something before flowers 

2012年03月08日(木) 19時39分
early blooming cherry blossoms have bloomed these days
Hiro is not interested in flowers
He picks up a twig of cherry treesbeing a beetle Kabutomushibeing a stag beetle KuwagataMake battle each twig
strage stronger ones on out doors bench
This is his favorite play out of doors

play at being 

2012年03月07日(水) 20時19分
Hiro enjoyed playing at being Shachi's teacherfinished jamping he feeds a small fish
This is a picture of Shachi
playing in the morningdoing benkyo in the afternoonafter 3 o'clock snack timego to Tako park with Yuka

bye bye Sawa 

2012年03月05日(月) 21時54分
it was heavy rainy from the morningbought raining coat
Hiro performed in the show with hiro's ShachiMinono bought one more shachi for Hirohappy fleet
we went to the airport to say good by to SawaHiro misses Sawa at the airportin the restaurant

Kamogawa sea world hotel 

2012年03月04日(日) 21時44分
Japanese style roomHiro wears Yukata for a kiddinner is buffetShachi visits for photesslept on Futonandtook onsen

Kamogawa sea world tour 

2012年03月04日(日) 8時33分
Took Shinkansen to Tokyo
change to express train to Awakamogawa
Sawa goes back to Ottawa after this tripHiro wants to sit beside Sawa all the time
Kamogawa sea world is located beside ocean
show time

well trained 'shachi' killer whales

Hiro loves to play with a toy of 'shachi'

Veluga lives in the sea of north pole ocean
we watched them who live in the contoroled water tank

we learned what is veluga themselves!ookii kame!!
feeding time
with shachi
many Nimo fishes
big KaniSawa loved to eat in Hokkaido

Hiro is doing benkyo 

2012年03月02日(金) 16時06分
Hiro did benkyo todaydrawing rainbowand thenHe imaged in darkTako suberidaiHiro is playing thereKirei rainbow that Minono likesput on the wall in Minono's room

onsen again 

2012年02月29日(水) 20時08分
Hiro loves Onsensince it was heavy rainywe went to Onsen by taxiLunch is buffetLet's go into onsenclean and nice looking

ohaka mairi 

2012年02月28日(火) 5時59分
take JR bus from Shizuoka to Gotenbaohaka of Sakanes'again kid's lunch (tempura Udon)Fuji memorial park is located in Shizuoka pre.butcolder than Yaizu

miss cousins ! 

2012年02月27日(月) 5時50分
bye bye6:45 amYua-chan came to say good byKaoru-san lift us to the bus station
Hokkaido's icecream is so good!!we tried them at the airport

meet cousins 

2012年02月25日(土) 19時24分
big familywatch TVplaying with togetherdoing same thingsame hats became their favorite
playing all day long
went out to Kani restaurant for dinnerbig KaniSawa likes Kanihappy smile !!
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