The Alpha meets his Angel

September 17 [Tue], 2013, 4:20
Every morning before I get up from bed, I usually say a short prayer and take of my silky white pajamas and put on my pure white silk gown. I would then walk out of my room and quickly head towards where all the other angels were awaited to be called on and sent down to earth. Yes! I’m an angel and I still recall that I’ve been always cleaning or sweeping the hallways or just helping the elders to take forms to the rest in piece angels department. When I got there everyone was siting quietly and I quietly sneaked into my chair but I knew I one of the older angels was behind me. I breathed in and slowly out and turned to face him.
He then spoke, “Sapphire, since you came late to the meeting. Your task is to go down to earth and seek an Alpha by the name of Sir Henry and eliminate him from becoming a cruel, Alpha. Do you understand me?” I didn’t know what he meant to kill someone. I for one am not a killer. I wouldn’t be able to kill someone. I stood there with wide eyes and still looking at him but I couldn’t think straight that for a minute later darkness consume me and I fell onto the marble white floor. But little didn’t I know, someone by the name of Wes came to my rescue and carried me to the elder who spoke to me earlier. I suddenly heard noises behind the background and coughed and slowly opened my eyes. To my surprise, I was laying on a couch and Wes (who I recall was one of the assassin that took out demonic creature that was lurking and feeding off human souls) not forgetting the same old elder that spoke towards me early about going down to earth and eliminating someone because they were cruel but the don’t need to die just punished.
“Aha! Your awake dear!” said the elder. I slowly got up and sat in a siting position and said, “Umm, Sir; you can call me Sapphire. Are you still sending me to do that task or sending Wes instead beca-”he cut me off and spoke, “You (pointing to me) and Wes are both being send to earth and there is no way out. Don’t you remember that you wanted to go?”
“Ugh, back to my old chores. I guess I’ll ask one of the elders if I can go with either Wes or Coco.” I see one of the elder of angels walking by alone and quickly walked towards and waved my hand and spoke, “Hello! Umm, Sir; Can or Could I go with either Wes or Coco to earth. I been hearing stories thats it is pretty but not as beautiful living here. I was wondering if you could have a task for me some day? It would be a honored to do so.” After I said it, the elder had disappeared behind the hallways. I thought that he must have ignored what I said.
End of Flashback
I looked at them and before I could speak, Wes beat me to it. “Hello Sapphire! I’m Wes and I’ll be working with you as a partner to help you how to be an assassin like myself and other assassin. It’s nice to meet you.” He held out his hand to me and I shook his hands and smiled to him while he smiled back at me. “Well then, since both of you have known each others name. I guess we can all go the Rest in Peace Angels Department to get your new names, new hairstyles, new attitude, new dress styles and many more. But only if you want to but the new name is a must and a last name too. Don’t want any humans or werewolves looking at you weird.” We all walked there silently and Wes pressed in the code and we all went inside. Before anyone can start, I spoke, “What do you mean about werewolves?” All the people inside looked at me if I was crazy in the head or like I didn’t know what my task was. I stood there with a confused look and stepped aside. Mr. Sir , well that’s his name, not really but whatever. He told me that they were human as well but have like a friend in themselves like a wolf. Also their wolves can communicate with them and they have a name.
  • プロフィール画像
  • アイコン画像 ニックネーム:Bui
  • アイコン画像 性別:女性
  • アイコン画像 誕生日:1993年9月20日
  • アイコン画像 現住所:国外
  • アイコン画像 職業:小中高生
  • アイコン画像 趣味:
    ・Photography-Love to take different sorts of pictures of anything thats unique
    ・Drawing-Love Anime
    ・Writing-About anything that comes into mind
Just made this website thinking it would be cool and it was. Even though it was in Japanese, I still love my website :)
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