It is reported, Prince William is preparing

January 16 [Wed], 2013, 17:00
It is reported, Prince William is preparing to recruit new air max 95 360 mens on sale For this steward work 37 hours a week, in addition to clean, tidy up the room, but also simultaneously for personal assistant, cooks and drivers and other duties. The British " Sunday Telegraph " reported 13, Queen Elizabeth S of her husband Prince Philip plans to meet with Chinese officials, to persuade China to give up to do with animal medicine. Prince Philip worried about Chinese traditional medicine demand will trigger a wild animal crisis.
Reports say, Prince Philip has invited China State Bureau of religious affairs official visit to Britain, he created the alliance of religions and conservation with Chinese officials. The talks are taking place in Buckingham Palace in February 20th, Prince Philip will be on the expression of China allow the use of animal medicine worry, called on China to curb the spread of this situation as soon as possible, because it not only relates to the problem of corruption, but also for many endangered wild animal.
Prince Philip is most concerned about the tiger and rhino that often appears in traditional Chinese medicine raw materials on the list of wild animal. The report says, Chinese believe that medicine can cure some difficult miscellaneous diseases including cancer. A relationship with Prince Philip close to the sources said that the Chinese traditional medicine: Prince misunderstood, people buy penis impotence and treatment of cancer with rhino horn, but in fact they have not been confirmed to have medicinal air max ltd mens on sale
Reportedly, interested in Chinese culture Prince Philip also very advocate the Chinese Taoist culture, because of the Chinese traditional culture has always opposed the use of wild animal as medicinal material. It is reported, in Prince Philip talks with Chinese officials on the same day, Buckingham Palace will hold a traditional Taoist praying ceremony. In addition, the prince Philip 's grandson Prince William is pushing against the illicit trade in rhino horns, he accused the trade in rhino horns foolish, selfish participants and completely wrong.
British observers think, Prince Philip met with Chinese officials will be deemed to promote Sino-British diplomatic relations between the two countries. Because before the British government and members of the royal family and Darai dialogue, bilateral relations have deteriorated. On the other hand, show that talks with Chinese officials, at the age of 91, Prince Philip has no intention of retiring, he is still active in public, the next few months work schedule is already full.

The girls all want to own slim, but fat is fat. The United States of New York a fat girl recently in an accident, it was his big body to save a life.
According to reports, this name is called ulander Williams women's 181 kg weight. When the accident happened, she was in a nearby restaurant. But at the foot of the road suddenly collapsed, the emergence of a big hole. Thanks to " favorable " ulander shape, made her fall in the process is stuck in the cave, from the end of fall.
The local fire department then used a crane to lift the ulander rescued. Uranda's body by multiple abrasions, and a broken arm, but she was very glad that he can escape.
Many people are ulander has pinched perspiration. Some people say that, thanks to the ulander is a fat girl, if it is a thin girl fall, will be killed on the spot. Queen Elizabeth S recently went to a church in Norfolk, church, was going to go back to, but had to suffer the car broke down not start condition. The driver was anxious to " flush with shame, " the queen is on the other side " cheer ".nike air max 2012 mens on sale
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