crown as big as a mountain ,Kurota Takashi a move below pressure ,under the pressure of air in the air a little demanding that Liang Xixuan .But if the beam eyes full enthusiasm ,looking upwards roared to Chiyan from fire .
Detonation !Chiyan from fire severely bottom-up crashed into the crown .Fragile bronze branches cannot stop the burning blade cutting ,Chiyan from fire burning blade with carry all before one ,the mountain general crown cut off .
Burning blade temperature also like lava ,Canada Goose Yorkville Bomber,easily decayed bronze melting into juice ,or even directly into the gas transpiration .Km long fire edge in the upward flight ,with a change in airflow, the burning blade also revolve slowly, then rotating degree is more and more quick ,forming a huge fire red cyclone ,like falling meteors ,systemic braved flames week air has been baked into distortion fire red .
Bronze canopy can such a big power ,the dark bursts open ,far looking ,I saw a straight red light to quickly shoot, pierced the darkness ,tearing sky .Fire red light rays shining ,the mountain as crown completely destroyed, sandwiched between the rotating flow upward in the fly, like a giant fireball equally out of pits ,has been through the clouds to fly to the universe will not see .
The sky clouds momentary Kung Fu is flame drying ,originally a downpour also disappear ,the water on the ground all into the mist of the water vapor ,the moonlight to water vapor surface ,as if is plated with a layer of white silver .
I . Beam Xiwang with overhead looming spot ,puffing and .Just fancy to Chiyan from fire power play to the extreme ,so the use of a large number of real force .All of a sudden consume too much power ,Liang Xi now mortal body still often feel tired .
White Fengyin ,not in the dark, and now my eyes are full of worship .In his view ,just as it is the fairy of the beam . That !Even the gods can not do so gorgeous ! White Mu wind thought, although no heartbeat ,he hands over his chest , don and home old guys compared to how .
Think of here ,Bai Mu wind soul with a sad look on his face : they should ,are still alive ... ... It has been almost one hundred years no see Kyoto looks like ... ... Liang Xi Long Shu several tone ,this feeling of general fatigue feeling better ,suddenly felt a cool down the back ,his eyes and looked ,saw the body under the beam Xi hundreds of meters of rubble ,a pair of green eyes glistening with hatred and panic staring at his face .
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