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Injured inverted out Luo Yi strikes one Tough extremely power mad rush his body, momentary tremor more is to get his body even internal organs also foes are subject to no small trauma, blood from the mouth mad spray, but it is not black, but red! This proves that this is not the congestion, but life and life is a powerful force concussion after being ejected blood! "Eight post-central gold never actually Tough predicament!" Luo Yi speak, whole body bone as if in this channel Tough overbearing extremely power among, but also by Zhensan open. (Read the novel to the vertex novel network) eyes scared color Yilue, immediately is fierce teeth, teeth with strong suction an infuriating, the body in the air, but it is a vital center of gravity toward Luotian Chen closely watching go to. However, a glance, but it is suck down a cold lump! I saw that Luotian Chen actually regardless of their injuries, the second golden knife shadow later, immediately right again rushed up, moving towards him mad chop comes! Totally disregard this is likely to have his own body irreparable significant harm? ! Luo Yi tightly bite from his teeth, Hanmang Strobe! This is already Luo Yi third time to see this giant knife Phantom! The first time, but at the annual festival on top, Luo Tianba unarmed, Ling emptiness cut, golden giant knife Phantom with his knife in hand for the body, emerged out. In one fell swoop, according to Wen has reached a product early 'liger' head cut off! That and other sharp overbearing, has vivid, unforgettable. So far retrospect, any natural let Luo Yi scalp tingling! The second time, but it is at the first boat, Luo Tianxing with the 'snake scales cloud beast' of the war, from Luotian Xing's hands. And Romania Tianba golden like a real general 'blade' different, Luo Tianxing shot cut out, but fire red condensate real cutter body, a cut under the ninth order early Wicked 'snake cloud scaly beast' suddenly bow ! Compared Lo Tianba a cut, a bit less chic impressionistic, sharp overbearing. But it is a little more raging fury, Tough blazing! Today, it is the third time! Luotian Chen and Luo Tianba, same is the central gold decision of the practitioner, but in rank, but it is a difference of several levels, he is now unable to do 'man knife one' point, and therefore the golden giant knife virtual shadow, but reminiscent of his hands long knife. And compared Lo Tianba cut out that if any real general golden cutter body, Luotian Chen's obviously slightly inferior few chips. Although the same is golden ghost, but Luotian Chen beheaded out of the cutter body is still somewhat fuzzy and distorted, a glance is a virtual body, rather than substance. Do not say with Romania Tempo compared, that is, with Luo Tianxing compared, but also a lot of difference, however, it is Biro Tianba, Luo Tianxing difference of a few chips, which other forces, if the real cut in Luo Yi's body, Romania Yi suddenly they'd be split in half! Luotian Chen's eyes shot breathtaking chill with Murder, He Luo Yi already is hugged kill the heart. A little bit fuzzy golden giant knife mad cut to, the speed, has been nearly in Luo Yi eyes! This moment, but between life and death! Luo Yi heartbeat like thunder, came to this world, he was the first time I felt the smell of death from him so close! However, in so critical a critical juncture, Luo Yi mood was surprisingly calm! Do not panic, it does not allow him panic! In the eyes of God Mount Strobe, steel teeth suddenly a bite, hand sword suddenly attached to a layer of ice blue brilliance, a cross between, suddenly stand in that crazy cut down the golden giant knife before! "You can not stop!" Luotian Chen eyes Jingmang will be exposed, Bao He soon. Giant knife, and instantly fell Luo Yi swords above! 'Carbazole! 'Brisk extremely sound Cui Xiang suddenly from Luo Yi hands of the sword broke, Luo Yi sword, just let get Luotian Chen golden giant knife, a halt in less than a half interest! Sword, suddenly declared broken! "Boom!" Yet seeing Luo Yi they would perish in Luotian Chen golden giant knife beneath it,Oakley Active Clearance, clap of thunder, but not the slightest sign of a sudden exploding! Luotian Chen surprised a moment, then, looking but it is suddenly a change! "What?!" Luotian Chen could not believe my eyes! Just still golden giant knife under attack Luo Yi, the thunder exploding at the moment, actually had disappeared? ! Golden giant knife castration did not break, the golden giant shadow, severely impact the ground above. Only to hear the 'bang' bang, a foot more than ten meters long deep valleys, suddenly appeared! Dust curtain, suddenly soared! Luotian Chen horror of the pole, at this moment, strong mention infuriating suddenly dissipated, somewhat awkward stagger after landing, Luotian Chen put a knife, shoved it back! At this time, Luotian Chen horror-stricken on the occasion of his corner edge of a fast simply can not put into words the shadows, then raise between, from the air, flashed by! The whole world, as if in this moment suddenly freezing! Wind had, Luotian Chen's eyes suddenly protruding orbital, pale and horror, disbelief expression, solidified in his countenance upon him slowly bowed his head, dull eyes, moved to their chest Awhile, a trace of red, suddenly surfaced in his throat "What is this agility?" Luotian Chen suddenly slumped whisper "Ray step" a weakness to the extreme voices in his back where, Luo Yi ago has disappeared in the figure, is staggering standing local "What a thunder-step!" Luotian Chen throat jitter, suddenly a blood suddenly from his throat into Kuangpen out, a full spray more than one meter high! Last two interest rates, the gushing blood gradually become less. Then a full stop for a few interest after Luotian Chen's stature, weak after fell to the ground! Life, gone! Voices decision eighth floor late practitioner Luotian Chen,Oakley Dispatch, meteorite! 'Boom! 'Along with Luo Tianchen body lying on the ground, struggling with Luo Yi, also seems in an instant been hollowed out all the power,Oakley Hijinx Online, the soft down on the ground of his body trembling slightly, pale complexion without a hint of color, a trace of bright red blood spill lips, eyes being, but it is to reveal a hint relieved meant he sat on the ground violently gasped, waited more than ten minutes later, he was struggling to climb up yet so simple action, but also to get him the people are as tired of going to collapse the general adjustment a lot of breathing, the Luo Yi's eyes look to the not far away. Not far away, lost their lives 'purple feather Peng eagles' are of the ice still remains local in its body under a by its body smashed into a pit. In it around the body, but it is a mess. The soil is turned over, a road deep ravines crisscross just that short period of some confrontation, but it is so get here caused great damage. Finally, Luo Yi's eyes staring at the Luotian Chen had lost their lives over the body (Cahan, sister and wife both phase continued ill really was sick as a mountain down ah home, only Xiaoyu and her sister, my wife three people, two Americans fell ill, but it is tired, bitter Xiaoyu. fore and aft, and ministered to the end of this wait that finally now they are sleep away, Xiaoyu has had at this point overtime life too! which is today The first is more, Xiaoyu Knut effort, look at the second better get out not try it ah, finally ask about recommended votes at the same time to remind our readers a cooler weather, hot and cold uncertain, you had better remember to add clothes ah) (read the novel to the vertex novel network) 16,977 games updated daily fun little game, waiting for you to discover!
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